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    Thanks this solution worked a treat for me. Went to mail turned push off. Restarted ipad2 sent a test message but no go :-(. I Left it half an hour before I contemplated throwing it against the wall in desperation. Got a message from daughter in law 45mins later and voila i was able to reply! Thank you thank you thank you

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    Quote:  Also when I search for my contacts  name from the contact list, it come out RED with an exclamation mark. Has anyone else had that problem?  What does that mean?


    If your contact name appears in red with an exclamation point behind it then the address you are using is incorrect for Imessaging.  It must be the Apple ID of the person for Apple Imessaging to work (or if that person added additional email addresses as I did--in settings).  People seem to use one email for their Apple ID when opening an Apple account and then use other emails for corresponding (my brother did this and until I got his Apple ID email addy I couldn't send to him).


    Check with the person you are trying to Imessage and get the correct Apple ID and try again.  It must be exact.


    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for your help!  YOU understood what I was talking about!  BUT, Im trying to send to their Iphone vs iPad (tho it shows up both places for one friend) but not another!  One comes out correctly, the other in red with exclamation mark.  We both have IPhones and IPads, but I'm not worried about his iPad at this point. Any clue?!?


    Thanks so much!!

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    I send to my husband's Iphone as well as his Ipad 1(which only has IOS 5.1--can't upgrade to IOS 6). He has a 4s. I honestly can't remember how I learned to use his phone number.  When I Imessage him I can do it with his Iphone full phone number but I'll do a bit of research.


    .  I just did a test with both--if I Imessage him on phone using his phone number (which is the one shown in settings) he gets it on his phone.  If I use his Apple ID he gets the Imessage on his Ipad--he never gets it on both.


    I looked at his phone (since I set it up--I'm the techy one in household LOL) and would suggest you have him look in his settings at Phone and check the number there.  Then check Messages in settings, be sure its ON and then click on the "learn more" directly under that and follow the directions to add phone and Ipad.  I hadn't done that for husband so added his Ipad in the Iphone settings so now have him receive his messages at phone or Ipad.  I think that will solve it for you. 


    Hope this is explained well enough but the 'learn more' on HIS phone should help him set it up so he receives on his phone from you--and you need to make sure you are using phone number that he has entered on his Iphone in settings.



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    Hi Diane,

    Everything you said made so much sense!


    Thanks much!

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    I've been having issues with using iMessage on my wifi only iPad2 after updating to 6.1. It starts and stops randomly through the day. I've tried everything listed here from changing my DNS to to turning off push, and rebooting the ipad. Nothing works.

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    I'Ve tried Everything too, nothing works!  This is very frustrating!


    APPLE SUPPORT, you need to come thru for us!


    IT's getting to the point that I don't want to do updates, it worked fine before the last one!

  • Scott Rose Level 3 (895 points)

    The solution for us was to Reset the Network Settings on the iPad.

    This is located at:

    Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings

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    Scott Rose

    So glad this worked for you. Didn't help me. My next thing is to find an Apple store and plant myself there until this is fixed. So frustrating. Occasionally it works.

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    I'm with you, Eleecd!

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    Hello, I just got a new iPad 2 and when I try set I up it doesn't let me, was wondering if you know how to fix it?

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    My phone number has disappeared from imessage on both my ipad3 and imac. They were there prior to 1:00 today when the .me accounts went haywire. I called apple only to find out that there was an issue and they hoped to have it fixed soon. I had to create a new password for my .me account and as soon as I did that my phone number went poof from my ipad and imac. Not even an option. I have googled this issue for hours, booted of and on, tried everything I could find with no success. HELP...has anyone had success in getting their phone number as as option back on to their ipad or imac? Yes, I have updated my software on all 3 devices.


    PLEASE...and thank you

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    was having issue where it used to come to all but iPad "lost" the phone number of my iPhone.  Simply turned off imessage on phone and reactivated it and it resolved the issue

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    My iPad won't even recognize my phone number for iMessage. When I go to messages it only allows me to receive at my email adress. And my phone number is hooked up with my apple ID.



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    Righto I have iPad 1 wifi running IOS 5.1.1 was able to use imessage on there fine but redntly it stopped working.


    When i go to send message it just comes up with message saying "Not Delivered"


    I've tried resetting, restoring but dont know whjat esle to do & its ******* me off. Can anyone help?