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    So after waitng 9 days, I got a call from Apple on @ my scheduled time yesterday morning.  After 1 1/2 hours they told me that there has been a problem with the migration from mobile me to the iCloud.  That I was not the only one having the problem of invalid name/password on my IOS devices, or thay my mail will not load on the iCloud.  They siad that there was a problem with the migration from mobile me to the iCloud and that the Apple engineers are working on the problem.


    Their fix is that once every two days or so, I was to delete my iCloud service from my IOS device & then reload it & that one day it will work again.


    So if you are having problem, rest assure that Apple is aware of your problem & that one day your service will be restored on the iCloud.  Just remember to delete your account once every two days & reload it on your IOS device, otherwise, you will never know if your service has been restored or not.

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    mft4u2008 wrote:




    Their fix is that once every two days or so, I was to delete my iCloud service from my IOS device & then reload it & that one day it will work again.





    May I know exactly what do they (Apple engineers) mean by delete my iCloud service from IOS device?  Can you help to give some instructions on how to delete 'correctly' ?


    The problem is: I migrated from MobileMe, then turned on backup to cloud, which took many hours to upload to the cloud. By deleting iCloud service, the backup will most likely be gone and hopeful, sync'ing back to iTune will not be a problem. Otherwise,  I may be left with no backup.


    This iCloud thing is certainly very cloudy now.

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    Tried the followings:


    • Reverted to backup to iTunes, then deleted iCloud account from my iPhone, then sign in again to Everything, including Backup on iCloud still there.
    • iCloud still does not work on my iPhone. I am still accessing mail through MobileMe hack.
    • On the 10th day since problem started, mail still does not work.


    Moved one another account of our Family MobileMe account to iCloud. Every service worked on both iPhone and Mac.


    Looks like iCloud is quite inconsistent.

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    I have same problem with my @me account. I can log in via my PC to my calender, contacts ect. - but not my mail. But I do recive mail on my Iphone from my @me account. Strange.


    Why dosent Apple post anything on this topic - what to expect ? For how long should we wait ? I payed a fortune for my mobileme account and now its not working.... Hate it.

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    Thank you for your feedback.  My mail is syncing on my iphone (i0S5) and my iMac (Lion).  It will not even load on the website which, after reading your post, makes all the sense in the world.  The fact that "apple engineers are on the case" shows how behind the 8 ball this group is on hardware and planning.  Knowing better I have refrained from loading Lion onto my airbook (2.4 gHZ...uhh...lower end of the "chain" so maybe will run Lion or will be "crippled").


    Apple has notoriously and consistently had problems with their servers;  for years.  I still retain mobileme (a total and complete failure by Apple's own admission) mainly for the idisk feature (I must operate both in windows and osx which means I need a separate storage space for both) which will no longer be supported.


    The "millions of downloads onto their servers because of the new release of WHATEVER" is entirely unacceptable and demonstrates horrid business planning.  It makes no business sense to singularly focus on ordering up enough new iPhones for the launch and underestimate the load to your servers when you are publicly pimping the cloud.  You encourage everyone to store in the cloud when your own cloud is black and full of water.  One could opine that you lack in knowledge of hardware development which I do think is the case (I've just had to retire 2 18 month-old MB Pro's due to failed logic boards;  believe me the quality of the hardware IMHO is going downhill and quickly).


    If a group's goal is to expand (control) all devices into one "ecosystem" then their planning for a successful launch of both a device and an OS.


    It has been recently been written/said that Jonathan Ives has complete and total control in the group.  It is now showing;  design over function.


    Thank you for you feedback again.

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    This is a solution that has worked for me and others...

    search for my post..

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    Well I'm sitting here tonight, watching Kitchen Nightmares, I started receiving mail from my iCloud account.  Haven't reset a password, haven't deleted my account & created a new one.  So after almost 4 weeks, it seems that my mobile me account has finally been migrated over to iCloud.



    Think I'll wait a couple of days to make sure the iCloud account is working before I delete the temp setup.



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    After I reset my password on all my apps like Calendar, Contacts and Find my iDevices worked and synced fine...Mail however would tell me my password is incorrect and if I tried to launch mail from it would throw that "cannot load mail" message



    OK just got off the phone with Apple about the issue and their solution was simple and worked. It seems even though all THEIR messages tell you to go to to reset your AppleID that site does not work for people who converted their MobileMe accounts over to iCloud. (Site seem to work perfect for new iCloud users though). For anyone who needs to reset their icloud password the right way will have to use to do so. Once I re-reset my account on (at the request of the apple rep on the phone who called me back on a sunday even though my computer was out of warranty - Love Apple) I was able to get back into mail on all my iDevices and iCloud. I hope this helps everyone who've been having issues.

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    DendeNYC - I could kiss you!  I tried all the workarounds I read about, dumped my iCloud accounts from my devices and started over, but nothing worked.  The simple fix you posted SOLVED it!  My mail is back!  Apple support couldn't do anything for me and said it would take around 48 hours for them to get back to me.  I can't wait to tell them I (you) solved my own problem.  Thank you! 

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    Thank you soooooo much, mate.. I have been reading posts like crazy, because I'm one of those who went from MobileMe to iCloud, so the password reset wasn't doing it for me.

    I finally have my mail back


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    Where are you, apple staff? apple should repond now. i paid for mobileme ,after upgrad to icloud then my mail doesn't work. don't take advantage the costumer.

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    Finally, after more than two months of having an iPhone 4S I am able to access my account and Mail in general via iCloud.


    Thanks DendeNYC!  All I had to do was reset my password at  I really wish Apple would get their poop in a group.  Why would any company setup multiple locations to reset the same freakin' password.  I guess being Apple means they can do stupid things and nobody is going to call them on it.  It boggles my mind.

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    I have same problem, I can't load icloud mail such as web and imac so many days

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    Guys, have you read the whole thread? DendeNYC's post is the one that maybe has the answer to your problem.

    If you went from MobileMe to iCloud, than you better reset your pasword here instead of here

    That solved it for me. After I tried the second link a few times, once I went to the first one, it worked right away

    Hope it helps.