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    Hey, I'm replying to this directly under the post here since now we know. The solution (tested in OS X 10.7.1):

    1) Open System/Library/CoreServices/

    2) Zip Captive Network

    3) Move the resulting Zip file to someplace convienient. (such as your documents folder or make a folder such as ~/System Components/ just in case a later update break it)

    3) Delete the Captive Network


    Now the dialog box will no longer pop up because the CNA will not be able ot be run. If someone knows a way to simply disable the triggering of this app on an account by account basis or a global basis, then post it here. Thanks.

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    I'm having the opposite problem. How can I force the captive network assistant if it doesn't appear when required? Safari just gives me the new stylized "you are not connected to the Internet" page, and the wifi icon in the taskbar just tells me Alert: No Internet Connection.


    Bah! Abou 1/4 of the time the login window appears, but the rest o the time I'm left to working on my phone (like now).

    Trying to log in to a Aruba-networks portal, if that helps 

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    I am dealing with this issue at our school. We have several secured wireless networks and one unsecured for use by studends and BYD scenarios. I noticed this pop up issue as well and could not figure out what it was, so thanks for this discussion.


    And BTW, the issue is fixed in Mt. Lion.

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    I do not believe that they have fixed this in Mountain Lion. I am currently using Mt. Lion and I still get the Captive Network Assistant. The directory that they mention above: /System/CoreServices does not exist in Mountain Lion that I can find.

    Any assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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    I just looked, and in 10.8.2 it is (still) in:


    From your post, it looks like you looked in the wrong place by excluding …Library/ from the path.


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    Shahin wrote:


    And BTW, the issue is fixed in Mt. Lion.


    No the issue persists in Mountain Lion and the solutions remains the same as that which Michael gave earlier. Rather than copying and moving the app, though, one could simply rename it and put an X in front of its name.


    X Captive Network Assistant


    That should stop it running and make it easy to reenable if you choose to at a later date (just rename it by removing the 'X ').

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    I'm trying to get rid of that window too...Very annoying

  • Rah Zee Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yup, the X did the trick. Cheers.

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    Thanks for the tip....Just to add my 2 cents my main issue with the CNA is that it ***does not keep any cookies and remember login data***


    The wireless network at my school will remember your login credentals for 7 days, but only if I login from my browser. It got really annoying having to retype my password every time I opened my computer when I didn't have to in 10.6

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    I am facing the same issue on my iphone. Whenever I switch on my iphone's wifi and it joins my home network (which requires a sign in via a browser), it automatically opens a login browser and goes to and there is no way to change the address. Then, when I close this browser, it automatically disconnects me from the wifi and if I reconnect, it puts me back onto the same browser. Basically, I have to use another device to login to WiFi and only after that, does the iphone connect up.


    Any solutions??

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    Go into Settings > Wifi then tap on the blue arrow next to your home network on the list. I don't have it in front of me right now but there should be a switch in the network details called "Auto Login" which you can turn off. Then just normally login with Safari.

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    So this is the solution:


    1. First go to

    [Hard Disk] > System > Library > CoreServices > Captive Network

    Click on the app once, and hit ‘return’ on your keyboard. This will make the name editable.

    2. Hit the ‘left arrow’ key once to move the cursor to the beginning of the name and to unselect the text.

    3. Type an ‘X’ (actually any letter will do, but I like ‘X’ so I can easily find the app later at the bottom of the list even if I forgot its exact name).

    4. Hit ‘return’ on the keyboard. At this point, OS X will ask you to provide an Admin password as only Admin users are allowed to mess with files in the System directory. Type in your password and hit ‘OK’.

    The name should now read ‘XCaptive Network’.

    And that’s it! Captive Network Assistant will never run again unless you decide to change its name back to what it was (to do so, just repeat the procedure above and remove the ‘X’).

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    The CAN window is still showing up annoyingly in Mavericks (DP7, connexion established on a VPN cisco WiFi based network, without the help of CAN, but still poping up from time to time), and the "XCAN" trick described above is still valid !


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    I think you can just uncheck "Ask to join new networks" under wifi in Network preferences.

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    I have the same problem. It started when my institution changed to a different service provided. There is a public spot nearby and I used it while disconnected. When the new connection was up, the Safari pop-up showing Apple's "um it looks like the page you're looking for..." started coming up regularly in 5 min intervals. I am connected to the Internet and not looking for any page! I tried everything from resetting Airport Extreme, replacing it with Airport Express, resetting Safari... Short of erasing everything in my computer nothing worked, except connecting to Internet via Ethernet. If I use WiFi the pop-up window starts as soon as an Internet connection is established. This also happens if I bring my laptop and connect via WiFi in my office. I'm now going to experiment with some of the suggestions above, but still I wanted to post this in case someone might have an answer for me.