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I seem to have gotten a Mac with all of the above.


  1. Losing WiFi connection, and not being able to turn WiFi back on.
  2. Screen randomly going black after sleep


And now the new addition to the list:


Screen flickering at approx 25 frames per second on all brightness levels on both battery and. Restarting randomly fixes the problem, randomly does nothing. I have reset the SMC / PRAM. Seems this otherwise beautiful baby is going back .


Add yourself to the thread if you're experiencing the strobing effect.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Leaving the Mac turned off for 30 minutes strangely cured it after doing multiple restarts/shutdowns with no effect, both connected to AC power and running on battery. This is the third time the machine randomly works again. I have not turned off sleep mode, as this has been the culprit so far.

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    How weird. If this is a new Mac, then that's especially weird. Faulty screen? Seems to fix itself when the screen turns off and on.

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    I have the same strobbing or pulsing back light problem. I really regret getting this new MBA. The 2010 model had none of these issues. My laptop doesn't wake from sleep randomly, when it does it takes forever to actually resume and now this black screen with the flashing backlight. Apple needs to address all these issues ASAP or I'm going to ask to return this thing for a refund!