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Hello, I thought I would try to consolidate all the info that I have seen on the Apple discussion boards about syncing Maps bookmarks.  Currently (as of August 2011), there is no way to export Maps bookmarks to a separate location. Sorry to let you know.  The Maps bookmarks are stored in your backup of your iPhone in iTunes though, so if you Restore your iPhone and load the backup then they will be there. 


But what if there are software or hardware issues on your iPhone?  And you have to, or are suggested by the Geniuses at the Apple Store, to Restore and NOT sync from your backup?  Simple Answer: you're screwed.  There is one extremely lengthy option to try and preserve those bookmarks, but it can take a lot of time if you have over 10 bookmarks. I had 74 bookmarks


Check these links and check my "things to note" section below - if you'd like to skip the lenthy option, my story, and just want the goods:


sync maps bookmarks to google saved maps?



google maps bookmarks





"Travel bookmarks"




The lenthy option:

1) make sure you sync and have a good backup iTunes - just in case

2) before you Restore, you will have to go into you Maps app and press on the bookmark, press the blue arrow button, then hit "Share location," wait for your email to come up, then press "send" and mall them to yourself or save them as a draft.  Make sure you have no paratheses in your bookmark names (check the "Things to note" section for more info). 

3) Restore and don't sync from your backup in iTunes for the clean Restore

4) set up your email and settings then go into your Mail program and painfully restore your bookmarks list by pressing every email links and saving in Maps - if there are no problems.  That's it.  Easy, RIGHT???!



Back story: I live in a foreign country and have many links to places that I like but are a pain to tell people about because the steet address system is strange and not simple like the US.  Combine language barriors, cultural differences with addresses, and discussing places with people and you'll have an extremely annoying time telling friends about restaurants you've been to or places you like; and telling them how to get there.  In comes the Maps program, many of my friends have iPhones so it's great to show them the places I've been to or share certain locations. 


Problems: I have replaced my iPhone 3GS many times. I have AppleCare Protection and when I go to the Apple Store they just give me a refurbished iPhone 3GS - which isn't new but is better than my old phone.  I have had numerous hardware problems with my iPhone and apparent software issues -  I say "apparent" because some of the problems seem hardware related and the software testing at the Mac Store doesn't come up with any problems. However,  I have been noticing some of the same problems persist between iPhones. The only thing that goes between them: my backup in iTunes.  That brings you to my current situation and tells me that it must be a software issue (even if they didn't catch it at the Mac Store).  Honestly, if I wasn't a dedicated Mac fan, I would have returned my iPhone to my provider or thrown it out the window... trust me, I've thought about it. Basically, this is my last ditch effort to resolve these problems I have been having while still trying to preserve some vital metadata related to my apps.


Things to note:

1) If you are doing the lengthy option and "sharing locations" to your email then do not have any paratheses in your bookmarks names - this causes the map not to load when you click it from your email to get it back into the Maps program.  I believe this is a glitch and something that Apple should fix. If you delete some of the paratheses or the name and just load the GPS location number - it will load and you can just rename it.  This adds even more time the process though. Since I have an iPhone 3GS, it is possible that this specific problem is just related to my generation of iPhone and not the iPhone 4 - but I would change the names, just in case of problems.

2) It is possible that iOS 5 coming out later this year will have updated this process.  I do not understand why it has taken so long.  Maps is a dedicated iPhone app and should be able to at least have an external backup like the Notes app does to your Mail program on your computer.  These apps have external back ups / syncs with your Mac (iPhone app > to Mac application) : Photos > iPhoto, Notes > Mail, Mail > imap > Mail, Safari > Safari, Calendar > iCal, Voice Memos > iTunes, Maps > NOWHERE. Having a way to externally back them up would simplify the process of clean Restoring your iPhone and could also make it easier to share locations you have bookmarked in Google Maps from your computer.

3) If you know more help links then please post them here.

4) If you know a 3rd party application or iPhone app that can export these bookmarks then PLEASE post it.

5) W. T. F. ....

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.3.3, iOS 4.3.5