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I have 2 MyBook external 500GB hard drives.  It has come to my attention that RAID 1 (mirroring the two) is what I need.  I can't find an affordable unit for this. 

Also - I'm new to this and don't understand how it works.  If I have one "perfect" drive (one of the 500GB drives) that has EVERYTHING, will I be able to put that in as a sort of master?  Then once they're mirrored it won't matter.  I just don't want to lose my stuff!



MacBook Pro 2.2 C2D, 4GB RAM, 250 GB HDD, Mac OS X (10.6.8), iBook G4 1.3 Ghz 120GB 7200 RPM HDD 1.5GB Ram, Gen1 iPad
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    Fair enough.


    It would be like having 2 copies of the 500GB disk. So your total backup space will be 500GB.


    Now the mybook externals are going to be a problem I believe.


    I've had a friend with 1 where the enclosure died, and unfortunately is unable to mount the drive he pulled out because it has some hardware based firmware that is attached to the physical drive with screws in the enclosure, and it  also has support for encryption, making it impossible to swap it to another bay.


    Not sure if your model has this or not, but I would recommend getting a very reilaible drive. I use WD Caviar Black 2TB which is supposed to be enterprise reliability, but you pay double (worth it). I follow Pondini's excellent backup proceedures and use Time Machine on one drive, and Super Dooper / CCC to make a bootable image on the other drive.


    Which would be more efficient than using a 2 bay RAID enclosure IMO.

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    Super Dooper is pretty sweet.  Just replaced my internal hard drive and used it. 


    Is it possible to use these two (identical) MyBook 500GB externals as a mirrored RAID using Disk Utility?  I would have to figure out how to move 1TB of data somewhere so I can format them first but... is this possible?


    Thanks for the warnings about the insides.  I must've gotten lucky with the one I took apart 0.o  I just had to buy another enclosure for her.

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    Yeah it probably is possible with disk utility, but I'm not sure exactly what the best method is. I'll leave that for someone more experienced here. But from what I know, it's not a very good way to do it. It is far better to have a built in raid controller on the enclosure, so it does the work and not your mac.


    His was a 1TB MyBook Studio Silver I believe. So yeah, anyone who is able to save their data is always lucky!


    I was able to mount the drive, however it showed no data, and even Data Rescue 3 came up with no files except some manufacturers tools.


    Don't forget, that you will have to do delete 500GB for this to work if both are full.

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    I found a couple sites that take theirs apart as well, so maybe something went wrong.  I'm certain they're SATA, thought I'd like to know what version.  In any event I know they're identical. 


    I think I'm going to do backblaze to back everything up and then wait for someone to tell me of a solid 2 bay enclosure.  I like the IStorePro guys, but... can't find just an enclosure.

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    OK, I found this



    Seems to be what I'm looking for...but it's 3 bays... 0.o  What would I do with 3 bays? I want to run a RAID 1 Mirror with my 2 500GB HDD's.  What would happen or what possible future things would I be able to do with that 3rd bay? 

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    When I need to go out and buy a RAID system, I'll only get a 4+ bay enclosure, and almost certainly the Drobo S, so I can afford to have 2 drives fail at exactly the same time. Only be using WD Caviar Black (for hopefully enterprise reliability).


    Like I said. A 2 bay enclosure is a waste of time, because you can make a clone of the backup HDD if you wish, any time you want.


    But it's silly, what happens when your HDD corrupts itself over a day or 2?


    You have 3 copies of that corrupted drive? How is that going to help you?


    See where I'm coming from?

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    I don't quite understand.  At first I thought I did.  But if you have 3 drives that are all mirrorign themselves, then if one drive fails, you'll be backed up with TWO that still work, right? 


    Could you you explain the benefits of 2 over 4.  In my head if I have 4 then I can hae one RAID 1 to mirror and then upgrade later with 2 more (same size) HDD's to increase 500GB RAID 1 (in 2 drives) to 1TB RAID (in 4 drives).  But what I don't understand is why not do just buy newer HDD's for the 2.


    Thank you very much btw!

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    ? still confused.

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    Ok, let's say you currently have a 500GB internal drive in your MBP.


    You have 2 x 500GB external drives in a RAID enclosure mirrored.


    So that's only just enough to make 1 single image of your internal HDD on drive 1 / that again on drive 2. So the external drives are exactly the same.


    Obviously the RAID sorted that mirror / duplication for you.


    So that's a TOTAL of 3 drives - all exactly the same.




    So you are repeating this process every day or two.


    Let's say you just imaged up, and then you realise that your internal drive has some data corruption, and that's been eating away for a few days. So you want to restore a backup.


    Problem is, you have 2 seperate backup copies of your corrupted internal drive. Obviously both images are identical, so the corruption is also on them.


    So, all that backup really wasn't that efficient after all?


    Make sense?

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    that's the thing, I use super duper to mirror my internal drive every sunday. 


    These externals are for my audio projects.  I only keep about 100+ gigs on at once so the rest I want to be secure.  At the end of a day of work, the RAID array with get plugged in and all those project files will get shoved over to it.  Done, it gets unplugged until more work is done.


    On top of that I'm looking for a cheap 1TB time capsule for time machine.


    I think there is some confusion about what I was going for.  What you purposed does make sense though..but I don't see that as a problem with my current plan (once I find the parts...)


    Time Machine seems like the only way to avoid the 'corrupt' internal situation, yea?

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    I wasn't aware Super Duper held historical backups.


    I'll have to look into that.


    EDIT: yes you mean incremental. But it's still an exact copy of your current drive.


    You should talk to Pondini.

    He is the master of backup solutions.

    I'd link you to his site, but that might be rude of me.


    Might just wait for him to pop his head in.

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    i've been to his site before, and there's definitely good info on there. 


    I just can't find a good enclosure that's not gonna break my bank.  i also don't see the advantage of 4 bay over 2 yet. Unless I can have 2 500GB in Raid 1 Mirror, and then a second set of 500GB or 1TB drives doing the same?

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    Well the benefit would be that you can run RAID 5.

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    read the entry, kind of confused but I think I can see the benefit.  If I got a 4 bay I could use my 2 drives in as RAID 1 mirror untill I needed more space, and add 2 more so I'll hae 1.5TB space...yea? (with all 4 being 500GB; would I be able to have bay 3+4 be 1TB?)


    I didn't like the "BARF" group against RAID 5...that sounds strange. 


    But I thinkthat right now I'd settle for just a 2bay.  Costs key.  And I can't find a good one for less than 100 bucks. so a

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