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I have a 2011 (UK 11 reg) Ford Mondeo with built in Sony radio with sat nav, Bluetooth and CD.  It has been linking fine to my iPhone 4 via Bluetooth both for phone calls and audio as needed running iOS 4.  However since upgrading to iOS 5 it won't keeps saying it can't establish data connection, audio breaks up then the phone disconnects intermittently, and the radio no longer displays my phone signal strength which I relied up to know I had a signal. 


This is a major pain as I need it to be reliable as it was until recently for work support phone calls.  Can anyone please advise how to resolve this?  Please don't say take it to my Ford dealer, 1) they will likely have no clue 2) why the **** should I when it's Apple's upgrade which has caused the problem - it was fine before I installed iOS 5. 

iPhone 4, iOS 5, Ford Mondeo
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