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    Last post is correct.  Apple Composite AC cables are having trouble triggering the TV out.  I had Belkin and Apple products side by side, and the Belkin triggered it, and the Apple did not.

  • juliojua Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you, I was worried I didn't see the TV out option. However, I haven't had much trouble, except some apps don't output through my RCA cable, which is not a big deal, but the USB does not charge when connected, and displays a warning saying "Charging is not supported with this accessory". I was kind of dissapointed that I had to buy a newer cable after one of the iOS updates, but meh, it was a cheap one, can't even remember the brand, so I thought I'd be safe getting a $30 Apple one (or was it $40?), but even though it kind of works, now that my iPod 4th gen is old, the battery doesn't hold up as well, so charging, if I wanted to use the cable, would be imperative. I wonder if buying a new cable would fix it? And in that case.. another $30 dollars, I'm not sure I want to risk buying a non-Apple cable, I mean, at least this one retained the video-out capability.

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    I just bought a generic brand composite video cable for my iPhone 4. I cant play any video on any TV that I can find. Audio works fine. I assume because the 'TV OUT' option is set to NTSC and it needs to be PAL(for me). Unfortunately I cant access the 'TV OUT' option. I can see it when the composite cable is first plugged into the iPhone but then disappears (too quickly to change). If you go out of settings and back in again, same thing... its there for a second and then its not. Then the iPhone displays "this is not optimized for this iphone" and after that, regardless of how many times I go back in and out of 'General' settings, I cant get the 'TV OUT' option. If you turn the phone off and then on again, the option appears again but not for long. I would love to know if anyone has experienced this with a genuine Apple brand composite  cable. (The key is to get to the 'general' setting to see if the 'TV OUT' option is available before the phone decides that the cable is not optimized for the phone).

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    It would seem that I have a similar problem with my Iphone 3Gs which has recently been updated to running IOS 6.0 and still I don't have a TV OUT option under SETTINGS.  When I plug the dock connector into the base of the phone it recognizes this input by showing up a HDMI CABLES option under the ABOUT settings and furthermore identifies that the hardware as 1.0.0 and firmware is 1.0.0 but still no TV OUT option.  It was a cheap but new connector from ebay compatible (allegedly with Iphone 3Gs), maybe this was a schoolboy error on my behalf?  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  Some tech guys at work told me to download an older version for iphone to get the old settings back, but from what I read I don't know if this is possible.  Does anyone know if it does get sorted can games be played from Iphone on the TV screen? Thank you.

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    Seems to be that apple is not such much interested or willing to resolve this issue as the thread has been now for more than one year since it was reported.


    I see that this issue is still not a major battery or call issue which needs to be fixed immediately by apple engineers as you mentioned and it seems to be so small that apple is acting no like other software companies where they are not listening to their customers compaints and are feeling as being annoyed and their complaints are filed in an archive where no one looks at.


    Sorry to say this, but this is the truth !!!

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    I have an IPad 3 with iOS5.1.1. There is no TV out in Settings>General but it connects to the TV fine. It plays videos with sound and supports Mirroring. I have a friend with an iPad1 also on 5.1.1. He is able to stream BBC iPlayer and YouTube videos to the TV with sound. Unfortunately the Photo app does not output to the TV. My assumption is that the iPad 1 does not have the horsepower to drive the display and output TV signals at the same time. Apps that are designed to output TV such as YouTube obviously switch off the iPad display and output TV if it is connected. That is why the display shows "This video is being output to the TV". Apps like the photo app weren't designed to do this and cannot therefore be shown on the TV.

    Does all this make sense?

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    Thanks dear,


    But it doesn't make sense to me as I have an iPhone 4 with IOS 6.0.1. However, it doesn't display images or videos when using YouTube or any other video streaming app and the tv settings option is not appearing at all.


    Thanks Apple for providing us such products!!!

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    Hi all, I have an iPhone 4S and an iPad 4. We wanted to download movies on the iPad and watch them on the Tv , but because our TV is old and requires the composite cable, we were advised in an Apple store to buy the Apple AV composite cable and download the movies to the iPhone, and use the cable to connect the iPhone to TV for viewing. The iPhone runs iOS 6.1.3.

    However, nothing comes through to the TV at all - no video, no audio.

    We have tried attaching to another iPhone, but still nothing. The TV out option does not appear on any phone.

    Any suggestions as to what to do now? This apple brand product cost $55 but does nothing...

    Thanks :-)

  • Rachfr123 Level 1 (0 points), according to Apple phone support, the cable is faulty. I need to return to to the store it was bought, and cannot just return it to a close Apple store. The store I bought it from is >100km away. So Apple makes a faulty cable and sells it to a store who sells it to me, but they wont accept it back directly. Bummer. Bad service Apple. This is something you should sort out.

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    I had a faulty one too. Didn't really need it, but I eventually took it into an apple store when I finally had the opportunity and they exchanged it for a 30 pin to hdmi adapter which I will actually use. My point is, you should at least call nearest apple store and see if they will exchange for you. I bought my original faulty cable from apple store online.

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