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Problem 1 - The phone switches to BT after 50 seconds instead of using the dock contact. It has been a problem in every ios 5 build and it survived into release. Manually choosing dock contact = fine for 50 seconds then it swaps again.

Anyone else got this? I do not want to play music through BT - I want it through dock contact. Telephone works great through BT as it should.

This worked fine in all earlier ios releases - its a ios 5 problem.


My car is a 2011 Volvo V60 - I do not want to firmware update my car even - it is innocent!

Problem 2 - Docking it in car - It very often forget what album it was playing and start to play songs in an alphabetical order starting with A

Problem 3 - Playing music through Synology app for example works great for one song and then it take a random song from iphone player instead.

Same problem goes for playing radio with example Tunein Radio.

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