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  • Chris Hayden Level 1 (105 points)

    kfirfromramatgan wrote:


    I Have paralles with windows 7 on it,


    If I will upgrade the Mac OS to Lion is that will effect my Parallels desktop ?



    TIP: You can use Apple's Spotlight feature in the upper right corner of your desktop and search for the location of the Parallels v.5 ".pvm" image. Then Option Key + drag that to some other drive (or place like your desktop) so that a Parallels 6 upgrade won't reformat the image and potential risk its integrity. THEN, install the 6 upgrade and launch your .pvm from anywhere. We keep ours on a separate storage drive connected by FireWire 800.


    Hope that helped.


    PS Remember to credit the person who gave you the correct and helpful answers so that other cummunity visitors can benefit.

  • babowa Level 7 (29,955 points)

    Hope that helped.


    PS Remember to credit the person who gave you the correct and helpful answers so that other cummunity visitors can benefit.


    According to the ToU, these types of comments are frowned upon here. I know because a very similar post of mine was removed and I received an email from Apple. This was some time ago and I have never mentioned it again. Following is an excerpt:


    1. Apple may provide a system whereby users acquire points for various activities.
      1. Do not ‘game’ the system. You agree to not create multiple IDs or otherwise manipulate the points system.
      2. Do not ask for points. If you feel the system is not clear to users, please provide feedback to Apple; do not instruct other users unless they ask.


    There is a link to the ToU at the bottom of every page.

  • Chris Hayden Level 1 (105 points)

    Thanks, I was asking that he give the person that answered his question acknowledgement, not me. I just threw in a TIP. Not looking for anything myself. Just think it helps when the community gets direction to the Correct and Helpful answers, I know it saves me a lot of time. Apple's TOU are solidly respected here. There's so much off-topic drift (like this) on some of these discussions that clear pointers to solutions are super time savers IMO.

  • babowa Level 7 (29,955 points)

    Well, I had done the same thing, but apparently any oblique reference to the point system is not acceptable, whether that be for yourself or anyone else.


    And, call it what you will, a reminder of proper forum etiquette has never been frowned upon. It really wouldn't be considered "OT" because it is generally intended to remind the poster how to formulate their post. However, instead of politely pointing out a "faux pas" or violation, anyone wtih the requisite priviledges could simply report the poster to the hosts instead (which could result in post removal, etc, etc - it's spelled out in the ToU). I prefer a polite reminder myself before resorting to such an extreme measure.


    Yes, there is some off-topic here and there and, as long as it does not violate the ToU, i.e. unprovoked personal attacks, it does not violate anything and the hosts will usually not step in unless it is totally out of hand. And, it is the OP's prerogative to step in and say "ok, folks, can we get back to my question please...". If you are offended by the off topic posts, I'd suggest you simply unsubscribe to them - that is how I handle those threads.


    So, now I agree this has gone somewhat OT, but I felt your reply deserved an explanation.

  • Chris Hayden Level 1 (105 points)

    babowa wrote:


    Yes, there is some off-topic here and there

    Here and there...? Start another discussion for heaven's sake. This topic is: Does Lion OS support parallels desktop?


    .v6 does, is the answer.

    ...but I felt your reply deserved an explanation.

    Thanks, but please don't feel that way regarding me if it means pulling someone's discussion off-topic.

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    @leroydouglas Thanks, I'll give it a try then. I had problems with having to reactivate time and again when I first installed Windows 7 on parallels, but that was 2 versions ago. So apparently they solved the problem.

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    I have Parallels 7 Desktop and Lion OS on MacBook Pro 17" 8 Gig Mem 512 SSD. Interestingly I have been working on PCs and Macs for sometime. However, I know that allot of people on ths Forum have considerable skills in programming and knowledge of Lion. My experience on this occasion tells me to watchout in attempting Parallels or Bootcamp installations of Win 7. I don't know what I have or have not done correctly but each time there are problems. On one occasion I couldn't get the vertical and horizontal to display properly in Windows with Parallels. Several times Windows could not detect a Bluetooth mouse. Except for one occasion where I went outside the box (so to speak), the Thunderbolt drive could not be recognized in Parallels or Bootcamp. Several times I tried to make a virtual drive inside Bootcamp in order to get a blend of the best drivers. Never worked! I tried Parallels outside Bootcamp but could not get Win 7 Ultimate to see Thunderbolt. I have spent days on this project for fun!! Sorry! I realize that I am probably one of few who like to investigate OS. Actually I would like to have both OS for some my projects. I think that Microsoft should build the next version of Bootcamp with UP-TO-DRIVERS. I saw the date of some them posted around 2002?  If anyone can help me I'd be most appreciative. TIA



  • besabella Level 1 (15 points)

    You just have to make sure that you are running Parallels Desktop versions 6 or higher.

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