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James Lynch Iii Level 1 (0 points)

On my phone, I have a calendar called Calendar. On my Mac, and on, I have Work and Home. I cannot find an option to get the Work and Home sent out to the phone... any help?

iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.7.1), iOS 5
  • ESMP Level 1 (15 points)

    I've been having the same problem since iOS 5 beta... I can't make it work! I see my calendar events on and on my iPad, but not on my phone... my last resource would be to re-setup icloud... (disabling my icould account on my iPhone and enabling it again)

  • ESMP Level 1 (15 points)

    That did the trick! (it takes a little bit)

  • lee740 Level 1 (0 points)

    didn't work even after reset

  • Ad Hoc Level 1 (0 points)

    I was having a similar problem where Calendar events I would add to my iPhone would not sync to my iPad or iCloud.  What I realized is that in Calendar settings on my iPhone there is a calendar which is listed "On My iPhone" as simply "Calendar".  That was where all my default events would go.  Somehow, though, on my iPad and iCloud, only "Work" calendar entries seemed to sync.


    Now I never really differentiated - I somehow stumbled into different calendars.  This is the only way I figured out that "Work" was syncing across all levels.  So this may not work for everyone who likes to separate Work and Home, but I edited my future events to change them to the "Work" calendar - and will make all entries in "Work" from now on - and now it all syncs.


    Maybe there's another fix, but I think for my particular case - where most of my calendar entries are made on my iPhone - and were made in the default "Calendar" calendar, it works now.

  • khayes79 Level 1 (0 points)

    ok, i think this might help....ive been working with this issue for the past three hours.....when u log into icloud and go to calendar...look at the top left...initially i only had work and home listed....i added the word "calendar" under the edit option (it turned blue color).....then i went to my calendar on my iphone4, clicked calendars at top left corner and clicked "all icloud" and that did the or why i have no idea, but it worked for me

  • Thomas E. Delaney Level 1 (0 points)

    I was having the same problem.  I had already deleted my iCloud account on my iPhone several times, but I did it again, and for some reason this last time, it apparently corrected the issue, and I can now see my events on all devices.

  • lee740 Level 1 (0 points)

    My problems with Calenders has been solved!  My 4S iPhone arrived and it's synced with not one single itty bitty problem.....yet!  Lol! 

  • pdudley Level 1 (0 points)

    It worked!  Deleting iCloud and re-enabling it synced my iCal on my iPhone.

  • Stressed Mum Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi- can you please explain 'how' you deleted iCloud from iPhone and which setting you use on both iPhone and ICal (which claendars?)  thanks - Im going crazy here trying to sort this.

  • Thomas E. Delaney Level 1 (0 points)

    To Stressed Mum:


    Go To Settings > iCloud > Scroll down > Delete Account.  Then create the accoutn again.  This solved my calendat problems.  Make sure you are using the same account in all places.

  • momsturn2play Level 1 (0 points)

    ok, maybe this is a silly question, but I've been messing with this so long my brain is fried.  The email I use for my icloud account...should that be the account where my calendar is on that i want synched?  The same email address, same password etc?  I'm confused.

  • Stressed Mum Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Thomas - I've deleted it from iphone now.  It's remaining deleted too!  I've got to get my head around Lion now and then I'll think about iCloud again at another time.  Bloomin thing!  Trouble is I use Entrouage first - then that goes to iCal and iCal goes to iPhone.  ... but iPhone does not go to iCal and iCal does not go to Entourage. Tra la la!!  Back to syncing with usb - download Lion to support iCloud and have got nowhere in 24 hours+ .  Thanks again for your help though.  SM

  • Stuart Goldberg Level 2 (155 points)

    I've been having similar problems (not syncing correctly, duplicates, etc) to the  point I'm not using iCloud (know I should). The reply to Stressed Mum made me think of something. If you go to settings/iCloud/iCloud Account. My account should be my normal email (in my case aol), when I click on Account it's my Apple ID (email) Should Advanced show my iCloud address ( Thanks this may give me the nerve to try again.


  • David Grigg1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I hate to have to write this but Apple's iCloud is completely broken for me.


    iCloud Calendar is not syncing correctly with iPhone or iPad, ditto Contacts.  When I try to unlink my devices from iCloud, the devices hang attempting to remove the feature until I shut them down.  Today all my contacts had vanished from my phone (in fact, all I saw under Contacts was a blank white screen).  Ditto for iPad. 


    Couldn't make a phone call - the phone app also just showed a blank white screen.  This is pretty well fatal for a phone device!


    Currently restoring my phone, but I think if that works I'm going to turn off iCloud completely until Apple fix it.

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