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Hi There


I have a white MacBook 5,2 (2.13Ghz). The boot ROM number is: MB52.0088.B06.


Can it handle 8GB of memory?


Officially it can only handle 4GB but unofficially a fair number of places have confirmed it can handle 6GB.


However it was proven, via a firmware update, that some MacBooks could run 8GB.


According to Other World Computing they state my model can only handle 6 GB but one person on there confirmed he was able to get his to handle 8GB.



Another person also confirmed on this very forum that they could handle 8GB:



However they were both running the following boot ROM:



That been 1 number lower than mean. So does this mean it is posible to run 8GB but only if runnnig iwth B05 and not B06, as I am? Or has anyone got 8 GB work with the boot ROM: MB51.0088.B06?


The reasons for wanting 8GB is that I keep running out of memory. Currently in Snow Leopard I run Windows 7 in a Virtual Machine [using VMWare Fusion 3 soon to be upgraded to the leatest version 4] and that tales up just over half my memory. If I have Safari open, as well as Mail and other programs, my computer slows down.


If I also wish to run Aperture at the same time, it's just not possible, as that requires at least 1GB when accessing my photo library.


Kind regards

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Running Windows 7 via VMWare Fusion