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  • FaultyFlipFlap Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey all.  I have tried doing all of the above and I cannot get the photo's to sync up.  I have so many pictures on my phone that I want to keep and have available but they will not upload into the photostream.


    *wamp wamp*

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    This discussion was more about uploading picture to icloud via photostream FROM a PC. It looks like your issue has to do with uploading from the iphone itself, correct? If so have you enabled on photostream under setting/photos on the iphone?

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    I understand.  Yes, my problem is actually uploading from PC (Win7).  I didn't have all of my pictures in the photostream because most of them were taken before iOS 5.  I add them to my Upload folder (I tried using the default, then changing it to a different folder) and no dice.  I then backed up all my photos, moved them to a folder on my PC hoping to sync them through photosteam, but nothing I try will get iCloud to pick up these files.



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    I saw somewhere over the past week or so where someone was having this issue and they made sure that the folder sharing was turned on in the folder properties. When they turned it on, the pc to phone uploads started working. But I just checked mine to see if it was on and it isn't and it's working great without it. But hey, if it will get the ball rolling I suppose it doesn't make any difference. So that's one more thing to try.

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    Thanks for the helpful suggestion but still no luck, unfortunately.  iCould is supposed to be the next big thing but all I have is issues with it.  I'm starting to look into other options as workarounds for a poorly designed product.

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    Not sure what your issue is.  I can't imagine I would want my entire photo collection on my iphone. 


    So you can't get your pics to stream from your phone to your computer, plus you can't get photos to stream from your pc to your phone? 


    Hope I can help (I know how frustrated I was, and am whenever I'm tackling a computer problem...which seems to be everyday anymore).  This is all I know.


    1.  Uncheck Photostream on icloud on your PC

    2. Uninstall Photostream on your PC

    3. Make sure you are logged out of icloud online as well

    4. Reinstall icloud on your PC

    5. Click/check photostream

    6.  If the photos don't start coming in from your phone, check that the folders are named right (main folder: Photostream, two subfolders in Photostream: My Photo Stream & Uploads) should be in your pictures folder (I think that's where apple puts them)

    7. If the photos still don't start coming in from your phone, make sure the security setting on all three folders are correct (allow all users all control).

    8.  Obviously make sure the phone is set up for photostream, too.

    9. If the photos still don't start coming in from your phone, make sure icloud is pointing to the photo folders it created

    10.  Lastly, you can click sharing (my folders don't have that sharing activiated, but it sounds like some needed it).


    That's all I know but hopefully it includes any steps that might have been omitted.

    Good Luck.

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    Thanks for your help parentofkids.  I followed all of these steps in order to no avail.  Looks like I'm doomed not to use iCloud after all. 




    Actually.  While I was typing this.  I checked one more time in Photos on my iPhone and it's incrementing.  Slowly (and hopefully surely) my photos appear to be accumulating in my stream. 


    I retract my intial statement and would like to re-thank you. 



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    Maybe it was too soon.  It decided to stop shortly after it began, back to step 1.

  • parentofkids Level 1 (5 points)

    Great & glad to hear it.  It is a little slow, so I know what you mean there.  By the way, my apple tv would only stream 1,000 photos then it stopped.  Not sure the limit on a PC or phone.  FYI.

  • parentofkids Level 1 (5 points)

    Make sure you aren't copying folders of images into the uploads folder.  That's what stopped mine. I only put about 50 in at a time to make sure I didn't "jam" it.

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    I know for Photostream there is a limit of 1000 of your latest pictures. I have just over 500 and for some reason, it keeps getting stuck at 121.  I'm on my third attempt of this and just checked, still stuck at 121.  I have no idea why this is happening.  I have followed the instructions exactly, multiple times and it keeps getting stuck.

  • parentofkids Level 1 (5 points)

    I forgot photo stream only does certain types of pictures.  maybe a wrong file type is hanging it up?  If they are streaming in the order you have them in the folder, maybe look at the photo after the last one that streamed?

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    They are all photos taken with my iPhone.  Most of them prior to iOS5 so I just want to get them all in the stream, so I don't need them on my phone anymore.  I transfered them to my PC but they just wont upload.  The last one that uploads is a test picture I took to see if it would go in the P/S.  It does follow some order, but then just ends on this last one.  No real rhyme or reason from what I can see.

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    I am now trying to re-sync but I have deleted all of my Camera Roll photos so there are absolutely no photos in there.  Hopefully it wont get stuck at 121.

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    Still Stuck. 

    I think I am giving up.