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    D: is a virtual drive created by Fusion, please read the Fusion Manual for instruction on how it operates with external media, how to choose which OS has access to the external media etc.

  • Susan Hull Level 1 (5 points)

    Thanks. Done. Now another poss issue found in a Google Boot Camp forum:


    My Win 7 is 64-bit, now running in Fusion 2, fine, except slow--overdue to update. Plan is to create Boot Camp partition for Win 7, then competitive upgrade to Parallels 7 to run Win 7 from the partition. Plan is to install 64-bit on a BC partition on an early 2009 iMac 24"? Now I learn it's not listed by Apple as compatible, tho several 2008 models and several 2010 models are listed, leapfrogging over me. Am I going to run into problems here? Having paid for Win 7 twice (PC laptop and this VM), I'm not about to pop for it again.


    And, if heading for problems, maybe get Lion? I haven't taken the time to peruse it, but I see you're using it. Is this the time to upgrade?


    thanks again.

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    First, upgrade your VM to something current.


    Screen Shot 2012-07-12 at 9.52.41 PM.png


    I think I might try anyhow, time is all there is to lose.



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    Thanks. I'm going to compet upgrade to Parallels tomorrow, then will try putting Win7-64 on the BC partition. If it won't go, I'll just run it in Parallels for now. Ultimately I think I'm going to wait for the new iMacs targeted for late 2012, migrate all my Mac stuff to that and use this early 2009 Intel as a standalone PC, hard-wired on my home network. (Did I have this conversation with you already?). I trade stocks for several hours in the mornings, and the PC software I like has no Mac equivalent. Using a virtual PC can be slow at times, but I think I'm stuck with it, because I run all my news feeds and a charting/technical package on the Mac side simultaneously. It's not a perfect temp solution, but it beats using my wimpy 2GB PC laptop with monitor #2.


    Any comment very welcome. And what do you think of Lion after these few months?


    You've been great to hang in there with me. I wish I could give you a star, but all day I haven't seen a single "This helped me..." link. Checked all my posts (My Stuff) over several years and only a few offered that opportunity. Dunno what's up with that.

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    Only the original poster can award the stars and helpfuls, and thanks. I also approve of your idea to retask the (will be) older iMac when you get a new one, Windows on its own is the best way I find.

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    so I torrented the drivers last time to get by this issue on a mac pro that I upgraded to lion. The laptop I am on right now had lion preinstalled and the Bootcamp driver download is still stalling. This is now 2012... Is this issue going to be resolved before Mountain Lion comes out or is Apple saying the only option they are willing to offer is a virtual machine? Bootcamp is false advertisement if it doesn't work.(Stalling on the driver download before installation isn't working as advertised)


    In other words -Bump- Any solution?

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    Parallels 7 has a setup assistant to download and install the free Windows 8 Preview, the Preview won't expire until months after Windows 8 which now looks like October release. So that is a free VM license to install anyway you want.


    $19 for Mountain Lion. Even if you don't use it except on an exernal just to download a set of drivers or whatnot. The "method to madness" is really really different than any PC motherboard vendor could dream up.  Couldn't make it worse if anyone tried. It exceeds my comprehension or maybe it is all "unintended consequences" from not being thought out what and can't be after years that it is 'under the radar.'

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  • Susan Hull Level 1 (5 points)

    Hey, Chris, thanks!


    I ultimately made the move to Parallels and am MUCH happier. It's seamless and pretty elegant. Not a single snafu in all these months. I actually have to remind myself to relaunch now and then just as good practice; have never been forced to.


    I'm sure this is true for all, but fyi I want to mention that I'm getting frequent notices from Parallels folks advising that we do not upgrade to Win 8 for a while. Don't have a notice handy to quote, but they're working on some known problems and will notify Parallels users when ready.


    Thanks again for following up.


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