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    I have a problem with yuotube- widget and html-widget. They doesn´t work after I upgraded to Lion.

    It just says "plug missing".

    What plug am I missing, where can I find it and where should it go?

  • raoulhenri Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


    unfortunately this didn't work for me.


    To begin with, I bought a new MacBook Pro with lion pre-installed and was very disappoint when I realized that iWeb wasn't. So i took the iLife installation DVD that came with my iMac (SnowLeopard). I installed iWeb, didn't have to enter a serial number (which confused me) and I was able to launch iWeb.


    I created a Site on my iMac and now want to work it on the new machine. So I tried to follow your instructions mentioned above, but there are no such files, nor such directories.




    For me it's: users/home but no library folder


    ~Library/Application Support/iweb/Domain 


    For me it's: ~Library/Application Support but no iWeb folder


    I am very confused! Also iWeb saves the site but I can't locate the domain file.


    Hope that someone can help meout. It drives me insane.


    Kind Regards from Luxembourg

  • kt4ever Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    You need to open the root library folder  you can access it by holding down the option key  and clicking on the GO on menu bar. Library will show up if option key is held down. You will then find the folders you are looking for

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    Thank you very much,


    it works perfectly.

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    Go here and use this:



    Works great!

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    was experiencing the same concern, so i called apple support and spoke with the tech. problem was easily and immediately solved as follows:


    open finder (icon on bottom left of your screen).

    next click "go" on top left of screen.

    next, on your keyboard, click and hold "option" until all the hidden files appear in your finder folder.

    you'll then see your library file, which contains the application support file, which contains the iweb file, where you'll place your domain file of all the iweb projects you're wanting to move over!

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    This did not work for me since iweb was opening an unknown domaian file that was not located in the iweb folder. Only by following the instruction above that Apple Express tech support gave me was I able to get iweb to open my domain file with all the sites in it.

  • Old Toad Level 10 Level 10 (131,675 points)

    It is now apparent that iWeb, and iDVD, will no longer be supported by Apple. This is evidenced by the fact that new Macs are shipping with iLife 11 installed but without iWeb and iDVD.  iWeb will still continue to work but without the following:


    Features No Longer Available Once MobileMe is Discontinued:


    ◼ Password protection

    ◼ Blog and photo comments

    ◼ Blog search

    ◼ Hit counter


    All of these issues can be solve with 3rd party options.


    I found that if I published my site to a folder on my hard drive and then uploaded with a 3rd party FTP client subscriptions to slideshows and the RSS feed were broken.  If I published directly from iWeb to the FPT server those two features continued to work correctly.


    There's another problem and that's with iWeb's popup slideshows.  Once the MMe servers are no longer online the popup slideshow buttons will not display their images.


    Click to view full size


    However, Roddy McKay and I have figured out a way to modify existing sites with those slideshows and iWeb itself so that those images will display as expected once MobileMe servers are gone.  How to is described in this tutorial: #26 - How to Modify iWeb So Popup Slideshows Will Work After MobileMe is Discontinued.


    Apple has announced that iLife is now an unsupported product and those iApps will only be available thru the App Store from now on. However, the boxed iLife 11 at the online Apple Store (Store button at the top of the page) and those still on the shelves of retailers will include iWeb and iDVD.  Those two apps were listed in small, gray text on the iLife 11 box that I bought. Personally, if I already didn't have a copy I would purchase one to have it for reinstallation purposes if ever needed.



  • Craig Pagel Level 1 Level 1 (55 points)

    I just tried to load an iWeb file and safari can't fine it.... iWeb isn't working at all with far as I can tell...

  • Ethmoid Level 6 Level 6 (10,755 points)

    What do you mean "load an iWeb file and Safari can't find it"? 


    Of course safari won't find an iWeb file - if you open iWeb itself or the domain.sites file then iWeb the app will open this.


    Safari will only open published html files, so for this, you would need to publish from iWeb to your desktop to get safari to open these pages when you click on them.

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    I think that person is talking about Safari being unable to find the published file.  I had this happen the other, just republish the entire site, that worked for me.

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    Thanks MDSteed... you understood my issue perfectly....  But here is the kicker.... I did what you stated - I republished my entire  Web site... I received an error - so I started deleting site by site and republished again and again - still recieved an error - so I finally created a new site and deleted my last site which had worked before LION.  Still received and error - then I  open MOBILE ME and after checking my domain name which was the one I have used for the past several years when I open it  I was directed to a German site with my domain name. I guess APPLE screwed me over and gave my domain site name away...Go Figure... sigh...

  • Ethmoid Level 6 Level 6 (10,755 points)

    Don't be so ridiculous!


    Your domain name has nothing whatsoever to do with Apple - Apple does NOT register domain names so has no authority to do anything.  When you enter your domain name into your MobileMe account, all you are doing is forwarding - settings up a CNAME redirection using your domain name to where your website is published at MobileMe on your iDisk.


    You need to go to your domain name registrar and check this problem out - this is the place where you registered your domain name.  You can go to any domain registrar such as and check out any domain name and who it is registered to.


    This problem has nothing to do with Apple - they can't and don't register domain names to start with.  In your words - Go Figure!

  • Craig Pagel Level 1 Level 1 (55 points)

    Thanks for the great information... I had forgotten the process when I first signed up to use iWeb and creating a web domain... GoDaddy has been a great resource...  Because I am so rediculous I promise I will not enter this area again because I hit a nerve... Take Care...

  • Ethmoid Level 6 Level 6 (10,755 points)

    Just to put you straight on one more thing - you did not sign up to use iWeb - iWeb has no sign up, it is an app and if you have it you can use it on any Mac.


    It is MobileMe that you signed up to initially - this is where you publish your site and this is where you have to sign up.  Do you even understand the difference between the 2?


    You did not hit any nerves, but it was only that your suggestion was so ludicrous that Apple could in any way have stolen your domain name and 'screwed you over' as you put it.  As Apple has no authority to even register domain names, your suggestion is beyond belief really.