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    I prefer it the way it is designed, but can understand your wanting a Preference to disable.



  • etresoft Level 7 (27,848 points)

    Raymon Goes wrote:


    Anyway, TinkerTool fixed all my problems from a cosmetical viewpoint (and productivity, when considering having to click 'view as icon' everytime).


    Why where you even bothering to do that anyway? It doesn't change the actual message, just how it is displayed on your machine.


    It is still amazing to see that it takes 3rd party developers to fix the bugs .... ohh sorry 'features' of one of the biggest tech companies, who ironicall say its products 'just work'.


    Are you claiming that you can't send attachments without viewing them as icons first? Can you point to something about Mail that doesn't "just work"? Apple Mail is designed to deliver your message so that it will appear on the recipient's machine as close as possible to how it appears on your machine. It was never designed to give you all the features in the world and fine-grained control over message construction.


    I can tell you, when using Windows I never had such crap with trivial things like this and iCal and suddenly changes that were not an improvement but a step back. Too bad Windows itself ***** the longer you use your computer....


    Excluding such little things as VC++ > 5, Windows 2000, Windows Vista of course.


    The iCal fiasco (overlapping events layout is a mess, hiding behind each other and not being displayed side by side as is the case on iCloud and on pre-Lion OSX) is even worse


    Fiasco? I love fiascos I hadn't noticed before. Those are the real biggies. Indeed, overlapping events is truly the worst part about Lion.

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    My main problem was with the attachement blowing up in-line, making it a huge mail while i was typing or reviewing the mail. I never heard of any recipient having trouble opening my attachements, so for me it was purely the cosmetic issue. That and other trivial things should 'just work' or at least been optional. That is where Apple is consistently missing the boat: making changes to UI they think are right, but which alot of people disagree with. The new layout of iCal is an example of that, and seeing as how much impact it has on managing the agenda (having to click on a tiny area to drag the event because it keeps hiding, unclear overview because of overlap etc) I call that a fiasco.


    And you cannot compare it to Windows: for WIndows and Google gear i pay max half as for Apple gear, coupled with their boasting of 'it just works' I am expecting such trivial flaws not to exist or at least to be fixed asap.

    Apple is doing neither (Lion has been out for more than half a year) and there are no signs Apple will actually fix this.


    The only time Apple fixes something is when there is big media coverage about it, and this is almost exclusively the case with iOS issues such as the battery drain and antenna problems. It would suit Apple if they would at least try to fix the OSX issues, especially considering the price you pay for it and the fact that Apple software is designed not to be tampered with (for WIndows you can at least use 3rd party solutions, whereas Apple discourages that).


    SO to summarize


    -Premium price

    -Just works slogans

    -Constant trivial flaws

    -Not even trying to fix it

    -Designed not to be fixed myself

    -Lack of optional settings for changes they make (for example, a semi-fix for the iCal issue is a setting which has to be turned on/off through Terminal) and impact the experience. Now I am stuck with the choices Apple makes, while it could be easily turned into a preference setting (the settings are often already present in Terminal, it is just lacking a preference button).

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    Here is the thing I just don't understand. If Apple products are so bad and overpriced, why are you buying them? If I didn't like something, I wouldn't keep buying it. Case in point, I think the iPhone is too big to be a good phone and too small for a useable device. I don't want and iPhone so I have no intention of buying one. I'm not about to go into the iPhone forums and trash it for being both too big and too small. It just doesn't suit me so I'm not going to buy one. if Apple products make you so upset, then don't buy them.

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    1. I already own it and these bugs don't show up until you actually use it. It is not like a crack in the display or something you can see before buying

    2. For this kind of money these trivial flaws should not happen, especially not if you are ridiculing other firms and saying 'it just works'.

    3. Not to mention the inferior warranty policy Apple has, which is strange because they always say there products are so good and durable (so why not give at least the same warranty as your competitors which according to Apple makes inferior products? Let alone that they even breach laws --> see Italy case).

    4. The fact that I keep on finding bugs and flaws every day, with today: iCloud not having conversation view like all their other products have, where is the logic in that? Yesterday: iCal makes a mess of calendar lay-out while the same does not happen on iOS and iCloud, again: where is the log in that?



    All these things, coupled with the bugs mentioned in this thread and over the forum in general, should not happen for devices costing so much more than competitors, and you should certainly not be a ***** and do PC vs Mac etc. commercials while you don't have your own **** in order.


    Now what I don't understand is why you are so admant on disregarding every piece of citicism on Apple? It seems you do this alot, almost if you are a Apple employee that posts under their own account. You could also be one of those 'I actually don't care how the products works, as long as people see me with fancy gadgets of Apple' people. If not, it seems very strange that you would want these inferior warranty policies and bugs to persist as you must have paid alot of your own for the stuff. As said before: if we don't speak up we are sure that Apple will not act. It is already hard enough to let them listen if there are numberous people complaining (as said, they seem to be immune to criticism) so it is weird that people want to make it even easier for them to ignore us.

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    Can't confirm!

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    Once the accusations of being an Apple employee start to fly, you know you are reaching the bottom of the barrel!


    You are free to research all of my posts. You will fine few that do any Apple-bashing. Few, but not zero. I don't go out of my way to point out flaws in Apple products. For one thing, that doesn't help anybody. For another thing, they are usually quite minor. I would prefer to suggest workarounds so that people enjoy the Apple products they have spent so much money on. Why would I want to make people feel worse?


    Apple's service and warranty plans as as good as, and in many cases better that, the industry. That applies to Italy too. But being Apple, people always expect more.

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    get the plugin for mac mail called Attachment Tamer.  Google it.

    free to try then if you want it you buy it. 


    I downloaded and installed it.  Took 30 seconds and everything works perfectly as if I was attaching pictures on outlook!


    This was a life-saver.


    <Link Edited by Host>

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    Sadly, though I have reported this bug at least twice to Apple (once in 7.0 and again in 7.1); 7.3 has yet to fix this issue fully.  Outlook on PCs are still recieving picture  attachments as inline rather than as attachemnts.  Initially Gmail, Yahoo and all web clients had problems; but at least some have dealt with the issue.  But not MS Outlook within an exchange enviornment.


    Hey Apple people monitoring this thread- a fix would be nice...sometime before 10.8 please.  As it is, I have a dozen users here who listen to me and won't get lion until I say the bugs are clear. (and a dozen more who will listen to me next time, as they got to deal with some of these bugs)

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    No one from Apple it monitoring this thread. Mail's behaviour in Lion has not changed from Snow Leopard. If you are waiting for the bugs to be clear from MacOS X, or any operating system, you are going to have to wait a whole long longer than version 10.8.

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    Actually, as I have explained and verified, it has changed.  I think the change is deliberate and with purpose afore thought.  But I disagree with the change.


    To explain again (even though I am sure you remember my prior discourse), in Snow Leopard and earlier you could prevent a message from being sent with any HTML coding by utilizing the command to Make Plain Text.  While Lion will initially switch the text to the Plain Text mode, when the message is then sent it is converted back to RTF/HTML.


    It can be prevented by adding an empty, plain text attachment to follow all other attachments, but this trickery should not be required.



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    Apple has been known to monitor discussion groups. Certainly not all at all times, but some sometimes.


    And the behavior of Mail reguarding attachments has changed in Lion; otherwise- it would encode the attachments correctly as it had in 10.6, 10.5, and 10.4.  And while all bugs may not be ironed out for all people in an given OS; major ones like sending attachments correclty should be.


    For example- and off and on bug with many of my users reguarding the auto-resume not being able to be disabled appears to be corrected (again) in 10.7.3.  I am still testing to see if an iCal bug is fixed.  So we'll see on that one. If not, a new bug report; and a new email to our campus rep about the bug(s).

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    There have certainly been many 'features' in Lion that I do not care for (auto-resume and the changes to 'Spaces' being cheif amongst them).  But I can't see an advantage for encoding single pictures as inline; but when you send another file (I have an rtf named 'ignoreme') it does not. 


    So I still classify it as a 'bug'; and report it as such.  Maybe if enough people submit bug reports via Apple's form, post to discussion boards, etc; they will fix it (or remove the 'feature' if it is intentional).

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    Apple engineering notified me in writing that the change was intended, and that it was done for better performance with Exchange Servers.  That might be, but many of us are not sending to people on Exchange servers, nor using them ourselves.



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    Maybe if enough people reported the bug in Outlook, Microsoft might fix that, too.

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