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My master Contacts list is maintained in Outlook 2010 running on Windows 7.


I have been using MobileMe to sync my contacts to MobileMe and then from MobileMe to my Mac running Lion (and Snow Leopard prior to Lion) with no issues.


I downloaded the PC iCloud Control Panel and installed it including signing off of my MobileMe account via the MobileMe Control Panel.


I converted my MobileMe account to iCloud.


I signed on to the PC iCloud Control Panel and selected just Contacts and hit Apply.



- Two Outlook Folder Groups: My Contacts and iCloud - OK

- Contacts in my My Contacts->Contacts folder deleted - I would have liked a warning about this.

- Outlooks folder in my iCloud Folder Group trashed: many contacts duplicated with the exact same info; some duplicated with different info; in general a mess which is unusable!


How in world could this have been tested?


After the MobileMe fiasco a few years ago, you would have thought that this could not be possible. iCloud is an embarassment! For God's sake hire testers who know what they are doing before you release your software.


I want my MobileMe back!

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