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  • rkozsan Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm pretty sure that is a bad idea and will not fix it.

    I cannot say for certain, but that is my hunch.


    Through observation: the app appears to have a conversation of sorts with a MJ server prior to throwing the username/password prompt. Unfortunately, this happens in an SSL session, so you cannot observe the contents.

    Speculation is that it is feeding the iPhone's device Serial Number (or something similar that you cannot change), doing a database lookup on it, and deciding it is already registered on account X... the rest we all know.

    It is not based on the device Name - changing that has no effect.

  • amauryant Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi guys



    I have the same problem with my MJ app


    So the problem is as per a agent from MJ they said that they take our ipod / iphone / ipad ID into they database, so they are unavailable to deleted it. cuz this is one bussiness political.


    however if someone find a way to get loggin from other any other  MJ account pls advises us.



  • Rambo44 Level 1 (0 points)

    Tech Support from MagicJack don't know anything about how to troubleshoot or taking any complaints at all. Now they are in public trading stock market and must fix their end of the big problem. My ****** MagicJack don't even work, don't forward any calls, doesn't work on my two iphones and don't even rings. I cannot remove my iPhone registered subscriptions from my MagicJack account. I cannot remove completely MagicJack out from my iPhones and iPad. What a ****** apps and I don't understand why Apple allowed this kind of buggy application on their App Store.


    Its been more then two weeks and still waiting from their Engineer response. I am missing so many important calls.


    Keep filing complaints to MagicJack and please don't forget to post if Call Forwarding and iPhone Apps is started to work.


    Thank you kindly for the response.

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    Not sure if this options has been here all along or if it's something new, because I just downloaded the app today and chose the FREE option to test it out.  Then discovered this blog when I too was having trouble re-registering with my magicjack number.


    So here is what I was able to do:


    Login to  Go to the My Subscriptions tab.  Where it says "Select your magicJack™ subscription:"...choose your [magicjack] NOT your [magicjack app], and choose Select Subscription.


    Look for the section that shows you your magicjack device number and the phone number.

    THE NUMBER for A############# IS: (###) ###-####

    Click the "Change My Phone Number" button. 

    Where it says "Select a magicJack subscription from the list to the right." choose the [magicJack APP Basic], then click NEXT.

    This next screen is where you can change from the FREE to your magicJack number.  Where is says 'Select the number you would like to use with this device. If you would like a new number for this device, select the "Add a new Number for $10" item from the list.', you will choose your magicJack number (###) ###-####.

    Finish out the process and you should be golden!

    Good luck!


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    I think you were experiencing (and subsequently resolved) a slightly different issue from what many of us are experiencing.


    The issue I have is that my iPhone (app) is now bound to a completely different MJ account ( than my paid-for subscription (  There  is apparently no way (which boggles the mind)  to disassociate that device from that account ( so I can re-attached it to my paid account ( and then, ultimately, choose to attach my subscription to it.

  • Rambo44 Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with you.

    I did try troubleshooting tips that listed but we end up paid for the new numbers, which is I don't want.


    Call Forward feature is working partial but not 100%.


    If I installed MagicJack FreeTalk on my iPhone then Call Forward doesn't work. I removed iPhone apps then Call Forward is working. iPhone apps doesn't work if I login using my MagicJack userid and a password. FreeTalk doesn't give option to forget this device but still gives me only one menu option for the userid and password and I still cannot remove completely out from my iPhone.


    I am still waiting for my trouble ticket response from MagicJack.



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    Same problem here. Only that in my case removing the app did not work. I am without call forwarding and voicemail.

    Let see if the Magicjack techs do something about it.

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    HI guys


    Mr. Itguy4hire


    its okay this way if u want a new MJ Number.


    But in my case i just wanna logg me from any other magicjack phone ( i have 2 MJ number ), so this way its not working for me, however ty.


    as i can see many ppl is having this kind of problem with this **** of MJ APP. they has to find a solution for this big issue.


    ill keep waiting for



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    I have not been able to remove MJ App from my iphone too...nothing works, I do not understand how Apple would allow such a untested/flawed App on their website to begin with.  I cannot associate my MJ App acount with my MJ device account so I can use my number - I suspect I will be waiting for a long time for MJ engineers to reset or delete my MJ App too - please post if any of you does get a resolution.

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    So far my Call Forward feature started working but iPhone Apps is still not working. If I re-install that Tall Free MagicJack app's back to my iPhone then Call Forward is stopped working.


    MagicJack Talk Free has major flaw problem and I hope they fix it or make posting on their web for working on apps.


    Well, keep in touch and if its iPhone App started working then please post.

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    I seem to be in the same boat everyone here is. I even spoofed my UDID and that does not work either. So maybe they are going by the serial number on the iPhone. Please someone post a solution to this. There has to be a way of changing something on your device so that MagicJack not associate it as having registered with them before.

  • Z0RrO Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem here.  Tried the Live support agent but my guess is the problem is way over their head.  They don't really understand the problem.


    Until a real fix from MJ, I guess we have to wait.

  • amauryant Level 1 (0 points)





    I dont think so, they exactly know whats problem with this..


    its all about that they just allow one device per account, due that this is an company policy !!

    yes a Company policy. OMG ! as per told me an agent of tech support in (Spanish version) this is something permanent.!!!!!!!!


    Well. i think that we have to keep us waiting for any response.



  • Z0RrO Level 1 (0 points)

    That does not make any sense.  I have once plug my father's MJ on my PC.  Does that means I cannot have my own MJ for my PC?  Does not make any sense.

  • amauryant Level 1 (0 points)

    When i said device i mean IPOD, IPHONE, IPAD devices NOT PC.

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