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    i had the exact same problem after migrating my mobileme account to icloud. i called mac support and spent an hour and a half on the phone with them as they passed me along to more and more senior support experts.  no one could figure this issue out. what was even more infuriating, keynote, pages and numbers were syncing seamlessly with my iphone, just not my ipad.


    early in the process i had created a test keynote doc just to see if it would sync new items.  it did, but only after i turned of the documents and data switch under icloud in settings.  this got me to thinking that perhaps my ipad was syncing with my migrated mobileme account.  so i logged into the icloud from my computer using my mobileme log in.  there was the new test doc.


    so, now i have to choose an iclound account and migrate all of the data from one to the other.  it's a PITA, but at least the sync is working and my data has not been lost.


    per MrAnubus' comment, i may ultimately wind-up deleting one of the duplicated accounts, but i'm not sure yet if that's really needed. i still have not addressed the issue of why it's syncing on the iphone and not the ipad.

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    Thank you so very much Darktooth!

    Your tips really worked.

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    Darktooths's post got my docs syncing in pages. Funny thing though, only SOME of the docs are syncing... SIGH!

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


    @ MrAnubus: Your solution worked for me and after a couple of hours fruitlessly trying to sync my work I'm pretty sure the heart of the problem is indeed the old MobileMe account doing funny stuff in the background. I deleted that old account from my email settings, deleted my Keynote app on both devices, reinstalled them from the AppStore, switched on iCloud in Settings just like you said and presto - it works!


    So glad there are forums like this one....



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    MrAnubus descibed the solution that worked for me as well. An Apple Genius found it for me, and I thought I would add a bit more:


    • I didn't have to delete and reload the apps themselves.
    • I didn't have to restart the iPad.
    • Deleting the account from your devices (iPhone, iPad) doesn't delete the files from iCloud, they're gone only from the devices. If you log into your iCloud account (the old one, that is, the one you deleted from your devices), everything is still there.
    • For me, I had documents in one account (my iCloud account), and calendar events and email  in my other account ( It seemed easier to transfer the documents to the account than try to duplicate my calendar (hundreds of events that I can NOT afford to lose) over to the iCloud account. To do this (on a Mac at least) do the following. Note that in these instructions I'm keeping and using my account, transferring files from the iCloud account.
      • On your computer, in your web browser, log into your iCloud account.
      • In iCloud under iWork, select your files for the app (Pages, Numbers or Keynote). Note that Command-A works here to select them all.
      • Under the gear icon in the upper right, choose Download. The files will end up in your Downloads folder.
      • Click and hold on the Downloads icon in the Dock to get a popup "fan" of your recent downloads. Choose "# More in Finder" to show the Downloads folder in the Finder. I created a folder there for each app and put the files there, just to keep things organized.
      • Once you have them all downloaded, log out of your iCloud account in your browser, and log in to your account.
      • Click on iWork. Look to see which app's documents are showing.
      • Drag your documents from the Downloads folder to the browser window showing the iWork app. The files will upload to your account.
      • The next time you open your iWork app on your devices, the files will synchronize.
    • When you re-open your apps, you'll be asked if you want to synchronize with iCloud; click yes. If you have your browser open to iWork in your account, you'll see the documents magically appear, as they do the same on your device.


    Hope that helps. This saved me no end of trouble.


    ALSO NOTE: I had duplicate entries in my Address Book that 1) wouldn't go away with the Find Duplicates command, and 2) persistently reappeared when I deleted them by hand, one by one. This took care of that problem as well. Basically, Address Book was showing me both the and iCloud contact entries.

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    You just described my issue exactly. Following your advice, I turned icloud off, but kept it on for keynote on the iphone and like magic everything began to download instantly. Your're right. It's just the opposite for the ipad.

  • IAMBROCK Level 1 Level 1 (0 points) are the steps to get the presentations to sync.


    1. plug in ipad

    2. click apps at the top fo the itunes window after you selected your ipad in the right side bar

    3. either drag your presentation or choose add from the itunes menu

    4. choose sync at the bottom right of itunes



    5.  now after the sync go to your ipad and open kenote.

    6. choose the + button at the top left.  ( you will see a window with some options, one option is to copy from)

    7. choose copy from itunes.  ( you will then see a list of the presentations you have synced ) choose the one you want and it is on your ipad. 

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    In my opinion it is all a mean trick by Microsoft and their Azure platform.  Can be the only answer.


    Apple needs to get a handle on this because it is killing me!

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    I found a solution that worked for me: My problem that none of my 30 or so keynote presentations that predated iCloud would upload to the cloud properly. They always had the little up arrow on them. They would appear on my other devices but only as a shadow and wouldn't open.


    I duplicated each of them on the iPad (, from memory: select the presentation then press the double plus button). The duplicates sync fine and I just deleted the originals. Then I removed 'copy' from the end of the filename.


    I was surprised that I hadn't thought of that before.

  • paulfromgresford Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi NCZ

    This synching issue was driving me mad but then I turned off my ipad & turned it on again & the missing presentations in Keynote arrived. Not ideal & needs sorting.


  • jsml Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I'm having similar odd problems and am surprised no one has posted on this thread since May.


    1) My iPad, at first, kept showing that preentations needed to be synced (the arrow in the top right corner of each presentation thumbnail was just staying there for a long time, with no apparent activity on the iPad).


    2) Finally, those arrows went away, but the presentations did not show up on or my iPhone.


    3) Refreshing (HA! can't believe it didn't "refresh" itself upon a new login) revealed the presentations, but without any thumbnails, and they WILL NOT open. (It just says "Updating..." and nothing seems to be happening.)


    4) My iPhone is still showing NO presentations.


    I tried to turn off Documents & Data syncing and Keynote use iCloud options back and forth, closing down Keynote, etc. I am now attempting to re-install the iPhone app -- so we'll see (the app is taking forever to install, as I believe it is a large file), but, is still not showing any progress on opening.


    Basically, I am realizing that using iCloud for my iWork documents is pretty useless and undependable, which is sad. I'll just have to sync manually.

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    I have the same problem with my iPad 1. Since a longer time I got noc working cloud-sync between my iMac and my iPad. On the iPad I have in Pages and in Keynote still only the upload symbol on the right top corner and nothing more. I have tryed to uninstall Keynote and Pages, remove cloud sync on the iPad, restart the iPad and all other stuff who you can do around this.


    The strangest thing:

    When I disable the sync of documents in iCloud, I got the warning that this will remove all files in the apps who use it. If I switched back after to Keynote or Pages, it will contain absolutly nothing. If I enable the sync, some files are popping up who where removed before. The same is happen after I have removed Keynote and reinstall it over iTunes. Untill I have enabled the cloud sync, I get back my two deleted test-files.


    I hope this is not a restriction who Apple deliver with iOS 6 and that they didn't droped the cloud-sync of iOS 5. I read nothing around that until yet, but slowly I will believing that, because Apple has showing me often enought, how they handle customers with a little bit older hardware (you can see it on the iPhone 3G and iPad 1).

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    I found an easy faster way...


    Just signout on your iCloud account on the iDevice it´s not syncing (you may seelect to keep data on the iDevice, it´s better and faster), then, go to apple apps and select not to sync with iCloud, then Respring your iDevice, then activate again your iCloud account (don´t merge information to avoid duplication), then go to Apple apps and activate iClous syncing, and bualaa! It should erradicate the problem...

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