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So disappointed, I need iDisk and Gallery in iCloud or MobileMe. What can I do? Please, I need help immediately! Now I know I can't use it in my iTouch, since it is a 2nd generation. It all *****!

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    I've tried using but the page doesn't work like it used to. It just shows the cloud of MobileMe and the settings icon, but I can't click on it! HELP!

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    Sorry, no iDevices here, but I doubt anything is the same anymore.

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    it has been stated forever, I disk will not work on the new i cloud.  You have to save thru I work or docs. 

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    This article


    includes the following:


    What happens to the pictures that I’ve posted to my MobileMe Gallery?

    You can continue using MobileMe Gallery through June 30, 2012, even after moving to iCloud. You should save copies of all photos published to your Gallery before that date. If you have a Mac, it is likely that most of your Gallery photos are already in iPhoto. If not, you can sync the Gallery photos to your iPhoto library. You can also download your photos and movies from the web. Please read this article for details.



    What happens to the files on my MobileMe iDisk?

    You can continue using MobileMe iDisk through June 30, 2012, even after moving to iCloud. You should save copies of all files stored on iDisk before that date. Please read this article for details.


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    Thanks jsd2.


    I read all those things before, but I was soooo sure there was goint to be a substitute to Gallery and iDisk. I'm a foreigner in Switzerland, so uploading my pictures to Gallery, helped me kept thing privately. And I love having my pics and videos there. So only my family in my homeland could look at the pictures.


    At the same time, iDisk helps me with my work, specially when I have to share big documents.


    Thanks for your help!

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    Hi miahint, I am still using iDisk by syncing my files to computer. Logging in via also works fine. As sharing of files to friends and family.


    In terms of alternatives to iDisk, I have been looking on the following website ( Seems Wuala is reasonably easy and cheaper then MobileMe. Thing is that I want full synchronization of my files. If you don't, you can also use other online storage alternatives.

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    Don't whine, there is a workaround, better than the idisk.


    1. Download an app you wish to work as your iDisk. It is essential that this app supports iCloud. I personally prefer the GoodReader app.
    2. Go to your /Users/<root folder name>/Library/Mobile Documents folder and locate the folder the app uses to store your files.
    3. Create a folder in the "Documents" folder of the folder you found. I named that folder iCloud docs. You can name it whatever you want... e.g iDisk
    4. (now let's add some style) download the icon I created.
    5. Open the icon I created with preview and press cmd + a and then cmd + c .
    6. Select the "iCloud docs" folder you created, or whatever you named it, press cmd + i
    7. Select the folder icon on the top left and press cmd + v
    8. Select again the folder and press cmd + L
    9. Drag & drop the alias folder wherever you need it



       8. If you want to be supercool you can also drag & drop the original (not the alias) folder on your dock.


    Hope you enjoy the new super cool iDisk.



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    I never, never used syncing of any kind with my .Mac or Mobile Me. My primary use for these services was iDisk. I used it as an extension of my Finder. Syncing works...and then it doesn't and then it does...I can't have that. I want to be able to manually drag and drop files into a folder and then retrieve it on another computer. The whole syncing fad is just that a fad. I can never trust any online storage to hold documents and then have the ability to delete something on my computer. Yes, I can just drag a copy to the Dropbox folder but then it makes a copy in that folder and in the cloud. I work with huge graphic files. Regularly I make photoshop or QT files that are GB's in size. I want to have total control of what's in the cloud and what's on my computers....none of these services really do it with the ease of iDisk. Though iDisk is slow it works. I have files on my iDisk that have been there for years and I want them there.

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    hi glichtNE,


    I was using iDisk as well. And then I had to think of alternatives. Via I did some research ;-)


    Dropbox and others are not flexible, quite expensive, data is not safe (dropbox can end their service at any time, I heard) and they use tight storage limits. In the end I switched to Nomadesk which is a real blessing. It costs me $ 75 / € 60 yearly and has NO storage limits ( All my files (15 GB) are stored in a secure environment. Fun is that I can use Nomadesk with my Finder to send Filelinks to others. I can sync up to 3 computers without extra cost. And I have an iPhone app to share files on the move.


    I also tried Wuala and some others. Nomadesk is the first application that really works integrated with Finder. It logs on after start up (set up in user prefs) and then it is just available. Where I had those anoying sync messages from iDisk, now it works smoothly. Even when I have a sync issue, it just reminds me by the color of the icon (red in stead of green).


    Of course you have to see for yourself.

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    Thanks for the info. What I'm looking for is a non-sync program. I really don't want to have anything to do with sync. I just want an extension of the Finder. A place I can create folders for clients, invite them to look at QT proofs (stream) etc just like iDisk. I never used the invite system of iDisk and I never synced my Home folder just because I didn't want that. I want to control exactly what's on the cloud server.

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    I downloaded Nomadesk and it seems to be another sync cloud service. I really don't want to install one of these services on my computer. We installed Dropbox on one of our computers and it was so invasive and annoying. Practically had to wipe the drive to get rid of it.

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    In that case you are right. If you would upgrade to the team-fileserver, you would be able to select folders to sync (or not). In this fileserver version, you can only decide on file level (via Nomadesk dashboard).


    You could also check on Wuala. It has been some time. But as I recall, Wuala has both syncing and storage options. At least you should check the site. I wanted to keep my computers in sync, but I found many solutions that cannot sync but only store data. Hope you find something .... Agree on Dropbox by the way.


    E.g. would Mozy work for you??

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    Hi.  Please update with what you find.  I have been using my idisk to store files I can access from a web browser, my iMac or Macbook, or even my iPhone.  DropBox has not yet been satisfactory.  I don't want to store all the files on my iPhone for example, but maybe it won't.


    I am wondering about the Amazon Cloud Disk or Jungle Drive?  I think I'll play with Dropbox some more, but I will really miss the Idisk. 

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