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I' ve bought a Macbook pro not so long a go, it's running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1 but the Microsoft Silverlight plugin does not seem to work, I tried everything.. Reinstalling, rebooting, installing Flip4mac. Uninstalling everything correctly and installing only the plugin.. I tried different browsers; google chrome, firefox, opera, safari nothing worked.. The plugin is ofcourse installed correctly, I even tried running the browsers in 32bit mode (which was advised at a different forum).. Flash movies are not a problem btw.. I need to use the silverlight plugin to view back TV broadcast from my country.. It does not give an error when I load the movie it just give me a black screen (and no sound) and says closed... 


Does anyone know what to do about it?


Would be much appreciated


greets Bram

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    BramSko wrote:


    I need to use the silverlight plugin to view back TV broadcast from my country.. It does not give an error when I load the movie it just give me a black screen (and no sound) and says closed...


    As you know, Silverlight is copy protection technology and perhaps it's not authorizing you to see the content.

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    Thanks for your responds guys,


    I took a look at

    Watched the demo ( )

    It gives me no video (black screen) but it do gives me audio. When I go to the Silverlight section it says I have the latest version.. Also when I go to case-studies section for example I am able to see the still pictures...


    The sites where I want to watch the broadcast streams ( & explicitly say they are mac-supported (I just need to download Silverlight).


    I am kinda an apple-noob, maybe I am making some rookie mistake?


    Thanks again for taking time to help me solve the problem..

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    I have the exact same problem. Silverlight will not work in any of my browsers, despite trying to reinstall, delete previos versions etc etc etc.

    I am also trying to watch TV broadcasts and that's when the problem starts. Chrome just crashes, while safari goes blank (and sometimes reports of a plugin problem)


    I have tried accessing the same website from a different mac, and they seem to be working well there.

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    I'm having the same troubles as elllllen and BramSko. I've also tried to use the plugin in a windows platform and it acutally works. Thus, I suppose the problem might be in the Apple platform. =/

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    You can find the silverlight application under your programs. When you open the application you will be able to adjust the preference. Try putting a check in the checkbox on the tap 'application storage'. Silverlight is working for me.

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    Hello eltjofromu, could you be more clear as to where "under my programs" it is. Is it in "Aplications" folder? Is it in "Utilities" folder? Is it in "Mission Control"?

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    Hella Stieglitz,


    Does this help?




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    Indeed, thx a lot, got it. Unfortunatelly it didn't work. Even tried to delete all the storage files as I previously did when I had a similar problem with Java. At that time, it worked but this time it didn't.


    Any othe ideas?

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    i followed someone else's advice (kinda) and found all the silverlight files in "INVISIBLE FILES".

    In the Finder, choose File > Find or press Command (⌘)-F.
    From the far-left pop-up menu (labeled “Kind”), choose Other.
    In the list of search attributes, select the “File invisible” checkbox, and then click OK.
    In the related menu, choose Invisible Items.

    once loaded go to folder Private

    then to folder VAR

    then folder db

    theb folder Receipts

    scroll to any item and delete. there are a bunch of them.

    close, restart and install silverlight.

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    Am also having issues with silverlight that I did not have yesterday.  No change in any parameter.  Have uninstalled and re-installed, rebooted, can see the plug-in under library etc etc.  Tried your advice...not one item in that folder?  Any thoughts on why that would be?  Thanks

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    Had the same problem with, installed Silverlight after clicking on the link that the website ( provided, but to no avail.


    The solution is to install the correct (latest) Sliverlight version, which worked in my case. I installed VERSION 5.


    Link to version 5:

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    WebTV( worked fine.

    Until it started nagging about 'install silverlight plugin'


    It just showed me a black screen with a (xs4all) provider logo.


    And guess what: installing did not work.

    tried this, tried that.


    Then in the Microsoft Silverlight app

    I deleted all the websites in 'application storage'.

    That did the job.


    Macbook pro, Mountain Lion.

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    I fixed this by doing:

    Shift+Command+U   Go to Console and then Clear Display

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