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So I am a web/software developer and I am having major beef with OSX Lion's Mission Control.  While I think Mission Control and Application Windows are interesting additions to the multi-tasking nature and scheme of the OS, removing the older Expose Spaces and All Windows is a huge mistake.  Couldn't Apple have just left all of the old stuff in? Then the system would be complete.  As pretty as Mission Control and Application Windows is, the older Snow Leopard Spaces and Expose moved much faster and tamed all of my apps in a very efficient way.

Here is why Mission Control is not as fast as Spaces and Expose:....


1. With Spaces all of the desktops and their connected monitors were consolidated to one monitor in which you can easily see everything going on from a birds eye view.  You cloud easily drag open windows between them freely and even swap spaces.  This was huge because you could see everything.  You could even activate All Windows over Spaces and see everything..Mission Control will group everything but you can't move programs across desktops unless it's the main desktop to the little desktop.  Nor can you move windows across monitors.  This is frustrating.  Also the desktop are split to their respective monitor so I no longer have a birds-eye key-map access.


2. All Windows is so necessary and slick. Mission Control or Application Windows can't quite keep up.  If I have a cluttered desktop and hit all windows, I can get any window at any time no matter how buried it is.  Application Windows is useful but only applies to the focused application…but what if it's buried?  I have to activate mission control first, select one of the windows from the program group, then activate Application Windows to get to that window.  Also if there are many windows open for an application, Mission Control cannot replace All Windows because they stack and you can't quite tell which of the windows you want is accessible in that stack.


The bottom line is, put both of them together!  Keep the old functionality as an option, because truth be told, the old way of doing things is still considerably faster under heavy work loads.  I would use the Snow Leopard expose features more often.  There is still room for Application Windows and Mission Control, but even after re-training myself I feel I'm moving at 70% of the multitasking speed that I used to move at before using Snow Leopard Expose.  I mean this legitimately, I develop using multiple OS's along with video chat and instead of being a leap forward, Lion is a step backward and that just isn't like apple, everything Apple has done has been leaps and bounds forward.  Let's leap forward and not only have all the sweet new features that Lion offers, but combine with the productive features that really moved and maybe just integrate into Lion's style.  Bottle that and you have something sweeter than Yoohoo.

Mac OS X (10.7)
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