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Well I have successfully upgraded both my iPad 2 and iPhone 4 to iOS 5 however the only feature I can not get to work properly is the iMessage. I can you iMessage on my iPhone no problem between other iMessage friends. The problem is being able to do like they advertise and be able to pick up on the iMessage from my iPad.


I did seem to notice that the iPad likes to use email addresses instead of phone numbers is that true?? If so does that mean on my iPhone I need to start an iMessage using email instead of phone number? I also tried sending an iMessage to my friends apple I'd email that has iOS5 and it's says he does not have the ability to use iMessage with that email (in red with ! Next to email and phone number).   To me that seems to silly and not apple like. So I am hoping that I am missing a setting or something to get this fixed.


Any ideas?




iPad 2
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