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My iPod Nano 6th Generation has this Nike + feature. By the way, I am new to iPods (this is my first iPod ever) and I just wonder why my runs are not sent to nike plus website. The first time I plugged my iPod 6G Nano and syncd with iTunes, it asked me to update current software to the latest one (with new clock faces and bigger icons).


Now, I just tried walking with my iPod while turning on "walk" feature by Nike plus. Now I syncd it to iTunes and asked if I want to instantly upload data to nike plus website and it turned out to be OK.


The problem is: I just tried the running feature from Nike Plus - Run (I entered distance, playlist choice, and more info) then I finished my run and saved it. I just saw the final message on my iPod nano. So I syncd it to iTunes and found out that only walks are sent to nike plus since the website tells me that I still have 0 runs. Latest update is this:


I checked my newly syncd iTunes under my iPod > Nike + iPod > Pedometer:



But when I checked it under iPod > Nike + iPod > Sensor 1:



It shows that I have a Run with distance of 2.48 km, etc. I am just wondering why we have this drop down:




On my investigation, I realised that only activities under "Pedometer" were syncd to nike plus website. So how about my Runs under Sensor 1? Also, in nike running website, when I click "sync your runs" under track your runs tab, it automatically redirects me to a Search Support page.


Or correct me if Im wrong, should I purchase an individual Nike plus gear (to be attached on my shoes) to be able to track runs online? Thanks.



iPod nano, iOS 1.x, iOS 1.2
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    If you update to the newest firmware 1.2 - you will be able to run, walk - both without having to buy the sensor plus footpod from Nike+ - and hereafter sync both to the Nike+ site.


    Have been using the 6th gen. Nano for a while now with the Nike+ selup (sensor+footpod) and have loved it - having the Nano on my watchstrap with music, voicefeedback from the Nike+ app. and the ability to sync my results to the Nike+ site.


    I've tried the Nano today without the sensor and footpod - and it worked fine, but I think it needs to be calibratet once og twice before its more accurate.

    The sensor 1 is for the Nike+ sensor - and one can rename them for each sensor.



    For my wife and I its the perfect solution have the Nano+watchstrap to walk or run with musik and Nike+ all in one.and now without the sensor and footpod - just perfect!


    So your runs sync in the same way that your runs does !

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    We had some difficulty also at first syncing nike+ as the instructions could be clearer and more complete.   The sensor1 and the pedometer "each" need to be synced directly and "separately" to different webpages.  The sensor1 webpage includes for the pedometer data whereas the pedometer webpage does not include for run data and is a "community".  We use the sensor1 webpage.


    The accelerometer was pretty accurate but we understood that by calibrating it would become more and more accurate.  Not - the first few calibrations made the calcs much more inaccurate, but after 5 calibrations it seems to getting close again.  We thought about resetting to default and leaving it but since the calcs are getting close to our gps calcs we'll persist a bit more.  We hope that the distance calculations will become very accurate over time as it is our intent to not be concerned about accurate mileages and pace calcs.  Our hrm and gps always have provided accurate info.


    So far the accelerometer with 1.2 has worked well but it would be better to allow additional users to the interface.  Right now if there are 2 users, the calcs cannot be separated for each user.  For a single user it works as intended.

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    So you say that it needs to be synced directly and separately, to different pages.  What is the Sensor 1 webpage?  Can you provide a URL or something, or do I have to create a second Nike+ account?

    Thank you!

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    In iTunes, do you have it set to automatically sync workouts with the run sensor?


    Another thing to try would be logging into nikerunning.nike.com - see what runs are displayed there. This is different from the nikeactive.com site.



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    I'm having the same problem, and I think that the responders of this thread did'nt understood the problem.


    After mark the ckeckbox "Automatically send workout data to nikeplus.com", only the Walk activities are sent to it.


    The iPod is calibrated, even for Walk and Run, it show both activities data correctly, but Run data are not sent to nikeplus.com


    Anybody knows how to solve it?

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    Hi Buddy,


    I have the same problem and solved. Please have a look at this:


    and this:




    Please be Noted: there are two websites for walking or running. Stupid design!

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    I'm having a very similar problem, so I was excited to see the link above. But when I click on it, it redirects me to the nike.com main website (I'm assuming Nike redid their website since the above link was posted). Could you please point me to that article somewhere else or tell me how you fixed your problem?


    My exact problem is this: I was running until recently with my iPod Nano 6th gen and the Nike+ sensor kit (sensor that goes in the Nike+ shoe plus receiver that goes in the iPod Nano). When I would sync my Nano with iTunes (I would have the "Automatically send workout data to nikeplus.com" option checked), all was well with this set-up as far as syncing my stuff to the Nike+ website goes.


    I recently realized that for the iPod Nano 6th generation, the sensor/receiver combo is not required anymore. So I ran two runs without the receiver. I kept the sensor in the shoe though as nowadays I mostly run with my recently purchased Nike+ Sport GPS watch and I like to have the sensor in the shoe in case the GPS signal gets lost at some point during a run. Anyway, those two runs that I ran without the receiver won't sync to my nikeplus account. I can see them in my iPod Nano's history and I can see one of them (the latest one) on the Nike + iPod tab of iTunes when I sync my Nano. The difference though is that on iTunes this latest run appears under a "Sensor 1" selection, whereas all my previous runs with both the sensor and receiver would be under "Nike + Sensor" selection. Within the "Nike + Sensor" selection, under nikeplus.com, there's the "Automatically send workout data to nikeplus.com" option and below it a Login ID that shows my Nike+ website log-in info. Within the "Sensor 1" selection, the Login ID is missing. I've tried renaming "Sensor 1" to something else but it didn't make the Login ID appear.


    Thank you for reading this and any help would be greatly appreciated.