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Jezzino Level 1 Level 1

Hi all, what's the best anti-virus for Ipad 2 wifi 3G? Do you reckon it's a must?

Do you have any suggestions for when my screen stops working, is it normal?

Bluetooth connection only works with MAC devices or also Nokia, for example? I cannot send a Pages document from Ipad to my Vaio pc.


iPad 2, I dont know what operating system
  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10

    There is no anti-virus software for iDevices as they are not needed.

  • Jezzino Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks. But what about the anti- viruses programs at App store?


    So when my screen stops working?

  • Julian Wright Level 7 Level 7

    There are no viruses that can affect iPads, so any apps you see that claim to be iPad anti-virus are just a load of nonsense, designed to part uninformed people and their money.


    Your screen stopping working has nothing to do with viruses.


    No, you cannot Bluetooth files to other non-iOS devices.


    You transfer Pages documents between iPad and PC using iTunes.

  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10

    What anti-virus programs? By App Store do you mean the iTunes App Store or the Mac App Store? The latter is for the Mac, not the iDevice.


    If your screen on the iPad has stopped working then take the device in for repair or replacement. It isn't caused by a virus. As I said before there are no viruses affecting OS X or iDevices.

  • Demo Level 10 Level 10

    Read this for imformation on how to get the Pages files to iTunes on your PC using file sharing.


    You can also email the file. With the document open in Pages, tap the wrench (tools) icon in the upper right corner and select Share and Print from the window. From the next window, select Email Document.


    What specifically do you mean about the screen not working? No response to touch???? If that's the case, try restarting or resetting the iPad.


    Restart the iPad by holding down on the sleep button until the red slider appears and then slide to shut off. To power up hold the sleep button until the Apple logo appears and let go of the button.


    Reset the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons.

  • Kathyl1974 Level 1 Level 1

    Ok so I have had a Mac, iPod touch, iPhone and now I have the iPad 2. I've been told Macs don't get viruses or anything as such. But I've had also fell for the downloading antivirus programs because I've been told to do it just to be on the safe side.

    I've had no problems with my iPod touch or iPhone. But my Mac started acting funny so when I took it to Apple that's when I was told to be on the safe side to get a program. However it was just old and nothing was wrong with it.

    I use my iPad for everything and since yesterday, whenever I go onto Facebook, it goes to safari and opens a YouTube site. It's always a different video. But still, nothing but going onto Facebook does it.

    I have the app for Facebook so I don't go on safari to connect to Facebook.

    Sadly, I'm too poor for a Mac, so I'm stuck using a laptop my parents lent to me. It's a Windows 7. so I am worried even though Apple products can't get viruses, with technology advancing all the time.

    So I need some suggestions. Would you say it's just Facebook being weird or what? Because some apps I've had in the past and now will also close unexpectedly too. I heard that could be just a clinch though too, so I don't think too much about it. Anyways help.



  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10

    It's an issue with Facebook and (I assume) their servers - it's affecting me and a number of other people on here judging by the posts (it's been reported on Facebook's help site as well). For me, and I think others, it is opening the last video that was posted on the wall. You should still be able to access Facebook via Safari or your computer. Whether the issue is related to their new 'timeline' or the rumoured iPad that they are supposed to be announcing soon I don't know.

  • Kathyl1974 Level 1 Level 1

    Oh great! Thanks! Yeah it helps to read other posts and fb's help page. Hahaha!

  • takaya Level 1 Level 1

    search intego virusbarrier in the app store on your idevice for an example of an iOS based on-demand antivirus application.

  • takaya Level 1 Level 1

    You don't have to be security professional to search iOS virus in google. There have been numerous trojans, worms and other forms of malware written for both Mac and iOS based devices.


    Anyone who thinks that somehow his/her Mac OSX box or iOS device is somehow unable to be infected knows nothing at all about coding.

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 Level 9

    Unless you jailbreak your iOS device, the likelihood of being affected by a trojan is about as great as the likelihood of my being able to code anything.

  • takaya Level 1 Level 1

    Nicolas Seriot authored a proof-of-concept called SpyPhone.

    It uses Apple API's and could pass Apples screening process.


    I assume that when people use the term 'virus' they are referring to malware in general, under which spyware falls, and not specifically Trojans.



  • Michael Morgan1 Level 7 Level 7

    takaya wrote:




    I assume that when people use the term 'virus' they are referring to malware in general, under which spyware falls, and not specifically Trojans.



    Assume what you will, but virus does in fact have a specific meaning.

  • takaya Level 1 Level 1

    i totally agree with you.

    unfortunately many users are of the understanding that virus is an umbrella term, encompassing all forms of malware.


    in the ever changing landscape that is IT, it is my personal belief we will see many forms of malware targeting iOS attack vectors.


    this is just my own opinion =]

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