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josefromtaubate Level 1 (0 points)

After upgrading my system to Lion, my keynote presentations are becoming a nightmare. They crash all the time, and are becoming significantly slower, not just due to the autosave but after making just a few movements the beach ball appears and takes forever for me to be able to edit the document again. When I try to put into presentation mode the computer stops, sometimes I even lost the images inside the saved prasentation, and when I tried to recover from the auto saved versions, they were corrupted also. I talked to the apple support here in Brazil and after running all kinds procedures to check and fix the disk and hardware even in the safe mode, it still remained with the same problem. Another suggestion was to reinstall the keynote, and I even bought a new version from the app store even though the old one was updated. Again, nothing changed. Does anyone have the same problem or knows what to do?

Keynote, Mac OS X (10.7)
  • jayrusalem Level 1 (0 points)

    It's a disaster. Having the same problems and more. Shame on Apple for ruining the days/weeks for people whose business depends on their apps. If it were third party, there'd be an excuse. But it's like they were caught off-guard. Sigh.

  • wally77 Level 1 (0 points)

    Major problems for me. Autosave is saving at the most inopportune times creating that spinning ball just when I want to add something or change something. It's making working in Keynote a nightmare. More than that though, it's seizing up ALL THE TIME. My machine runs slower and Keynote, my go-to program is basically inoperable.


    I assume no one has found solutions to this, right?

  • rootdr Level 1 (50 points)

    I have been using Keynote since the MacWorld Keynote when Steve Jobs gave everyone a copy. Since then there have been many unpleasant hiccups. The upgrade to Lion is no different. I have some presentations that are over 1 GB in size that I can no longer open. The beach ball spins forever. This is a disaster for me. Hoping someone has a solution soon. This is really not acceptable.

  • npitscheider Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the bad idea to upgrade to Lion, and yes, here I am with my keynote totally jammed.

    It keeps autosaving, taking forever every single time. Even when I play the presentation, it stops and then restarts: I never have a smooth play. This is really a big issue. And yes, my presentations are big files too, so...

    Snow Leopard was great, my Mac was perfect with it.

    Installing Lion was a mistake. If Apple fixes this issue asap ok, otherwise I'll have to go back to SL. (painful procedure, but no choice if things don't change very VERY! soon).

    Please Apple, make your own software run!

  • josefromtaubate Level 1 (0 points)

    I talked to Apple in the US yesterday and it seems that all this problem happens due to something inside the old presentation (that was done before upgrading to lion). The guy suggested me to create a new presentation and then copy and paste the content from the old one and then check when (if) it begins to slow down, that's probably where the problem is. I've been doing this and is working fine so far. I think it's worth a trial. Good luck!

  • npitscheider Level 1 (0 points)

    I tried your suggestion, thanks. It does improve a little, but unfortunately just a little.

    It keeps autosaving very slowly and when playing is the same: at some point stops, stays there thinking for awhile and then it comes back to play. Boh?

    It's not possible to work like this, and even showing the pres to potential clients it wouldn't make me look very smart, having to improvise short conversation every time that it stops.

    My files are big. The one i'm working on now is well over 2GB and 300 pages. You could say that the file is too big, but believe me, in SL was quick and smooth.

    Thanx for the advise, it might me working for smaller files. I'll keep waiting a couple of days for Apple to actively address the problem, then I'll go back to SL.

  • fuzzydog Level 2 (355 points)

    I agree this is a huge problem. I use keynote for college lectures and have no ready substitute. I don't think it is wholly an issue of file size though as I have the problem even with modestly sized files of under 50 mb. There is a long thread on this in the Lion discussions which has not produced any answers. One poster claims to have had contact with Apple engineers so that is a perhaps a sign of progress. Here is the Lion thread -                                   Re: Lion and Keynote Problems                    

  • Waveman Level 3 (930 points)

    I posted this in the longer thread cited by fuzzydog, but thought I'd post it here too, just in case:


    I came across this problem tonight after editing a large presentation under Lion for the first time. I'm convinced it's related to autosave. Here's what worked for me:


    Go to the Time Machine preference panel, click on Options,  deselect the "Lock documents after last edit" check box, then click Save.


    Keynote's behavior seems to be normal now. Hopefully this will work for others, too.

  • JP Ellery Level 4 (1,515 points)

    Só uma dica sobre o "suporte" da Apple Brasil. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! Eles são completamente inúteis. Uso Macs desde dezembro de 2000, estou no meu 4º Mac. Em todo esse tempo, o "suporte" telefônico da Apple Brasil não me ajudou uma única vez sequer. Sempre que precisei de algo, resolvi via Apple Care nos US. Já que você fala inglês, faça como eu. Quer suporte, liga pros US ou busque ajuda em fóruns como esse aqui.


    Um abraço.


    João Paulo


  • drcarvalho Level 1 (0 points)

    Someone could confirm this !!!!

  • fuzzydog Level 2 (355 points)

    Waveman's idea helps a bit but does not eliminate the problem for me. Using his method the length of freezes is somewhat shorter and bit less frequent by my experience. I have not tried doing live presentatiobs but editing files is improved. That said, the program is still plagued with long freezes that make editing very slow and painful. It points to the origin of the problem but is not a long term solution.

  • Peter Kaiser Level 1 (20 points)

    "deselect the "Lock documents after last edit" check box, then click Save."


    Does not work for me...

  • thomas mfromnew york Level 1 (0 points)

    We're all in the same boat. Lion makes me wish I had Windows! Never thought I'd say that. I feel sorry for all those who bought new Apple computers with Lion and try to use Keynote. Keynote was a beautiful program. The program now gives me the rainbow ball consistently, often after each trackpad move. At that rate, it would take me over fifteen years to create a presentation. I've tried downgrading to an old version of Keynote from the solution there. I tried reinstalling lovely little Mac Book Air locked up...three times. A wasted day. I'm stuck until they find a solution. I hope they announce the solution with a little fanfare. I'm afraid of their upgrades now. Meantime, I have to lug around my old MBP 17" between presentations. It was so great with the MBAir while it lasted.

  • jayrusalem Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Thomas - listen, I want to tell you that we aren't necessarily all in the same boat...what I mean is that this problem almost ruined my business and I spent a long time reading the dozen or so threads in this board, and tried solutions people suggested in each one. I had two separate problems...the first was like yours, and it was indeed solved by the time machine save setting mentioned above. The other was that I couldn't get an object selected with a click of the mouse every tenth time or so...I had to click onto a different slide and then come back to mine. I started turning off every single piece of hardware and software one by one, in search of a conflict. It turns out that my Apple Magic Mouse was the problem. I switched it to a plain MS wireless mouse and problem solved. *****, but it let's me continue. My point is that too many people are using Keynote just fine for any of us to throw in the towel and say it's universally and irreversibly broken. There are different bugs in play, but you have to go on the assumption that there's a way out if you can spot what's not quite right. Sorry I don't have your specific solution, but this mindset is what saved me from jumping ship to PPT.

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