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  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,645 points)

    The complete update looks like a patchwork from the other suite apps +Lightroom.

    You didn't look very far then. Try this link and look through the new features as described and displayed by various authors.

  • drsassi Level 1 (0 points)

    Oh I saw some discussion about Cs6, I work since 19 years with it, and it does not feel like a full update, especially if you use the production suite, and Indesign, Lightroom and Cinema 4D. Then the new Ps looks pretty naked. The new blur tool, well, if they would understand how a Tilt Shift lens work, they would not name this joke after that. The lens distortion tool looks cool, but for my needs, e.g. camera-projection, it produces results that are un-usable for me.


    Just my 2 cents. Nice that you like it. Isn't that all what counts, and is it not completely indepentend form: if I like it as well? Have a great day.


    However, lets focus here on "Save as" problems. Thanks

  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,645 points)

    I do agree there's not a whole lot there compared to some previous upgrades. But it depends on whether not what has been added is useful to your typical type of work. It is going to get harder in each upgrade for Adobe to do much with Photoshop. There's only so many things you can do with 2D images.


    Kind of like Quark 7. Its biggest change was adding a full electronic job ticket function. Completely useless to me in a two person operation, and no use either to larger shops who had already invested in a stand alone EJT software package.

  • drsassi Level 1 (0 points)



    Kurt, thanks for the reply and I do not want to paint things too dark, as I said it is for my very own needs not really something exciting. I understand the feeling of new stuff, but there is more possible (sorry when I dissagree here)


    HDRI panoramas automatisation, currently not really possible, only with scripts that work or not. Some examples:


    More streamlined tools, like the stamp tool and the Vanishing point stamp tool unified.


    A 32bit/c curve tool, as well as layer adjustment, (NUKE does this so well in 32 bit).


    A node compositing (like Shake, Nuke or even Conduit which has provided exactly this year ago) as layer option to streamline processes.


    A HDRI lens correction tool


    Better or at least more tonemapping options.


    Every Filter full 32bit/c, at least all of them 16bit/c... This is due since years!


    Open EXR support, multi-layer. It is an industry (Film) standard.


    ... I could go on and on -- again we hi-jack here the thread and I do not feel fine to do so. My sorry to everyone who has to read along and is maybe not intersted in it. Really sorry, bad manners.


    So, please back to "save as"

  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,645 points)

    So, please back to "save as"

    Well, on that point, there isn't anything else to say that hasn't been said at least a couple dozen times in various threads on the subject.


    Bring back Save As to the menus - let the user decide how they want to use their computer.

  • drsassi Level 1 (0 points)

    The simple answer is:


    Switch off any option of timemachine, (restart) and check again. "Save as ..." is back ! Woohoo.


    I wish only I could un-install Time Machine completely. Waht a nightmare that was so far. I lost at least 20 hours of work based on that default stuff. I'm glad it is over!












    The whole autosave idea is not production ready nor well thought out. It is a painful idea and I can't even summerize how many people told me they have lost their work based on that. (If one changes his/her mind and doesn't save the document, one hopes -as in the past- to have the original file un-touched. But that stupid default auto save just destroys it without warning. This needs to be changed ASAP. My suggestion, autosave always as copy and ask when closing: savin with new name or overwrite the existing one.) Not everyone loves Time Machine! I would love to de-install it completley. Currently this is not MAC like, not even close. How old is that thread and left without care and answer? Support can't be community driven alone, as Adobe shows cleary, if we talk about proffesional work. I'm a Apple user since 1993 and this (Time-Machine as default) is certainly the worst idea ever...

  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,645 points)

    Switch off any option of time machine, (restart) and check again. "Save as ..." is back ! Woohoo.

    I'm afraid I'd have to see that one to believe it. Many folks have tried to follow the advice in the YouTube video and have found it doesn't work, as the only reply under the video states.


    I unchecked the box mentioned in the video and opened an image in Preview. I made a few changes to its color and pressed Command+Q. Instead of just autosaving and quitting, it threw a message on the screen that the image couldn't be autosaved. My choices were Discard, Cancel, Save a Copy.


    That was on a CMYK image. Preview apparently can't autosave a CMYK image. It did the same thing to any image in that color space no matter what its creation date was. If I opened any RGB image, then Preview did exactly what I expected it to do in Lion; it saved any changes I made without one word about whether or not *I* wanted to save the changes.


    Turning the check box off in the System Preferences off also made no difference in the menus. Save As did not return. The only options were what is always there; Save a Version and Duplicate.

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    I am on the verge of giving up Text Edit for the save SAVE AS reasons + that it doesn't always open.


    I also use TextWrangler but have come across a lovely app called TINCTA

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    What the **** was apple thinking? Auto-save function was not thought out at all, I wonder if they did usability studies. Just when I thought apple was making some progress in the business space, I see them strip basic features such as "Save as" that everyone has been using for decades.

  • drsassi Level 1 (0 points)

    No answer here from Apple? Not nice. I hope this Summer we get this back. The more I talk about, the more I hear that this is really something that people bothers a lot.

  • tropy2k Level 1 (0 points)

    This is a very dangerous feature of textedit and other apps, you can erroneously change your document and saving it without any control. I discovered that this happened in one of my docs and was a disaster, because I didn't know when I've introduced the changes, it was impossible to recover the wrong changes together with the right ones. This is a very bad feature, please Apple reintroduce the control of saving files to the users. I'm asking if Apple engineers really check the consequences of their ideas...

    I hope that other application developers won't follow the same "ideas" of the Apple engineers, because this will limit a lot the usability of the Macs.

  • MacMuz Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a .txt file that is a template for guitar/song chord charts that I use to add new songs to OnSong (an IOS app).  Until Lion, My procedure was to open the template, make changes and 'save as' the song title.  Here is what I do now as a work around.


    1) Open the template file

    2) Duplicate it

    3) Make changes to 'Copy'

    4) Click the 'X' in the upper left hand corner to close the 'Copy'

        (By clicking 'X' I am presented with a 'Save As' dialoge box)

    5) Save the 'Copy' in the desired location with a new name.


    I would love to have 'Save As' back but until then....  Hope this helps.


    Mountain Lion v10.8.2, TextEdit v1.8 (301)

  • deeewayne Level 1 (0 points)


  • deeewayne Level 1 (0 points)

    APPLE!! Pleae bring back the "SAVE AS" function...atleast give us the option to put it back in...maybe in the preferences window? We check a radio button to bring it back? PLEASE!!! This is so weird.

  • tropy2k Level 1 (0 points)

    This is a disaster, I'm surprised that Apple has not yet introduced a solution. I am also surprised that few people find this feature unacceptable. In any case, there is a simple solution: should STOP USING TextEdit!

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