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    Some of these posts don't say if the person not getting a calendar invite is using a gmail address, but this problem is solved by just a selection in iCloud. See:

  • Estartu Level 1 (0 points)



    I've done some Testing. Inviting People on a event on the first calendar Works. Invites on second or higher calendar doesn't.


    There is another problem that incomming invites are always added to the first calendar and the calender can't be changed


    Tested on Iphone 3GS / IOS 5.0.1 and IPad2 / IOS5.0.1




  • eddieb3 Level 1 (30 points)

    I've had similar problems with iCal invitees not getting invitees, but mine are based on the email being invited. For example, my wife's email account and Gmail email account both do not receive my iCal invites, but I also have my own and gmail emails and these emails DO receive my iCal invites. And it's not because they are my accounts or anything like that. I never use either of those emails. Ever. They aren't in my address book. There's no way I can think of iCal would know they are even my addresses. But they do work while my wife's emails from the same email domains don't work.


    I thought it might have something to do with whether or not an email address is in my address book or not, but one email that doesn't work is in my Address Book and another one is not.


    Anyone have any clues on why some email addresses work and others don't even when they are from the same email provider?  Maybe this will shed more light on the overall problem with invitees not getting iCal invites.

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    I was a mobileMe user and i migrated to iCloud. I have always had address. But still calendar invites sent from icloud, ical on macbook or iphone or iPad is just received to users on outlook as an email invitation. when they click on ical.ics file to add it to their calendar it says it cannot do that.


    Also the weird thing is that recipient sees himself as sender whereas it should me my address or senders address showing in the sender field.

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    @Yagnesh: When i send calendar invites from my private iCal om my iMac at home to my work where they use Outlook, i can't accept the invite in Outlook after "upgrading" from MobileMe to iCloud. It says that there is no need to reply to the invite, since it is mysself, who sent the invitation...


    Until now i thought that it was because my name is the same in iCal as it is in Outlook at work. But it makes more sense after reading your observation about the reciepient adress showing up in the sender field!!!


    That sounds like a fatal, but simple bug to correct in iCloud....

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    My issue isn't that I don't receive the invites. It's that there are no longer any buttons to Accept or Deny the invitation. There's no way to get invitations from Mail to iCal other than to manually create an iCal event. But then, the person who sent the invitation doesn't know if I've accepted or not.


    It's just broken. And I'd expect Apple to have fixed it by now. Or at least jump on here and offer some assistance.

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    I'm having the same issue. I can invite my fiance to an iCloud event using her address. The event shows up on her calendar. The invitation shows up in her invitation list as "Accepted" even though it never asks her to accept it. When she opens the event on her phone it says her status is "No Reply" and gives her no option to change it. On my end it looks like she never replied. Resending the invite through iCal does nothing.

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    A work around if you only have a few select people you want to invite to meetings.  Create a new email account for the person, and set it up to forward to their real email address.  Create a Contact entry with the new account, but DO NOT link it to their primary Contact record.  You can invite the new address, they will receive the invitations, and they can accept or decline as per a normal invite.  Obviously, this is not a general solution, but if you have a few select people like your wife or fiance, it does seem to work.

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    Since last night my iCloud calendar (never attached to MobileMe) has not been sending or receiving invites at all.


    I've tested on my old converted MobileMe account and invites work perfectly. However, when invites were sent to the faulty iCloud account they were received as emails instead of push notifications.



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    I have this same problem, invitations not making it to recipients. It was working fine 2 weeks ago.

    Invites from me (4s) now come as emails to my wife (4s), but work normally to another user (iPodT). My wife's invitations never make it to me, no invite, no email.

    Overall my iCloud experience has been poor. I also suffered from disappearing contacts until I disabled iCloud contact sync.


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    Having the same problem with event invitations not working.


    First noticed the issue when i created a iCloud account for my fiance for her iTouch (4Gen / iOS5.0.1), all invites i sent her came through as e-mails ( and not into her iCal app as i had set it up to.


    Now mine isnt working either. i can create events no problem and send invites to my fiance but if she sends one to me on my, it doesnt even come through to me via e-mail or iCal app. I'm running on iPhone 4s (iOS5.0.1) & iPad 1 (iOS5.0.1)


    Anybody able to help at all?

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    I'm having the same problem now. It was working great even past the iCloud migration. Not exactly sure when it stopped working, but the past few invites I've received via email have not been working.

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    I have spent the last 2 days trying to send calendar entries to my wife. We both have addresses. I cannot send anything to her but I can send to other e mail addresses with great success. Interestingly she can send me entries. I am now stuck and fed up with looking. From the posts here, its seems I am not alone. Lets hope Apple take a look at these message boards.


    Good luck folks

  • stuartfromglasogw Level 1 (10 points)

    Just received my ExpressLane call from Apple - if I want help it will cost me £25. No thanks.


    It is ridiculous.

  • stuartfromglasogw Level 1 (10 points)

    I have just got mine working.


    One of my old Apple IDs had the new iCloud email address as the alternate email address on the account. Once that was removed invites started working perfectly.


    If you have any old Apple IDs check them out at and make sure that the iCloud address is not being used as the alternate address on any of them.

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