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Hi There


I have a white MacBook 5,2 (2.13Ghz). The boot ROM number is: MB52.0088.B06.


Can it handle 8GB of memory?


Officially it can only handle 4GB but unofficially a fair number of places have confirmed it can handle 6GB.


However it was proven, via a firmware update, that some MacBooks could run 8GB.


According to Other World Computing they state my model can only handle 6 GB but one person on there confirmed he was able to get his to handle 8GB.



Another person also confirmed on this very forum that they could handle 8GB:



However they were both running the following boot ROM:



That been 1 number lower than mean. So does this mean it is posible to run 8GB but only if runnnig iwth B05 and not B06, as I am? Or has anyone got 8 GB work with the boot ROM: MB51.0088.B06?


The reasons for wanting 8GB is that I keep running out of memory. Currently in Snow Leopard I run Windows 7 in a Virtual Machine [using VMWare Fusion 3 soon to be upgraded to the leatest version 4] and that tales up just over half my memory. If I have Safari open, as well as Mail and other programs, my computer slows down.


If I also wish to run Aperture at the same time, it's just not possible, as that requires at least 1GB when accessing my photo library.


Kind regards

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Running Windows 7 via VMWare Fusion
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    Hey you know what, it worked for me. I've been using my Macbook 5,2 for a couple of weeks now with 8GB ram and it works tremendously better than it had before.


    Here's the proof:


    Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 3.46.21 PM.png


    It's 8GB corsair that you get in Amazon for 129 bucks.


    I'm actually planning to upgrade to Lion now, and that's how I bumped into your post on Google.


    Good Luck upgrading


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    Hi Ravi


    Do you have boot ROM: MB51.0088.B06 or MB52.0088.B05? If your not sure then click on More Info and it will bring up the details.


    Speaking to someone else it seems even losing the ability gained from having two processors the same and having 6GB would be of benefit but I would prefer 8GB.


    Kind regards

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    Hi infobleep,


    How are you going with the 8GB upgrade?


    I have MacBook 5,2 too.