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    Please don't think I'm saying the camera *****. I'm not, it does take

    Awesome pictures. I do love the pictures. But it's in low light where there is a issue.

    The camera first cannot focus if it cannot see what you looking at and second, when it flashes

    In low light the pictures becomes slightly to bright.


    It looks like apple put the flash on like 70% to adjust the aperture then it goes

    Brighter and takes the pic. This makes it to bright. My cover is miles away and the plastic

    Is long gone. I have the icamera app where u can leave the flash

    Permanently on, this works, but it's kinda stupid.

  • Mike75165 Level 1 Level 1

    This may sound crazy but I was having the same problem. Then I realized I never took off the back side protective clear cover. This was causing my phone to take jacked up flash pictures.

  • Migworks Level 1 Level 1



    Just bought myself the 5 and the wife switched from the dreadful HTC Desire to the 4S in White and guess what its doing new out of the box.....


    I remember this flash issue from when i got my 4S 18 months back, it seemed to relate to either the transparency of the white shell or the flash not syncing withthe shutter properly.


    I thought that by now this would of been resolved but her shiny new white phone is useless for taking flash pictures. So its another 40 mile round trip to give it back to my O2 shop which thankfully has a 7 day return policy.  Sadly they are out of white models so the wife will have to go black, something that is spoiling her first experience with this lovely device.


    btw, half hour on the phone to apple support and not one addmission this was a commom fault, same with shop manager! They forget with the internet we can all talk now!!! lol


    i have also checked there are no plastic films over the camera or flash, pics taken with no cover on, and as a 4s user i know how to handle one! Knowing a bit about photography from way back i believe it is a timing issue with the flash slightly misfiring out of sync with the shutter, causing the bluey grey haze over the pic, but i also think there is an element of flash bleed through the case as it seems brighter on the side where the flash sits.


    I will try out the new replacement in the shop before leaving when i call in the next day or two.

  • Jsp775 Level 1 Level 1

    Removing the back cover protective plastic also solved this problem for me.

  • RS in KL Level 1 Level 1

    The problem is not a white add on case - it is the original iPhone white back plate.


    The 4S screen/digitizer cracked and I took the opportunity to change the black face and back for original Apple white face plate and back cover.  Truly a mistake.


    Phone images are now fogged and streaked when flash is engaged.  If I take the white backplate off - No fog or streak.  If I put the original black backplate on - again No fog or steak.


    Kind of upsets me that I spent a bunch on new white covers - should have stuck with black.


    Apple does deliver a good expereience but it has more than its share of hardware mistakes.  The camera on the original iPhone 4 could be a real pain.  Now having problems on the much debugged 4S.   The screwball surgery required to change the screen is ridiculous which has been corrected on the iPhone 5. 

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    RS, you have other issues. Lots of us with white iPhone 4S's have zero problems with the camera and flash. Something happened when you got the screen and case replaced. The original white case is NOT the problem. It just isn't.


    Again, most of the issues with the iPhone 4S are caused by either:


    1. Not removing the transparent plastic protective cover on the back of the phone, or


    2. Add-on covers or cases that have too small a cutout for the camera and flash, causing a reflection back onto the camera lens.


    Give it up and get an iPhone 5. You won't have any more trouble. My 5 is excellent.

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    couldn't agree more, I recently had a problem with my screen, it stopped working after the new os update. Took it into the apple store, queued for 90 minutes, only to be told that they took apart my phone and know how to fix the problem can't do anything due to the screen not being a genuine apple one, they even refused to tell me the problem. I later took it to a non apple shop where they repaired it and told me a plug had come loose. I think their policys are wrong, in that they refuse point blank to repair your phone if it's had any kind of tampering whatsoever. I've been an apple customer for years and my family have probably spent over £20000 on apple products, but this experience has made me and my family re think. And ontop of that my flash decided to stop working, I can't really be bothered to even start to try and get it fixed.

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    Found this after googling problems with flash on 4S.   Bought this white phone new, unlocked a few weeks ago. Only now using the camera and flash.  No case, no back cover/film protection thingie.  Flash is terrible. Washed out, misty, particularly bottom left corner.  See attached pic I took, from about 5 feet away.


    Apologies for the photo being on its side (and rather boring subject).


    Photos without flash are dark - too dark to use.


    Coming from a Samsung Galaxy S2 where the camera was very reliable, with a good exposure range for low light, I find this incredibly frustrating and disappointing.  And the comments here exhorting people to remove the case etc etc are, totally unhelpful.  As I believe someone else already said: we are not idiots.


    Any advice on resetting anything re the camera would be greatly appreciated.skirt.jpeg

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    For some, removing the clear plastic worked, and others it was something more. I too had some issues with the picturea washing out with the white 4s, only after I cracked the back and had it replaced with one I got from a local repair store.  Here is what I did and it corrected the issue. I took off the back plate (two pentalope screws on the bottom, slide back plate up) I took a piece of black electrical tape cut out a hole just big enough to go completly around the flash lens on the back cover plate, and yes it was a pain, stuck it on the back cover plate and reinstalled it and the two screws. No more wash out pictures. Hope this helps.

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