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  • Pete_R Level 1 (0 points)

    My new 4S doesn't look anything like yellowish.  It is slightly lighter than my 4, but it doesn't seem to be a disadvantage or problem.

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    When I bought 2 iPhone 4S Black, one of them had a yellow screen. Yesterday, I went to the Apple store and after opening and returning 3 iPhones, the 4th one was better. It does not have as cool a screen as that of my iPhone 4, but it is not very yellow.


    So I guess that majority of the iPhone 4S are goung to have warmer yellow screens. Apple should have asked both their screen manufacturers to have the same color temperature so that we do not have such issues.


    For those of you hoping that a firmware update would resolve this, please note that a firmware (iOS) update will not change the screen color temperature.


    Warmer yellow screens do not mean that they are defective. However for the record, I prefer cooler blue screens.

  • SdeS Level 1 (0 points)

    So does mine, very yellow - very dissapointing - off to the Apple store I guess and hope to get a swap.  Way yellower than my old iPhone 3GS or the other 4 in the house.  What went wrong this time, put a lovely camera in a phone and a urine tinted screen - nice.

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    This is my experience:


    I have 2 4S(64GB) currently: on my pre ordered 4S screen is nice and cool blue. The other screen looks like it was subject to a quick dip in a urine pool...


    Moral of the story: early birds get the "cool blue" worm...(did I really hear myself say worm)...


    Let 'er rip and...



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    Hmnn, except I was the early bird, my yellow 4S was a pre-order too.  Just my luck I guess, like getting the MBPro that couldn't work with a 3rd party SSD, untill I paid £1000 to swap it for a newer one two weeks after buying it that now does - thanks again Apple.  What they call a 'silent upgrade to the motherboard' - I guess there will be a silent 'yellow to white' once enough customers say they don't like yellow.

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    I went thru 5 iphone 4S as there was one or more dead pixels in each of them.Also one of them had a good ding on the edge of the steel band. I used flashlight to detect them.


    Finally I got one with out any dead pixels


    Also my screen is white. Not yellow Not Blueish but clear white and I am very happy with it. Only this it has a very tiny 2mm or so shiny mark on the steel band but I am going to stick with this one as all the other things are working perfectly fine.

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    Received my 4S last night and immediately noticed the yellowish tint to the home screen, pictures and apps. Its very evident when compared to the launch day 4 that I have been using. Its almost like using a yellow screen protector. I much prefer the cool blue of the colder screen. Not sure I can get used to mustard colored tint. Hopefully I can get an exchange tonight at the apple store for a less "yellow" phone.

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    I have the same yellow tint to my 4S that I received yesterday.  It's a 64GB black one, and I'm in the UK, if that makes any difference.


    My concern is that if I leave it 2 weeks and it turns out not to be a glue curing issue, how much of a fight am I going to have trying to get a new one?


    But equally, I don't want to waste my time or any companies resources in swapping out unnecessarily, especially as the phone seems fine otherwise (apart from awful battery life compared to my old iPhone 4 running the same OS and the same settings (and I mean the same - the 4S is set up from the backup of the 4)).

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    An update on my yellow screen 4s, I went to the Apple store Covent Garden two Fridays ago, I photographed one the 4Ss they had on display alongside my 4S, both with screens set to max brightness, auto brightness off to get a fair comparison.  I photographed this (with my 3GS, hence out of focus) to show the diference in screen coulour before heading upstairs to the Genius Bar, for a 40 minute late appointment.


    They agreed that my photo showed the difference in screen colour, but did not accept that it was any kind of fault.  As a special one off concession they agreed to swap my phone for a 'plain black box' new 4S, the last in the store apparently. So, after signing the paperwork etc to validate the swap we fired it up.  Just as yellow as mine.  So, I did not swap it, what was the point, I wasn't after a new phone I was after one with a white screen.


    They agreed that it was just as yellow. I asked if I coud have one of the shop display 4Ss that have a white screen.  I was told they were slightly different to the retail phone - disabled SIM slot or some such, so, no I couldn't.


    They agreed again as a one off, no admission of fault etc etc to order another 4S for me.  It arrived a few days later and I went to the store last Friday (4th Nov) tpo pick it up. After a half hour wait the new 'plain black box' 4S was produced, we unboxed it, fired it up, and guess what.  Just as yellow as mine agian.


    So, the upshot, I could ask for my money back, but what I cannot do is ask for is an iPhone with a white screen.  I have now had mine over two weeks, the screen is still very yellow, and I don't really understand how the adhesive is meant to 'cure to clear'.  Most UV cure adhesives go yellower over time, not the reverse.  The 'Geniusses' of course could not comment much on process, cures etc.


    Pot luck I think is the best description.  And with my luck, 3 out of 3 were yellow, but apparently not a fault. 


    So, dear reader, lets hope your luck is better than mine.  And of course, if there is anyone out there who doesn't like their 'chilly cool screen' on a 4S 64Gb and would like a nice yellow one, I have one to swap!


    A synic might suspect that if you want to sell lots of 4Ss, what you don't do is put the yellow ones out on your display tables in the Apple store.


    Well, I suppose I just have to live with it, but far from a happy customer I'm afraid.

    iPhone 4S yellow screen Apple Store.jpg

  • AstroMacMan Level 2 (295 points)

    I would strongly urge folks to send comments about this issue directly to Apple.


    Their feedback page is this: 



    As part of your comment, ask them to add a setting to let users adjust the color temperature (hue) of iPhone screens.  That way, the next iteration of iOS 5 would resolve the problem.  We could then adjust the screen's color to suit our personal preferences!

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    Long gone are those happy days where apple were struggling and really cared what their customers thought.  I have however done as you urged, given feedback, and got the oh so reassuring:


    "We cannot respond to you personally, but please know that your message has been received and will be reviewed by the iPhone Team. If we need to follow up with you on your ideas for improving the iPhone, we will contact you directly."


    I look forward to a prelonged silence from them.

  • SdeS Level 1 (0 points)

    Would you like to swap it for one with a nice 'warm' screen?

  • Mark Farina, Jr. Level 1 (15 points)

    Same issue. I purchased a black 4s, and almost instantly noticed the color was jacked up. I didn't realize there was a "yellowgate" going on, I just happened to think it looked bad. Based on some research I decided to change the to white one which the Apple store was reluctant, but willing to give. The white one is exactly the same!


    All I can think is that either they decided to lower the quality of the screen to squeeze our more money, or one of their manufacturers can't get it right.


    I don't feel like swapping phones until I get a good one, so I can only hope they acknoledge this and work with people who actually notice the problem, and prefer a better screen.

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    Activated new 4s last night and instantly disappointed with washed out yellowish screen. Whites are very dull compared to old 3gs. Held next to my two year old 3gs the 4s screen looks like a old TV.  Also compared it to two other 4s and two 4's and mine looked really bad.

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    An old TV, perfect description ! Activated my wifes 4S last night, old yellow TV in effect. So what equipment is needed to test the DPI/screen resolution ? I highly doubt the current batch of iPhone's is meeting the advertised criteria. Maps+Messages is hard to look at. I returned the 4S and went back to my 4, much happier for now.