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    Hey All,


    I too am one of the people who has been really annoyed by this, but I finally just gave up.  I mean with iCloud, what is the point in syncing with iTunes anyway?  Guessing the rest of you, like me only sync for podcasts?  Anyway, if you are like me, and you only sync for Podcasts, it is totally worth checking out iCatcher in the app store.  I am not affiliated with them in any way.  They allow you to sync your podcasts by just launching the app on your iPhone.


    It seems rediculous that you even have to sync your podcasts using iTunes, it seems like the Music app should just sync them automatically.


    I personally wish Apple would just put iTunes out of its misery, I am sick of the constant crashing, the cryptic error messages, convoluted and impossible to understand syncing process, and the horribly slow iTunes store.


    So anyway, if you are only syncing for Podcasts, skip it and just get one of the apps that handles that process itself.



  • lukehumphrey Level 1 (0 points)

    Hopefully Apple can just fix it. Does anyone know how to get this bug on their radar?

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    Can anyone tell me whether there are Apple mods who check this forum? This thread is a couple of weeks old now and this is clearly a common issue nad yet there is no official word on how to solve this. Even if someone came back and said "it is broken and we'll fix it" would be nice.

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    An update is in order, the deselecting the check box apparantly only seemed to have solved the problem however I am still having the same issue as everyone else, I agree with everyone else.... Do the mods even moderate this forum??


    A simple "we are aware of the issue" would be a little bit reassuring.


    A solution is in order........

  • lukehumphrey Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the suggestion - iCatcher is pretty cool.

  • greenscribe Level 1 (0 points)

    PRM2000- I didn't have a passcode and have the same annoying problem!

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    I have this problem too.  I have tried the "solutions" suggested above.  Sometimes it seems that the problem goes away, but it comes back within a day or two every time.  I have four devices set to wi-fi synch and this error seems to happen with any of them.  In the hope that Apple does monitor this forum, my configuration is:


    Win 7 64 bit


    All 4 devices are updated to iOS 5.1

    Devices: iPad2, IPhone4S, iPad1 and iPhone3S

    Wireless network provided by two Airport Expresses.  Win 7 machine running iTunes is wired.


    Regarding the advice in this forum: all devices are set to back up to the cloud (not locally), 2 of the 4 have password lock set, I really need the synch for music as well as podcasts (a 400GB collection does not work for iCloud) so iCatcher is not a fix for me.


    This is really a problem.  I have had it for months and hoped that it would be fixed in the IOS5.1 / iTunes update, but it has not.  The update has slightly changed the behavior: prior to the update I would get this post's error and frequently it came with a second error "An iPad has been detected, but it could not be identified properly. Please disconnect and reconnect the ipad, then try again."  Since the update the second error does not seem to happen any more.   

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    Originally i had this same problem, thought i fixed it, but never did end up getting rid of the problem....

    HOWEVER!! i HAVE been able to resolve the issue......


    No moe issues here 

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    i'm having exactly the same problem. wifi sync is turned on and every so often itunes just hangs there because of this error pop-up. often times when i click it away my iphone is found instantly and i can wireless sync it. problem is the popped up error message which stops itunes in its tracks. btw im on the latest itunes and win 7 64bit. please apple do something abour it!

  • Duncan Keith Level 4 (1,080 points)

    Apple moderators do not officially monitor this site.


    I urge everyone with feedback to submit it here

  • MarkkH Level 1 (0 points)

    Watch This Video. It will solve the problem.

    Share this for everyone to know

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