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Can anyone help with this?


On my iPad, I can't sync Notes to my iPhone using iCloud.   There isn't 'iCloud' account visible under 'Default Account' in the Notes settings even though it is turned on in the 'iCloud' settings.



All I see is 'On My iPad' for accounts under 'Default Account'.



On my iPhone there is a option in the Notes setting to change the default account to 'iCloud' so I assume those Notes are syncing to the cloud.




Everything else is syncing, photos, calendar, contracts, bookmarks, etc.   Just Notes is messed up.

iPad 2, iOS 5, iCloud
  • jjbender Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I had the same issue with a twist.  My iPad was fine but my iPhone was messed up.  Didn't show the iCloud as an account, only On my iPhone.  What I did was in the Settings -> iCloud on my iPhone I deleted the iCloud account.  Turned off the phone and rebooted it.  Went back into settings -> iCloud and re-signed into iCloud and made sure I merged all with iCloud.  After that the iCloud account showed up on my notes settings and I was able to start syncing.  This may help you out

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    That did the trick.  Thank you!


    Here's what I did to fix it.


    1. Delete iCloud account in iCloud settings

    2. Reboot iPad

    3. Go back to iCloud settings and sign in with Apple ID

    4. Turn off 'Notes' in iCloud settings

    5. Turn on 'Notes' in iCloud settings

    6. Switch to 'iCloud' as default account in Notes settings.

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    Many Thanks, That worked for me.

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    That solution worked for me too. I was having the issue with my iPhone 4S. The notes were syncing fine on my iPad and on my wife's iPhone 4.

  • musictechman Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It has not worked for me

  • ellen mfromgeorgetown Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have read your instructions on how to delete icloud acct, but after the "delete" button it gives me 3 choices: What would you like to do with iCloud  contacts...when acct is deleted: Keep on my iPad; Delete from my iPad or Cancel. Which do I pick? then I reboot and follow next 6 steps, please help!

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    Many thanks. It worked for me.

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    I'm having a very similar, but not identical issue.  My iPhone syncs Notes fine to iCloud.  There is no Default Account setting on my iPhone, period, yet it still works.  There is an "Accounts" button in the Notes application and I can log into and see my Notes.


    My iPad refuses to sync anything.  Unlike yourself, I can see the "iCloud" account in Settings and have the Default Account set to "iCloud".  However, when I go to the Notes app there is not "Accounts" button or any way that I can find to create a note in the iCloud account.  I've tried your resolution steps above and it didn't change anything.


    Very frustrating that they can't get this right out of the gate.


    iPhone Note Settings screen

    iPhone Notes Settings.PNG

    iPhone Notes application screen with "Accounts" button

    iPhone Notes.PNG


    iPad Notes settings screen

    iPad Notes Settings.PNG

    iPad Notes application with no Accounts button

    iPad Notes.PNG

  • TheCaptain989 Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    So I just found my problem.  We were denying IMAPS (TCP port 993) outbound.  My iPad was using the corporate wireless network and the firewall was blocking it.  Opened this up and suddenly everything works as expected.


    See thread for more details.

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    My notes are now synching. It actually took a couple of days for the iCloud option to appear within Notes!

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    Worked for me.  Thanks for taking the time to provide the instructions, r_chr

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    thank you very very much!!!

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    On my iPhone I fixed the Notes not synching problem by doing most of what was said here.


    I just deleted the iCloud account from the iPhone and then re-signed into it and then turned on the Notes again. Didn't even have to re-boot.


    Thanks for the ideas.



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    Thank you for workflow to fix.


    Did you delete all contacts, calendars, etc on the step 1 when iPad asked you keep or delete?

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