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Hey All,


Am having a few issues with Push on Lion, it seems to work for a short period of time after setting up, then seems to stop being able to push.  Today I woke up to a server running at a constant ~60% processor utilisation and this error repeating itself over and over again in the log...


Jul 29 15:11:05 mail push_notify[105]: discarding message; not connected to notification server


There is also single errors from saying "Disconnected from apn feedback server for topic error (null) - there is one for each different service push supports and they are straight after connect messages.


Do Push services require any ports opening up? I did have the server set up in DMZ for a while but it still managed to fall over, so I took it back out.  However I'd imagine the server is sending notifications out rather than listening in for anything.


I've reinstalled this server around 5 times now and am reaching the end of my patience!  Everytime Push starts working then stops, last night Web services fell over and I was getting database connection errors, as there were push notification errors in the log, I un-ticked and re-ticked the Apple Push notification checkbox and things came back up.  It's a shame it seems very temperamental as it's such a huge feature.  I have this one set with a self signed cert, set up as per when you enable profile server.  This is also trusted by any devices testing.


I've turned Push off for the moment as it seems intent on bringing down the rest of the services I have set up Just turned off Mail and the processor use dropped to almost nothing, restarted it and things are now calm.


Also anyone know how to set up automount's from the command line?  My production environment has NFS sharepoints for User directories - for the purpose of being able to use fast user switching on client machines (AFP doesn't support this).  Exports are easy as are in a file, but I'm struggling with the automounts.


Any ideas?


Cheers all.

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