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After upgrading to Lion, Mail was missing some folders and some folders were missing messages.  I tried Mailbox, Rebuild and it brought the messages in the folders that were there, but some folders were just not there.  I recreated my Exchange account/mailbox and it was good for a day or so and then this morning, one of my highly used folders was gone and earlier today, a folder I have called "`Apple" of all things (the grave accent in front is to sort it near the top, but now that I think about it, the other folder that disappeared had a grave accent in front of it too - though this was never a problem with Mail before Lion) disappeared and I tried deleting the indexes and that didn't bring it back.  I had to delete and create the account again.


It seems like there is a bug somewhere in Lion Mail.  I may try removing the grave accents to see if that helps, but then what do you all use to keep some folders handy near the top?  Exclamations or 1-, 2-, etc?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Yesterday I changed all the folders with grave accents to underscores. In Outlook for Windows I renamed 'Apple to _Apple and the other folders with grave accents the same way.


    I deleted my Exchange account in Mac Mail and resynched. All the folders showed up. This evening I wanted to move something to a folder and all the folders with underscores in front of them (about 6) were gone.


    The folders are there and work on my iOS devices but not on Mac Mail. Seems like a bug or an undocumented feature.

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    Did you figure this out at all? I am having the same issue. Most of my folders just disappeared. Quite frutstrating.

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    I'm having the same problem. Deleting my exchange account and re-adding it fixed the problem for a few hours, but my folders began disappearing again just as inexplicably as before.

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    Not yet.  Today when I got back in all I had was a top folder "Exchange" and NO subfolders.  I closed Mail and reopened and same thing.  I did it again and left it for a while and lo and behold, the fodlers are back again.


    I don't know if there's anything to "figure out" as it seems like a bug with Lion Mail.  I've recreated the Exchange account 4 or 5 times and still the same behavior.


    Are you using Exchange too?  Do you have any folders with non alphanumeric characterss in the names?

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    None of my folders/mailboxes incorporate numbers or symbols.

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    No folders like that. I saw a post about it wishing that was my problem. I think it's just a new bug.

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    See this thread if you haven't yet.  Looks like turning off SSL on the server MAY help, but not a good workaround and can't be done if you're on hosted Exchange anyway.

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    Fully quit Mail application.

    Open Finder

    Hold down "option" and select "Go" from the top toolbar.

    Select library

    In the Library folder, go into the Mail folder.

    In the Mail folder locate a file called Envelope Index.  Drag that file to your desktop.

    Reopen the Mail application, it should reimport your mail messages/folders.

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    @aaron260...  Did that already.  Recreated the Exchange account in prefs too which I wuold think would recreate the indexes anyway.  I'm convinced this is just a bug in the Mail 5 program.

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    There's this from another discussion.  My folders have been OK today so I'm not going to try it until they get bad again.  If anyone tries this while folders are missing and they come back, let us know.


    1. In Finder, open your Utilities folder and double-click Keychain Access

    2. Once Keychain Access loads, in the menubar, click "Keychain Access" -> "Preferences"

    3. In the Preferences window, click "Certificates"

    4. Change the dropdown for "Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP):" to "Off"

    5. Change the dropdown for "Certificate Revocation List (CRL):" to "Off"

    6. Close the Preferences window

    7. Quit Keychain Access

    8. And you're done!

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    I have the same issue,. @ boecherer: i look through your post, followed your instructions, but all is switched to "off" already! Any other ideas or do we have to wait for an update from Apple?

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    I guess we just have to wait for Apple.  Seems like there is a problem with certificates.  Maybe some fiddling with it in Keychain or Mail or the Exchange server will fix it, but I'm not an expert on it.  We'll have to keep trying things and/or wait for Apple I guess.

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    Did you see this in another discussion?  Below the line is what someone else said, not what I'm saying I did.



    This didn't help me! I had probs with iCal and the Adress Book. Mail ran perfect. I didn't get an error message, it seemed to correctly log in but there was no data and syncing.


    My solution:


    I reinstalled the ssl-certificate in the Keychain Access (just doubleclicked it) and after that everything worked perfectly.


    Somehow iCal and Adress Book seem not to correctly install ssl-certificates.

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    I'm having the same problem. Verry irritating becease i use this for my business daily. Will not use Entourage even as Sparrow will not allow Exchange mail.


    Using up to 3 Exchange accounts in Mail and all have that same problem; folders seems to dissapear. When i log in online at exchange mail, i see all my folders back.


    Non of the suggested sollutions in this treath worked for me... Dissapointed in Apple for the first time, frustrated working with Apple for the first time. I hope there will be an update verry soon... Is Apple reading this?

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