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    Thanks to everyone who has posted their thoughts and successes. I tried them all without success. My phone is now back to normal after:


    1. A full system reset which did not work and in fact deleted 35 apps from both my phone and my MacBook!

    2. A full restore (from backup) via iTunes that reversed the functionality of the buttons on the photo sync tab (ie keep photos caused all to be deleted)! This restore also filled my phone with data that was unusable, causing me to get a warning that my phone was overloaded!

    3. Another full restore, this time to set up a new phone. This I can report has worked. All docs now sync. Now all I need to do is reload photos and music and then search the store for all my deleted apps!!!


    Thanks Apple, I would have expected all these bugs from Microsoft, not you.


    Thanks again to all that posted to help me solve this truly frustrating issue, and good luck to those still battling...




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    Same on iPad, turn off data and documents and it works..I guess off means on kind of like the backwards scrolling thing on Lion.


    Now I just have to get photo stream to work on my Mac..

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    Agree with meeaspapa and others. Issue with iPad, original version, corrected by turning off Documents & Data. My iPhone 4S works fine with Documents & Data set to On. So the next question: what have I given up by turning off the Docs & Data setting on my iPad? I don't want to have to do a restore again.

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    I'm having troubles on all fronts.  On the iCloud server on the web, all the documents I uploaded are gone (pages and keynote).  When I create a keynote document off-wifi, it disappears the moment I fire it up in presense of my wifi.  Same is true for pages documents.  Good thing I'm just playing with the files and didn't have anything work-related...  The weird thing is that it worked for a little while shortly after the iOS5 release.  Now it's a dead letter box.  I'm sticking with CloudApp until Apple gets this figured out -- don't have the patience for the complicated home remedies....

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    on you upload your Keynote doc using your OSX device (call it a MAC :-) , it as is as simple as that and the best part: it just works :-)

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    Until yesterday I had nothing to complain, "only"  self-deleting pages documents ( suddenly the document manager of pages and numbers on iOS was empty and on all was gone ) .


    To top this :


    As of today pages , numbers and also keynote ( all v1.5 on ios5 ) do no longer sync to the cloud and I have not touched any setting - it just stopped working. All my edited documents on the ipod show the upload-arrow symbol, but nothing happens. I can open them on the ipod, but they stay in the version locally forever.


    All other online apps on the touch work, so no Wifi-issues.


    I recommend everybody to stop using icloud for documents. It is a total desaster and with documents being deleted and changes not applied, this icloud storage is not only useless, but also dangerous.

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    I find that if I go to iCloud preference pane on my Mac and turn OFF Documents syncing, then all my iPhone documents sync to the cloud. So far no more missing documents. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Exactly the same for me. Things were working at first, but now the cloud webpage has nothing in my iworks. My ipad still has all the files, but I can't get to them on my mac.

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    Thank you, Mandhanda, your solution worked perfectly for me. You have helped me solve something that has been driving me crazy since the iOS 5 was released!

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    I wish I could say the same. This seems to only wipe out what's on my ipad and doesn't help get things onto icloud. When I turn documents and data storage back on, things come back on the ipad but not on

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    Just delete your iCloud from your iPhone and re-login. (delete the account and recreate it).  It does the trick for me. 

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    Has anyone looked closely at what is written about pages, numbers, and keynote?


    Switch documents to iCloud and it will only STORE in the cloud and NOT push to all devices.


    However, enabling iCloud for PhotoStream STORES and SYNC with all devices.


    Why is there a difference? I can shamelessly call myself a veteran, but I just can't figure out why iCloud stores only, or stores and sync.


    Apple really needs to iron that out ASAP.

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    Thanks louisbernard for your solution.


    I have a load of keynote presentations on my iPad. Do you know if they will be safe during this process (assuming I backup on iTunes first).



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    So far erazorr's fix is the only thing that has worked for me w/ iPad2. Go to, choose app you want to load, then click settings button near top right, upload from iMac and voila! Success. As long as they don't mysteriously disappear later that seems to work.

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    Well, these didn't work for me. After poking around a bit I found something that did work, at least for me.  This may apply to others as well.  Like many folks, I've had an Apple ID for quite a number of years. Then, when Mobile Me came along, I bought in and have had it for a couple years.  Then along comes iOS5 and iCloud. Probably like others as well, I didn't want to take a chance disturbing my Monile Me data and so I signed up for iCloud using my original Apple ID.  This seemed to work well except for the same symptom with Numbers/Keynote/Pages, i.e., no documents would synch with iCloud. I tried all the suggested fixes with no luck.


    I got to thinking maybe it had something to do with having multiple iCloud accounts, for me it was the one I first used using my original Apple ID, and the one that came along with my Mobile Me account. I had both email accounts on my iPhone and iPad but only one with documents enabled.


    Here is what worked for me, delete all but one Apple ID//Mobile Me account:

    1) Settings->Mail,Contacts,Calendars

    2) Select iCloud/Mobile Me account that is the duplicate.

    3) Delete the account. This will remove all the associated data with that account. Can't be helped.

    4) Delete Numbers/Keynote/Pages from you iDevice. Not positive this is needed but it is what I did.

    5) Hold down the Sleep button to turn off, then turn back on your iDevice. Again maybe not needed but I did it.

    6) Settings->iCloud->Documents & Data: slider ON

    7) Reinstall Numbers/Keynote/Pages. I did it directly with an App store re-download.

    8) Settings->Numbers/Keynote/Pages (each in turn) Use iCloud slider ON

    9) As you start each Numbers/Keynote/Pages, you "should" get the welcome screen and a Use iCloud button. Be sure to select it.

    10) If you had the same problem as I, your documents will synch with iCloud across your iDevices.


    Hope this helps some of you!