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bobtea Level 1 Level 1

I've been noticing issues with my memory. Activity monitor shows the 'printtool' process to be taking up a huge chunk of RAM. Right now it's at 800+ MB, for no good reason. (I'm not printing anything.) The process takes up more and more RAM until I kill it. Killing it works temporarily, but it always comes back. I'm looking for a permanent solution.


The parent process is launchd, and this process will run indefinitely until I stop it. I've seen it exceed 1GB of memory before. I've got 4GB in total, Macbook Pro late 2008. I've seen the problem in Snow Leopard as well as in Lion, though it did seem to go away for a while before cropping up again recently.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
Solved by aspik on Feb 14, 2012 7:55 AM Solved

I had this issue with Lion and Samsung CLX-3170.

On a computer, that was using Snow Leopard and was upgraded to Lion. I.e. it had SL driver v2.0.


I solved it by installing Lion drivers from Samsung v3.01.


After driver installation it showed the driver version still the same (in Print & Scan Preferences pane > printer > Options & Supplies > Driver Version), I had to manually choose the newly installed driver by going to Driver tab, opening Print Using scroll box and selecting the driver once again by choosing Select Printer Software... and searching the driver in the driver list.


Hope this helps.

Reply by John Strung on Feb 14, 2012 6:27 AM Helpful

I suspect this may be a printer driver problem.  Deleting the files






seems to stop the problem until the next time you try to print.


Perhaps previous posters to this thread can chime in with the type of printer they were using so we can see if there is some commonality.


I am trying to troubleshoot this for a third party and as soon as I find out what printer he was using, I will post back.

Reply by dmac786 on Feb 15, 2012 10:44 AM Helpful

The solution is, I think, easy. The printtool process is part of Smart Panel - I don't really know what Smart Panel is supposed to do, but printing works just fine without it. You can find the app in "\Library\Printers\Samsung\Smart Panel". Quit Smart Panel, uninstall it, be happy.

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  • Arthur Busbey Level 1 Level 1

    I am seeing exactly the same thing. Printtool runs and slowly seems to use up all available RAM - a real leak if I have ever seen one. As you said, killing it releases some RAM but it grows back pretty rapidly. Hope this is something Apple fixes.

  • blkrocket Level 1 Level 1

    I seem to be having the same issue. Printtool grew to over 4GB in size before I killed its process. I noticed it emediately began to re-run in Activity Monitor at a pace of .5MB/Min. This is rediculous. It seems to be associated with PrintCore and its Parent process is launchd. I would like help, if possible, to stop.remove this memory leak.

  • howard222 Level 1 Level 1



    I have four gigs of ram and this is a really big problem my system gets slower and slower


    I have to go to activity monitor and kill it every so often !!!


    what if I didn't know this ????   carry the computer to the apple store ????


    STEVE JOBS:  If you are up there please help !!!!!!

  • jacquesvz Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, definitely memory leak in printtool process in Lion.

    My Wired memory (real mem fixed) increases with the size of the printtool process, even when I am doind absolutely nothing. After few days system is horribly slow.

    Apple please solve this...


  • danbethancourt Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the exact same issue as everyone else. After being away from the office for nearly a week due to the holiday, when I logged in to my Mac Mini (w/8GB total system memory), I noticed that I had less than 1GB free while running no applications whatsoever! Ridiculous! So I launched Activity Monitor and noticed that the "printtool" process was hogging 2.4GB of system memory. When I killed the printtool process it relaunches using 2.5MB, but then steadily increases at a rate of about 0.5MB per minute.  This is a very serious memory leak and Apple needs to get this fixed ASAP.

  • archm62 Level 1 Level 1

    Same thing going on here.  Have an iMac 27" with Lion (10.7.2).  Looking at the Activity Monitor, it would appear that printtool is using 1.01 GB of Real Mem and 1.05 GB of Virtual Mem.  Note to Apple... Please fix.

  • Arthur Busbey Level 1 Level 1

    I reported in September (reported at Apple as a bug) and it is almost Februrary and I never got a response from them nor has this been cleared up. You would think as a developer they would respond, hmm.

  • BobHarris Level 6 Level 6

    Note to Apple... Please fix.

    You are only talking to Mac users in this forum.  If you wish to tell Apple, you call customer support or use one of these channels




    Free ADC (Apple Developer Connection) account needed for BugReporter.

    Anyone can get a free account at:





  • Arthur Busbey Level 1 Level 1

    It was reported to Apple as a bug through correct developer channels. I just comment on it here.

  • BobHarris Level 6 Level 6

    Yes and the more people that report it means there are more votes that this is a problem needing attention.  It also gives developers more eyes on the problem.


    A single report can get lost if your a developer "Up to your A** in Alligators". Lots of reports makes your Alligator a lot bigger and more noticeable.

  • SystemWide Level 1 Level 1

    Has there been a resolution to this issue? This printtool thing just keeps coming back!

  • CertaintyManagement Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue here ... I wondered why the fan was coming on with my MacBook Air ...


    I've filed a bug report as recommended by BobHarris ... Let's see what happens.

  • indielux Level 1 Level 1

    +1 for me, exactely the same symptoms.


    Activity Monitor shows that printtool is taking 50% of CPU all the time, iMac 24' early 2009, newly updated to latest version of Lion (from latest before of course) last week (early Feb 2012 update).


    Killing process makes it relaunch seconds after, memory occupation growing until the iMac is ULTRA SLOW.... Like it takes secondssss just to see launchpad or close program or change from one window to another.

  • bourdonj Level 1 Level 1

    +1 for me. 2 users sessions opened an 2 printtool processes (40% of CPU for each of them)

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