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  • railnut Level 1 (0 points)



    Good to see the successes others have had.


    I have an iMac intel 21.5-inch, mid 2011, software Mac OS X Lion 10.7 (11A511a)


    Unfortunately when i try the installation fails when I open Image Capture as the Canon 8400F scanner does not show up on the left hand side.


    Neither does anything else, although all I have connected, via local airport network is an Epson NX515 printer/scanner.


    The network also allows me to share with my MacBook



  • Mark Sealey Level 2 (340 points)

    Apparently - according to Canon - the 8400F is not compatible with Lion.

  • Coup Level 1 (0 points)

    Rabrack, I would like to add my thanks also for getting my 8400F to work with my new iMac and Lion. I was thinking I would have to buy a new scanner but everything is working now. Thank You!




  • drewe2000 Level 1 (0 points)

    Awesome! Thanks rabrack!


    Even after communicating with Canon, all I got as a response was "your scanner is old enough we decided not to support it anymore." Although they are supporting it in Windows 7 with drivers that are around 1 year old.


    Thanks to you, my CanoScan 9950F is working beautifully. I used your steps but replaced the directions regarding 8400F with 9950F, and it works great.


    Quite a relief - and I think my frustration with Canon is even higher now, since it obviously works and wouldn't be THAT hard for them to support.  They've got a lot of my $, and I'd appreciate a little more help from them.


    Thanks again.

  • highway1066 Level 1 (0 points)

    Rabrack, Having upgraded my iMac and MacBook Pro to Lion 10.7 I had some pretty important work to get done which required using ny 8400F scanner... only to find it did not work! Canon had no upgrades and were no help and I spent ages trying to resolve the problem, it looked as if I would have to shell out on a new scanner until... I came across your fix.


    Don't know how you figured out the solution but, an INCREDIBLE FIX!!!


    Saved my hard earned cash, got my work done and... and my scanner's good for mamy miles yet!





  • nantzin Level 1 (0 points)



    Fantastic work around! I thought I'd have to get a new scanner, but thanks to your post, my scanner is up an running. Thank you very much!

  • nowsthetime Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks thanks thanks.  Thank you for this!  You saved the day!

  • arberthurhur Level 1 (0 points)

    Having felt as though I was bushwhacked by numerous problems wrought, on my iMac,  by Lion, you have my greatest thanks for your 8400F solution.  It solves the problem of being unable to use VueScan.  I believe Ed Hamrick owes you thanks also.

  • Cattus Thraex Level 4 (1,715 points)

    As a matter of principle, upgrading to a new OS should be preceded by reading about compatibility issues with apps you use and, of course, periphereals you are using. Not all get their drivers updated, and some may not be updated at all. Canon and HP usually update their drivers, but I cannot bet this is valid for all their products. Connecting them to your mac running Lion, and then running Software Update should lead to updated drivers. If this does not happen, perhaps there is none, unfortunately for you.

    An interim solution would be to downgrade back to SL; or to try using generic drivers like Gutenprint for printing or VueScan for scanners, they may work (no guarantee though, you must test them).

  • mulligans missus Level 2 (370 points)

    VueScan seem to have a pretty reliable history of upgrading their software quickly to work with Apple OSX upgrades, so I think you will see that soon. Most popular printers are getting up to date and as Cattus mentioned, Gutenprint is quite good for installing many compatable drivers.


    Good Luck

  • Cattus Thraex Level 4 (1,715 points)

    Yes, some older types may work with drivers for another model. I remember a Brother laser printer which did not initially have a driver for Mac OS (still Tiger, I guess), but was usable with a driver for another model of the same series. I simply tried them one by one but, as that series did not have many models, it took several minutes only.

    Sometimes, the solution is not so simple, though.

  • Naterater Level 1 (0 points)

    Rabrack, you rule. After all the "_____ Saves Christmas" movies, you are the latest, with a solution that makes the scans I had planned as part of a big Christmas project possible on my MacBook Pro running Lion. Thanks VERY much.


    A note: when I select Scan1 or Scan2 from the Canoscan Toolbox, I am only able to choose platen as my source the first time I run the scanner software, though the slide tray is in the scanner. Choosing "Print" from the CanoScan Toolbox menu allows me to select film as the source and save the files from there. After that, I can select platen from other modes.

  • Diane Wordsmith Level 5 (6,000 points)

    God bless you for posting this!!! It worked. We contacted Canon about the problem; they basically said the device was not supported on our OS and graciously offered to give us a discount on buying a new scanner. (This one has barely been used!) Searched here and found your instructions. Don't know how you came to follow this process and figure out how to make this work, but thank you for sharing. You deserve a virtual medal.

  • LDB71 Level 1 (0 points)

    Rabrack, I echo the chorus.  Thank you!!!

  • rwbbrodd Level 1 (0 points)

    I was hopeful of that too, but you have to have the drivers installed for Vuescan to work with it.  That said, I followed the steps outlined by rabrack above and now my 8400F is working on Lion with standard Canon software!  Thanks rabrack!!!!

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