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Levanjo Gazarinni Level 1 Level 1

Hi all.


I have upgraded to ios 5 and biggest gripe i have withit that now my iphone 4 earpiece volume is now lower in volume but further more the quality of sound is worse... Sounds like a low end earpiece speaker the voice that comes through is weak and with lack of natural bass basically nothing like it was on 4.3.1 i had before.


Anyonr noticed deteriorated quality after the upgrade?


Regards S.

  • firoze Level 1 Level 1

    ^ Hi, I also have an issue with low volume level via the headphones. After upgrading my iPhone 4 to iOS 5, I found the volume thru the headphones to be about two steps lower than before. The sound quality was perfect though...

    I have not tried a restore yet, but meanwhile came across a fix: With the music playing, I launched the Voice Memos App. This faded out the music. Then without actually recording anything, I went back to the Music App and restarted the music. This restored the volume to its normal level, same as it was in iOS 4.2.3. Maybe you could try the same and see if it works for you...


    If anyone else is having volume issues after upg to iOS 5; or has found a solution, please post here... Thanks!

  • OBEE1 Level 1 Level 1

    I also have VERY LOW volume on my 3GS with the iOS 5.0 upgrade..  Makes it not very usable..  Where's the patch?

  • firoze Level 1 Level 1

    Did you try the solution I posted above? Did it work for you? This is of course a temp ifx to the problem, many users seem to be having sound volume related issues so I'm sure Apple will post a fix soon.

  • OBEE1 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I just tried the fix above and it didn't work..

  • prospero42 Level 1 Level 1

    Similar problem here with iPhone 4 after upgrading to iOS5

    Did a phone call the same day and everything still worked properly.. After upgrading music volume is still ok but volume of calls is almost muted, barely hearable. Workaround discribed above didn't work for me. Actually now it's not possible for me to receive phone call or make a call just because it's as if nobody is responding.

  • Kimpoy Level 1 Level 1

    tried FIROZE's temp fix and it works for me!!! many thanks dude... you rock! 

  • firoze Level 1 Level 1

    ^ I'm glad it worked for you Kimpoy. Unfortunately the volume bug seems to manifest itself in different ways dof different people. I will try a full restore and see if the problem still persists.

  • madian2022 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi i am having problem with earphone,unfortunately its seems a bug...waiting from Apple to resolve it

  • firoze Level 1 Level 1

    Try this: in your iPhone Settings, go to General>International and change the Language from your current language to another one eg British English etc. This will re-spring the Springboard. Now go back to Settings and change your iPhone's language back to your preferred language. For some people this seems to cure the low volume issue. Hope it works for you too...

  • abhiag Level 1 Level 1

    I also have same earpiece volume problem after ios5 upgrade. I tried both solutions but had no luck. I visited to Apple store for getting some technical support. They restored the ios again (ios5 not ios4) but even after that experiencing the same problem. Now they are saying this is HW problem and I can get a new iphone 4 after paying $160 bucks (my phone is no more under warranty).

    Did anybody tried going back to ios4?

  • firoze Level 1 Level 1

    ^ I very much doubt that it's a hardware issue simply because so many others have the same problem after upg to iOS 5. Try talking to the manager of the Apple store, or try visiting another store. Don't just pay for a new phone without trying. As far as I know, it's not possible to go back to iOS 4.

  • teebone68 Level 1 Level 1

    Having the volume problem after upgrading to iOS 5 on both my phone and my wife's phone (both iPhone 4's), I tried this "fix".  IT WORKED.  Thanks!

  • smee123 Level 1 Level 1

    Ditto on the low volume. 


    Even with the volume to max the person talking on the other end has to shout to be heard on the earpiece or headphones.  Music plays too soft as well.


    I performed an upgrade install which restores all previous settings so possibly an old 4.X setting conflicts with 5.0 settings.


    I've tried both fixes mentioned above to no avail.


    The only option I seem to be left with is to do a complete restore install and manually set my phone up from scratch.  Not very keen on that option as you generally lose game progress and any app specific files.  Have to manually copy any app specidfic files via the iTunes app tab before undertaking the restore.


    Or perhaps I am better off hoping that Apple will release a wifi update to iOS 5 to correct this?


    Nice if Apple could confirm this as an issue which would be resolved.


    The Apple BT keyboard fix we got in iOS 5 was a case of crossing our fingers that they would provide the fix and at no stage did anyone from Apple give us any indication it would be fixed in iOS 5, so it will probably be another case of crossing our fingers that the next update will fix the volume issue.

  • anilmankar Level 1 Level 1



    Even I had the same problem, I have find a solution. After ios5 upgrade, the Volume Limit under Settings-->Music would have limited your volume. Check this setting if it is fine and if you still not able to hear then there is some hardware issue.

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