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Since installing Mac OS 10.7 Lion, I am experiencing an intermittent problem in Mail. After running for a period of time (I have noticed this as short as ~15 minutes after launch, but usually 2-3 hours), Mail stops responding to mouse clicks in its window. I have noticed the following conditions:


- Mail gets stuck on whatever message was being displayed. Clicks on other messages in the message list or other mailboxes are not reconized. It is impossible to change focus on mail items with the mouse.

- Mouse clicks on the toolbar buttons or the buttons in the new capsule between the message headers and message body are not recognized.

- Mouse focus is recognized: e.g., moving mouse pointer over message headers or the capsule buttons will cause them to highlight or change color, but clicking has no effect.

- Keyboard still works, so pressing up or down arrow will bring up the next message in the message list and the preview pane changes to display the new message.

- Keyboard still works to activate Mail commands, i.e., all command key combos still work. Delete key will delete the selected message.

- Mouse still works for the menubar and menu commands. In full screen mode, moving the mouse to the top of the screen displays the menu, and all menus can be clicked on, activated, and selected. All menu commands work properly.

- If in full-screen mode, clicking on the full-screen toggle button in the top-right of window will return Mail to windowed-mode, but clicking on the same button while in windowed-mode will not return Mail to full-screen mode; the click is ignored.

- Quitting Mail and restarting makes the problem go away.


This happens on both my machines that have Lion:

1. Late 2007 21" iMac, 4GB RAM

2. Mid 2009 15" MacBook Pro, 8GB RAM


For all the above, you can substitute trackpad for mouse. The iMac uses Magic Mouse and the MacBook Pro uses either built-in trackpad or Magic Trackpad. The problems above happen with all pointing devices.


In my usual Mail setup I have 7 Mail Bundles active, but I have removed all Mail Bundles and the problem still occurs. For reference, the 7 Mail Bundles usually installed are:


Attachment Tamer.mailbundle









Has anyone else seen this behavior? Does anyone have any ideas on possible cause or suggestions to resolve?


Thank you,


iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)
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