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  • mroush Level 1 (0 points)

    I was able to recover my docs on Tuesday after about 2 hours of work.  Now they are gone again.  When is Apple going to respond?

  • Sjazbec Level 4 (1,670 points)

    count me in again. Yesterday pages went mad and deleted all documents; Now Lost everything in my on ipod. And stopped syncing my imported backup docs ( Microsoft office 2011 files ) . The arrow icon in the document browser that indicates "upload" stays forever on the miniature-files, but the new docs never appear on


    Using "documents in the cloud" is not only not working reliable, in fact it is dangerous if you have no local backups of your data.


    I am starting to get mad about this whole icloud idea. The only thing that seems to work as advertised is Mail,Adress,Bookmarks and calendar syncing.  But beware the documents part.

  • J. Dave H. Level 1 (5 points)

    It looks like the answer is as stated above.  Plug your iOS devices into your computer and restore them then set them up as new devices. Do not restore from a backup.  In addition to fixing the issue with documents being deleted at random, it also made my first-gen iPad and iPhone 4 seem to run faster and have better battery life.

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    I completely agree -- using iCloud for iWork files is completely useless right now and not worth the risk.

    I've now turned off iCloud documents usage on all my mobile devices. I am back to using my iDisk for pages & keynote files on my iPad. Apple needs to fix this soon or it will become a real embarrassment after all the hoopla.


    If any Apple techs are bothering to listen, here is what I tried:

    I turned on iCloud documents support on my iPad. Then, I uploaded test files (both Pages and Keynote) to iCloud. When I started both Pages & Keynote on my iPad, there was no problem. The files were downloaded in sync with iCloud. I edited them and again no problem. They went back in the cloud and were available for downloading onto my Macbook, again perfectly in sync. I then powered off my iPad and restarted it. This time, when I started Pages, it didn't do anything and just quit. I launched Pages again and the file I had placed in the cloud appeared briefly and then vanished. The same sequence of events occurred with Keynote.

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    Apple this is completely ridiculous!!! Bring my very important documents back!!! ARGHHHH

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    This just happened to me! I went into iCloud to download a pages document that I typed on my iPad, I clicked on it and it just DISAPPEARED into thin air, before my very eyes. Its now gone from ALL my devices. I spent hours tying that letter and just needed to finish it before printing, so was going to download to my laptop so I could finish it in bed, Its now totally disappeared I'm angry and gutted.

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    The same problem here. Uploaded pages and doc documents into icloud, opened on iPad, immediately deleted from iPad and iclouds. Crazy!

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    This happened to me in the worst way! My professor asked to see my concepts for a project I was working on so I pulled out my ipad and opened keynote for one moment I saw all my docs then they dissapeard due to the iCloud sync after a few moments I had to ask if I coud have a few moments to find my files. so I went to a lab to try and find where my documents had gone after trying for a hour I had to go back to him and tell him I needed to show him later.  now weeks later I still cannont find my files except for some pdfs I had previously exported. To say the least I am very distrusting of iCloud and refuse to use it. I would like to recover my files and I would like to know why loging in to the iCloud site and going to documents just is a add for the mobile applications. Any way very frustrated.....

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    Lost all of my Pages, Keynote and iBooks data. Timetables, lecture notes, project planning are all gone. iCloud looks more reliable than keeping your documents in a burning cabinet. C'mon Apple, do something, it has a potential to ruin one's life.

  • Sjazbec Level 4 (1,670 points)
    it has a potential to ruin one's life.



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    In a recent post, i said that i could see my documents on iCloud but cannot download them...After 5 days, i come back this morning on morning...all my documents are disappeard !


    Thanks Apple ! I hope you work a lot to repair this problem ! 


    Perhaps something is new...i'll test with new documents (after a backup)...but it will better if i could found my old files...

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    K i think we all get now. I think it is time to take some action. We need to get in touch with Apple. Any suggestions on who to contact for iCloud Help?

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    Well, the so-called solution I thought I found which was to reinstall my idevices from scratch doesn't work anymore, it only last for a few days...

    But this time, I "only" lost some of my documents. The documents created on my iPad are still syncing flowlessly. But the docs I created on my mac and then uploaded to icloud via safari vanished from my ipad after a few days!?! I then immediately checked on icloud (via safari, on my Mac) and I could see the vanished docs but it was sporting a default Pages icon instead of the usual thumbnail. I tried to download it on my mac but the "Download" button did not appear. I double click on it and I got a message saying that "This document can't be found on the server"...


    Fed up with this mess. I turned off documents syncing until Apple handle (should they care about, which I doubt) this anoying and unbelievable problem.

    I thought I went through the worst launch of a computer technology with the release of MobileMe but it seems that Apple managed to bring lack of ability one step forward. I wonder how far cloud computing incompetence can go at Apple?

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    I had duplicating documents, and then while I'm writing, an error message would pop-up every couple of minutes showing 3 of the same document and the iCloud couldn't rectify them being out of sync - which one did I want to keep?


    This is a disaster for anything important.  I couldn't help but think of that Apple ad with the girl who's PC ate her homework.  Now iCloud is eating document.  Ironic.


    For now.  Back to iDisk.  I wish I never upgrated to Lion, and the iCloud.  Nothing but headaches.  I should have stuck w/ Snow Leopard.  If there was an easy was to downgrade, I'd do it in a hearbeat.

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    Hey guys


    I just called Apple Support Center. they said that this is a rare case, so it is something that they will work on. If something happens like this again, to solve it (as for now) is to go to your iphone, touch settings>mail contacts calenders>Account icloud>delete account. Then re set up your account, and hopefully this will bring back all your data. If it doesn't work, then just don't use icloud to back up your documents.


    Again, Apple is gonna check into this. Also, it would be best if all of you guys call them and report the same case. The more reports, the quicker it will get resolved.