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Is it possible to sync an iPad to more than one computer?  When I first bought it, I couldn't get iTunes to install on my desktop computer, so I used my dad's computer (signed in to my Apple account) to activate my iPad and add about 10 e books I had in PDF form.  Now I have iTunes on my laptop (and live in a different house than the original computer) and I want to connect my iPad to it to add some music and photos.  Is this okay to do, or will it wipe out everything on my iPad?

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    No, you can only sync to one computer. Yes, if you do sync to another it will erase the contents. I assume you only have the ebooks? If you have any purchased content you can transfer them




    Otherwise find a 3rd party program and transfer the ebooks.

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    I have the ebooks plus all the apps and photos I have downloaded.  Is there a way I can save these and connect it to the new computer?


    Apple really didn't think their design through.  It's very inconvenient to not be able to use whichever of my other computers I want to add files to a device I paid several hundred dollars for.

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    You can transfer your apps.




    The iPad is not a storage device, it mirrors whatever is in iTunes. You need to have all content stored on your computer as well as backed up.


    It isn't impossible but you will need to find the required program, just search google and you will find many options. Note: the photos will have been optimized for iPad so they will be lower resolution.

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    I think Apple did think the design through. It was designed to be a single user device linked to one iTunes account and one iTunes library. I know people buy new computers. That's why backing up your iTunes content to an external hard drive or to DVD is a good idea. Then you can transfer your iTunes library to your new computer. Many people just don't think about that.


    However, there are ways to get all of your content from the iPad to a new computer. Read this thread that I will reference here below. It has helped a number of users transfer their iPad content to a new iTunes library on a new computer.




    Read Demo and King Penguin posts. If you do as instructed, you should be OK.


    Remember that you must turn off auto sync in iTunes first, transfer purchases next, then backup the iPad after that. Do not sync before you do those three things.


    There are references to third party apps that can help with photos in the thread as well.

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    Thank you for the links, that answers my question pretty well. 


    That's exactly the problem, many people look at the iPad as a computer in itself, so they wouldn't think to back it up in case something happens to the main computer it is "linked" to.  My phone doesn't care what computer I attach it to, so why should my tablet?  Regardless, I guess now I'll be backing it up to my external drive regularly as a precaution :)

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    If you had an iPhone, it would care what computer it was attached to as well.......

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    Lol, yes it would...picky Apple products! ;)