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Mark Steele2 Level 1 Level 1

OS: Mac OS X 10.7.1

Hardware: MacBook Pro (2010), BlueTooth keyboard and mouse (both Apple brand) Magic Mouse

Applications: Any - mostly see this on Safari


Symptoms: I will be navigating with the mouse, clicking on a link if I'm in Safari or perhaps clicking on a word that I want to edit in BBEdit, doesn't really matter what app. The mouse cursor disapears. I have to move the mouse around in large circular motions several times to get the mouse cursor back. Sometimes I have to push the mouse off the edge of the screen for it to show up again. If there is a control on the page that has a mouse hover event (perhaps a flash window or something in HTML???) then the control will respond to that event by high lighting or displaying a tooltip. During all of this the mouse cursor is still invisible.


I'm aware that the mouse cursor will disappear when I start typing (like right now), and it will re-appear if I simply nudge the mouse. The problem that I'm seeing however is when the mouse cursor disappears without touching the keyboard, usually following a mouse click, then it won't re-appear quickly. It can take several seconds - sometimes 5 - 10 seconds of moving the mouse before it re-appears.


Has anybody else seen this, or know what might be causing it?




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