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epawelko Level 1 (0 points)

After updating to IOS 5, FaceTime sound worked for a few seconds, then stopped. No problems in IOS 4.  Other party can hear me but I have no audio on my iPad 3G (3G service is turned off).  Is this a known issue?  TIA

iPad 2, Windows 7
  • epawelko Level 1 (0 points)

    iPad2 to iPhone 4S, both IOS5 problems with FaceTime audio. 


    iPad2 to older Mac laptop running FaceTime has the problem of no audio on the iPad, only on the laptop since upgrading the iPad to IOS5.

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    I am having the same issue on my iPhone 4. Had no problems with FaceTime sound on ios4, but the day I upgraded to ios5, the sound started cutting out on FaceTime: session starts with audio intact, eventually sound cuts out on my end so I cannot hear the other party, although they can still hear me. Starting a new FaceTime session doesn't fix it. Rebooting my iPhone fixes the issue temporarily.

  • epawelko Level 1 (0 points)

    There appears to be an incompatibility between IOS versions.  I can FaceTime with others using IOS5 but if I FaceTime with someone who is still using IOS4, they can hear me but I have no audio.  


    On my very first attempt immediately after the upgrade, I had sound for a few seconds before it dropped but now I have no audio at all conversing with IOS4. 


    Absolutely no problem when both parties are using IOS5. I am able to reproduce these results every time. 


    IOS4 had no issues whatsoever.

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    It also happens when the other party is using FaceTime for Mac OSX.

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    Yes!  I'd like to clarify my original statement so there is no confusion.  After updating my iPad2 to IOS5, FaceTime to Mac laptop running the latest software, the iPad2 has no audio while the Mac does.  No problems with FaceTime between iPad2 to iPhone 4S.  

  • ScottKlimo Level 1 (10 points)

    I'm having a Facetime sound issue with two iPhone 4S with iOS 5.


    Phone A + B = No sound

    Phone A + other iPhone4 = sound fine

    Phone B + other iPhone4 = sound fine

    Facetime Mac to either phone has sound

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    Just found the bug...


    In the FaceTime settings there is a section for "You can be reached for video calls at:"


    I had my old @mac accoung and my @me account.  When I removed the @mac it works fine now...

    Very strange!

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    I just checked and I only have one email addy listed under my FaceTime settings.  Guess that means something else is ailing my FaceTime audio.

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    I've had the same issue when talking to my daughter and she has a MacBook pro. I lose sound. It can be a few seconds or many minutes but I lose the sound. Reloaded ios5 software and still have the problem. I didn't ever have this issue with ios4. I called support and they said they hadn't heard of this problem. Had me restore as I mentioned. Then they said they would replace my IPad. But I don't believe it's my IPad (and I have zagg covers front and back that I will lose if I replace) and don't want to replace it yet as I don't think it's a unit problem. So we've been talking on Skype, but the quality isn't as good as FaceTime. So, not sure what to do.

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    I never had a problem using my ipad 2, IOS4 to FaceTime my son on his MacBook.  Once I upgraded to IOS5, Audio was fine for a minute and then ceased to work thereafter, although he was able to hear me.  My son upgraded to the iPhone 4S and now FaceTime works perfectly.  I also FaceTime another iPhone4S with no problems.  I've done over 10 FaceTime calls to IOS5 iPhones with no problems.  I haven't FaceTime anyone yet on an iPad.


    I would suggest you try FaceTime with someone who is also using IOS5 to make sure it's not a hardware problem.  I don't know if it's only a problem with IOS5 and MacBook or if there is a problem between IOS versions but from my experience, there definitely is a software bug.

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    I have the same exact problem. She also has an ipad2. She hasn't upgraded yet to ios 5 but is going to do it shortly. We'llsee if there's a problem. I'm surprised that support hasn't heard of this. I bet it's a software glitch as the audio works fine everywhere else.

  • epawelko Level 1 (0 points)

    I just tried FaceTime with another iPad2 that has upgraded to IOS5 and there was no problem.  Try it once she upgrades to IOS5.

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    Hello!  Had a similar problem when talking to my wife (she's at college in the US while I'm in Korea! ack!).  We both have recently updated our iPad2s to ios5.  I could call her iPhone4 (upgraded to ios5) with no trouble, but when our iPad2s tried to connect, there would be a brief connect and then connection would be lost;;


    I simply had her TURN OFF AND TURN ON her iPad2 and now everything is fine.  We reasoned that, kinda like a desktop computer program, ya need to sometimes reboot (turn off and then on) the device.  Hope this helps, really, cause caring fathers are a rarity in this age!  Good on ya!



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    My wife and I are having similar issues. She has an iPad2 and I have a MacBook Pro (early 2011) on OS X 10.6. I upgraded her iPad 2 to iOS5 two days ago and since then Facetime has sporadically dropped the sound from her side. We can see each other via video, and I can hear her from her microphone, but she cannot hear me. Video has also been choppy since the upgrade. Rebooting the iPad seems to help temporarily, but the problem returns eventually. On iOS4 Facetime worked flawlessly.


    My iPod Touch has iOS 5 but we haven't tried Facetime over both of these devices yet. That may help, but the sound issue still needs to be fixed. I think it is a software issue. I'm hoping Apple reads these posts and starts to look into it. I would love to have a fix here soon.



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