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Matt Wolanski Level 6 Level 6

I currently have Lion installed on a 2011 MacBook Pro and a Mac Mini (Core2 Duo) - with a couple other systems waiting for a few upteas to PPC apps.


I have had frequent issues in the past couple weeks with downloaded files being corrupt. Including downloads from various places using Safari - and from Apple Software Update - but also from in app update downloads. The files download but the are unuseable - ro fail a checksum on decompress.


I did not change anything in my network setup  - and in 20+ years of being a Mac user - do not recall having this sort of trouble. In one case I had to download the same file 4 times before it worked.


I was thinking it might justbe this MacBook and something is not right - but just had the same thing on the Mini - so unless it is something screwed up with my ISP - it must be a Lion issue - as I have yet to see it on the Snow Leopard system.

MacBook Pro 2011 17, Mac OS X (10.7), iPhone 4 32GB
  • baltwo Level 9 Level 9

    AFAIK, it's just flaky internet connections which corrupt the DLs. Too many people wasting bandwidth streaming music, movies, socializing, and doing other cloudy things. It'll only get worse when iCloud goes public.

  • Matt Wolanski Level 6 Level 6

    I've got 50Mbps download cable service. Never had a problem before.

  • Matt Wolanski Level 6 Level 6

    I tried turning off wired network and using wifi only on the Mac Mini - 4 attemps now (3 wired and 1 wireless) to get 10.7.2 to install and I get an error message that the download could not be used.


    The MacBook Pro did it the first time without issue.

  • Clems-ZRH Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue for me. I don't think it's a network issue.


  • Neil from Oz Level 2 Level 2

    Hmmm, I'm a pretty heavy downloader and have not had one issue downloading a file from anywhere, either directly or through Software Update. I have a reliable IP server, and my Lion OS is completely stable on my older Macbook Pro, and there are only a very few people on these forums with the issue, so I would highly doubt it is Lion. Have you repaired your permissions with DiskUtility?

  • Matt Wolanski Level 6 Level 6

    As it turns out not specific to Lion. Have had the same issue on previous versions of Mac OS. Not sure if I hae seen it on windows but I only run one windows system. Which has had some network issues which may have the same root cause but don't show up as corrupt downloads.

  • Clems-ZRH Level 1 Level 1

    Any idea on the root cause?

  • JPH58 Level 1 Level 1

    I too have noted frequent corrupt downloads on both my Mac pro and my MBP over the past few months.  I never had a problem over the past 10+ years.  It occurs with any regular update or iOS5 initial download and update.  The files eventually have downloaded properly after many days and a dozen or so attempts.  I also have TWC 50 Mbps internet connection for the past few months coincident with the problems- related?

  • IPFact Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue on my MBP, two Mac Mini Servers and a MacBook, all running the latest Lion version. In my case I can narrow it down to files downloaded by http(s). All other download methods (Usenet, FTP etc.) work just fine.


    - ISO's (Linux for instance) download fine until you want to mount them (unknown file system). MD5 check on the files produce the wrong results.

    - Apps from the App store wich are "large", let's say 10MB and up, are corrupt according to iTunes.

    - Software Update doesn't allow me to install Safari or iTunes updates (large)


    When I download the same files with a Windows laptop (had it hidden somewhere, hoping I would never have to use it ever again), everything is fine.......


    It has nothing to do with my Internet connection, since it can be reproduced on all Macs with a different ISP (UMTS). Wireless, wired, doesn't matter......


    I hope someone addresses this issue, it's a real pain in the b***

  • baltwo Level 9 Level 9

    Then, file a bug report with Apple via While your connection might be fine, the Internet isn't. DLs come in packets and if one is mucked up, the DL will fail.

  • IPFact Level 1 Level 1

    Would you agree that it is rather strange that the same dowload works on a XP machine, and fails on 4 Macs running the same OS version?

  • baltwo Level 9 Level 9

    Yes, but I don't use any other machines, so don't know if it's OS-related. That's why I suggested filing a bug report. No sense complaining here, since Apple's provided the vehicle to submit BRs. Alternatively, call AppleCare.

  • Clems-ZRH Level 1 Level 1

    Did you try using Chrome/Firefox?

    I have the same issue (see link to my post above).

    Using another browser fixed the problem.

  • tuxthedownloader Level 1 Level 1

    In my case it was an issue of the DSL router (Thomson TWG870U, firmware STBA.01.39).

    When I turn off routing in the router configuration then everything works perfect (set 'switch mode' to disabled, i.e. no LAN, MacBook directly gets a WAN IP address from provider). I downloaded >11GB Mainstage/Logic content and >20 GarageBand exercises without any problem. These downloads kept failing before and occasionally one was ok after the n-th attempt. I was so disappointed with Apple and now I am really glad that the corrupted download problems (that also drove me crazy when doing the iOS 5 update) are 'only' a local router problem.

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