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  • bryan161 Level 1 (5 points)

    You could however if you want to use your email as your primary you can't from the appleid site.  Apple won't let you change your apple id to a address.  So to seperate the two you have to leave your apple id alone and do the other as I said above.  After that you will see the apple id and primary email as two seperate fields.

  • bryan161 Level 1 (5 points)

    It worked for me, after going to the site I suggested and changing the payment option to my email it now shows that as my primary email when I log into appleid. 


    My apple id is one field showing what is always has and now there is another seperate field show my as my primary email. 

  • ColonelPanik Level 3 (515 points)

    What a clusterfornication

  • Vincent Raicovi Level 1 (0 points)

    The same worked for me bryan161.  My primary email is now my address.  Although is now asking me to make my primary email and AppleID the same, the only option in the dropdown is my original email adress, not  I'm ok with this for now, as I can still use the address as my AppleID, as it brings me into the same account.

  • skwinsd Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks, bryan161.  I have struggled with this for two days.  I now have my **** address as the primary.  I still cannot change the Apple ID to that address, but this is a huge improvement.  I cannot change my Apple ID without effing up my iCloud accounts, so that is still an issue.  I just need deal with the fact that the apple ID is not necessarily an email address (at least mine is not any more which is why I wanted the change), it is simply a username.

  • Michael Black Level 7 (20,382 points)

    You cannot change an existing AppleID to your because the moment you created your address (when setting up iCloud), that email address ALSO became an AppleID - that is by design, all iCloud account emails are AppleIDs.  Since an AppleID is nothing more than an email address, you cannot use one active AppleID (your to replace another active AppleID.  You also cannot merge AppleIDs, so that is not an option either.


    You will never be able to replace an existing AppleID (=email address) with another active AppleID(


    At the Manage My AppleID site - you can update an existing AppleID to a new email, as long as that email address is not already registered as an AppleID (which all iCloud, mobileme, and dot-mac addresses have always automatically been).  So if you have a current AppleID that is a non-functional email, you can change that one to another email address and, as long as you do it through the web site, your purchases made with that ID will remain intact.

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    Right, Michael, I understand my address is an Apple ID.  It is what I use to log in, etc.  My concern was that my original email address (=apple id), is no longer valid.  I simply wanted to get rid of it.  Yes, I can change the Apple ID/email address to something different at the link you provided (and not to the address), but it does not change any of my associated iCloud accounts without me basically deleting them and then rebuilding them.  It's a bit confusing really, so I'm leaving it as is.... happy with the fact that I have now successfully changed my primary email to the address.

  • Michael Black Level 7 (20,382 points)

    You may not want to get rid of it even if you could.  Any and all content purchases made through the iTunes store, and the App store are permanently tied to the AppleID you use when you make the purchase.  If you ever want to update those apps or content, re-download them or anything else you will need that old AppleID.

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    BRYAN161 ---- Your the man.  Totally worked.  Apple please fix this black hole!  I switched from an old email to my account.



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    As someone who has just moved across from the world of PCs I find it quite astonishing how great the contrast is between much of what Apple does and then something as basic as this doesnt work and there is no sign of a fix.

    i too have now got a email address and obviously would like to try to tie everything together ....and yet I now have three accounts and three email addresses, one of which logs me in with another and one of which I no longer even use but which is a set as Primary.  DAFT

  • Alandickey Level 1 (0 points)

    Can you believe Apple need to be ASKED to fix THIS ..................?

  • Stefano Stramigioli Level 1 (10 points)

    It is really unbeliavable that Apple makes something as stupid as this! I am really sorry that Apple is Microsofticasing to much! I am struggling with the fact that with a unclear passage from mobile me to icloud I have two appleids, one I use all e time and one which I never use but it uses the I would like to use for my Icloud mail account but I cannot because this is the appleid of another account. The solution should be to get rid of the account I do not use but it is not possible! Suppose this is the reason because otherwise there would be Zoomby data. Then it should be possible to free the address by making another email the primary, but that is also not possible! What a stupid system can this be?!!! Apple, do something about it of people would get really annoyed about this behavior!

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    Thank You!!!!!!!

  • matuss133 Level 1 (0 points)

    hmm, doesnt work anymore is there any other solution?

    it tells You cannot create an Apple ID using a MobileMe account. If this is your email address, it is also your Apple ID. and also  Not use a domain owned by Apple

  • joecain3 Level 1 (0 points)

    Does not work because it ends up with the appleid page, where you can edit any but the primaary email address!

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