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    SMS and Imessaging are different formats, the first dependent on a phone number, etc.  You can do both with an IPhone but you need a 3rd party app on a tablet (which will assign a phone number) as you do for many things on an Apple device (same as Android devices).  There are FREE 3rd party text apps in store. 


    i have to say I don't understand people buying an "expensive" (as you say) device and not knowing its capabilities.  I'm no Apple apologist, have worked with Windows on my PCs since it was introduced but have had an iPad since the first week of IPad One and feel I've gotten value for every penny i spent.  its important to explore apps to extend how you can use it.  If you find it doesn't suit your purposes and use then I suggest you sell and buy one that would work better for you.

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    Go on settings and make sure your iMessage is on cellular data.

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    Look, I am entitled to my own opinion. I am frankly fed up with people that have nothing better to do with their time than bully and harass people on forums. Get a hobby, get a job, play games on your iPad, sext on your iPhone, but please stop piggybacking on people's threads. It's disrespectful. There are people that are trying to get real answers and have to waste valuable time skimming over replies from people like you.

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    I'll ignore the comment.


    I looked at your original post and you don't explain if you are unable to use Imessaging with other people owning IOS devices OR if you thought you could use it for texting and now are aware that you cannot on the Ipad without a 3rd party device. 


    IF you are sure that you are using the correct Apple ID of the person you are trying to Imessage OR the phone number if it is an Iphone and the contact name doesn't turn blue then you have the incorrect ID and Imessaging is not possible. I'd suggest you contact the person with the IOS device and get the correct ID--if it turns red when you input it it is incorrect.


    If you want to use your Ipad to text there are several apps, some free, that work generally OK.


    If you are trying to Imessage with correct ID and it still doesn't work and none of the suggestions in this thread work then, if you are near an Apple store, it might be wise to spend some time with someone there who may be able to help you.  If you are not near an Apple store, like me, then I would try Apple support by phone and see if you can get some help.  If this is a new Ipad you can contact Apple support free.  There is no reason to be unhappy with an electronic device without first checking out all the possible avenues to correct a problem. 


    I think for some few it may take an IOS upgrade but the majority of people are using Imessaging without any problem.  It will, pretty rarely for me, go down for a short bit of time, but so do my broadband, my cell carriers and internet sites, but generally it is very stable--at least in my experience.


    Hope you find an answer.

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    Wish i could edit above.  IF the addy is correct/blue and when you enter a text the send button stays grayed out, be sure in settings that you go into settings and under Messaging be sure you have "show subject field" turned off.  If you don't and don't enter a subject (which is tedious for messaging) you won't be able to send.  With it off, the send button is no longer grayed out and sending is possible,


    Again, not exactly sure where you are running into problems--the app not accepting the contact/email or Iphone number or not being able to send after the name turns blue--or some other issue.

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    As people tend to use the ipad for games like candy crush, and cheat, they tend to change the time and date... If that is the case... iMessage doesn't work anymore..

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    Recently had to wipe/restore my iPad 4, plus do a system reset.  Suddenly no messaging.  Now what?  The "send" button was greyed out and nonfunctional. Read and tried your solution re: subject field in settings/messaging and it worked perfectly. Much obliged to you.


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    Suddenly my iMessages wasn't working on my iPad 2.  I tried everything!  It kept saying I had no connection with server, which was wrong.  After trying  all the suggestions listed I went to my iPhone and sent myself a text, it appeared on my iPhone with a message that my iPad was now activated for my phone #.   I went to the iPad and it was working again.  It was very frustrating and it was not functioning for at least 24 hr!   Good luck MJ

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