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I'm looking for a way to lower my screen all the way down to my desk. I have no wall to hang it off, and most arms add to much depth so the screen comes too close for me. One solution I'm now looking at is a custom-built stand using VESA mounts, which is bolted to the desk. Hardly elegant.


With a handy-man, we were looking at solutions, and we flipped the screen to get a better idea. We both were reminded of the Sony TV, which has a base like this. But of course, that's can't work because of the air intake and sound output. But the idea got us thinking and I remembered the PadFoot. Not exactly what I was looking for, because it doesn't lift the screen an inch from the desk. Also, 2 feet should be used and they should be connected somehow and probably also support the screen's back somewhere - making it more like this ...




Wondering if anyone has any thoughts.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.1)