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After installing Lion, I'm having very bizarre mouse behavior.  Basically the cursor randomly shoots across the screen or disappears and re-appears in the corner.  It's a huge hassle.  I thought my mouse was going bad, but I boot into Windows and it's just fine, business as usual.

I found several threads on other forums with people describing the same issue after installing Lion, with all kinds of different mice.  So this is not unique to my system by any means.  Personally I use a Targus Bluetooth Mouse for Mac, as I have for three years.  It's a great mouse and I love it, as it has lots of buttons and a round touchpad area in the middle.  It works for scrolling all directions and has always worked like a charm.  However, with this mouse in Launchpad also when I try to side scroll, it only goes right.  I swipe the mouse's scroll conrol the the left, it scrolls right.  Any sideways scrolling just goes to the right. However it scrolls properly everywhere else (finder, iTunes, Safari, etc).


While that issue may be unique to this particular model of mouse, the wild flitting about of the cursor is again being widely reported in other forums, but I'm not seeing anything here about it.  One fellow at MacRumors said an Apple engineer has requested various logs about it and is working on the problem.  I hope that's true because this is pretty awful so far, making it very difficult to use the computer.

MBP 2.8 i7, Mac OS X (10.7), iPod Touch 2nd Gen
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