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  • KenCreative Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi all,


    Guess all you guys are pretty tired of more messages saying, "I´ve also have the same problem".

    But guess what: Here is another one!


    1. Ongoing Call
    2. Called Failed
    3. Notification Center "Call Failure"
    4. Phones unstable for 5 second
    5. No Service
    6. Searching
    7. And AT LAST I can call my custumer back to tell how sorry I am about my crappy iPhone!


    The "only reason" for posting this, is just to let Apple know ONE MORE have the same exact problem!


    My Story (in short)

    Location: Norway, good 3G receiption, operator Telenor.


    1. 3 different MicroSIMs tested, last one verified by my operator apple team!
    2. 2 iPhone4S (16GB) tested, same happens with "new" replace unit!
    3. All, and I mean ALL of google forums tips/tricks/turn this and that on and off
    4. Latest release A06 (iOS5.0.1)
    5. My Operator is running debug from their end, just to eliminate.


    What´s next, a freakin Windows Phone???


    Sorry for not bringing a solution, Im just a number in the row!

  • Jaime GM Level 1 (0 points)

    We need people like you Ken. We need to find out about problem to help with the fix but also people saying that it does happen all the time. By this time the problem seems to be clear.


    This post has been read about 800 times per day since I saw it and has about 22.000 reads and 135 posts in total. That is a lot of people taking in account other conversations but still few for the high read count.


    Please, if you are suffering the same poor phone performance and failed calls, take a minute, login with your apple id and post it !!


    It's at least unfair apple standing their users up on this buggy OS.


    It doesn't matter who is phoning you... you'll end up paying the callback and apologizing time and again. Will Apple pay the increase on my bills once fixed?


    I really don't care if I can't play a game or if the email takes a bit longer to be shown but please apple... let me take a call with my phone. I really (and I'm being as sincere as I can be) love your products but this is a total disaster. You are still not meeting the lowest of the expectations in a phone... place calls.

  • KenCreative Level 1 (0 points)

    Check my new profile pictures, iPhone 4S screenshots relatet to this issue:

    It happens in this order, and it always start while in a call:

  • KenCreative Level 1 (0 points)

    It all happens in this direct order:

    Starting in a conversation: in this case / this number is where I bought my iPhone:


    Hello? Hello???


    ***?? Again?





  • Lamm10 Level 1 (0 points)

    I get this exact problem.. Black Iphone 4S 16gb IOS 5.0.1. O2 Network. UK.


    I have 2- 5 bars of signal but cannot recieve or make calls. Goes to "No service" then to "searching".


    I constantly get "Call Failed" when making calls. I constantly get red exclamation marks sending text messages.


    Ive had new 2 new sim cards. Still get same problem.

    Had a brand new handset sent out. Still the same problem.

  • I am a apple fanboy Level 1 (0 points)

    Posting to +1 this issue.  16gig 4s  purchased in December 2011.

  • malexejev Level 1 (0 points)

    Same issue.

    Call failed after a few rings, but network does no get lost. Happened few times in 1,5 months.


    4s 16gb Unlocked, bought in San-Francisco Dec 2011, use in Moscow/Russia with MobileTeleSystems carrier.

  • ashok1975 Level 1 (0 points)

    this is the post from Scott Dickson it really helped me , i did restore the iphone 4s on 16jan2012 hope all the people who has failed call problem on iphone 4s will be sorted as my phone is good now just do the restore the iphone as he has wrote on his post  please try and if it works for few days please say thanks to scott   thanks scott dickson for help i had problem call failed now three days no problem



    I did a lot of research and found out that Apple released an iOS 5.0.1 build (9A406) intended to address the iPhone 4S signal problem. A build is not an OS upgrade. It is like a repackage of the same firmware version with an inclusion of a patch that addresses a "minor" problem. In the contrary however, this problem is quite big - several users allover the globe are talking about this issue (Check out this thread at Apple Support Communities). So when I checked the version of my phone's firmware, it was in deed iOS 5.0.1 (9A405). So I went ahead and upgraded, and the problem hasn't resurfaced since.


    How to update your iPhone 4S iOS to the 9A406 build - properly.


    I noticed in several forums that people complain about the build not working properly. Or that the build loses effect after 24 hours. So to answer that, the first statement may be true. I work as a product engineer in an electronics company and it is possible for a problem to be common to a set of devices but not to all. So a "build" or solution developed to target the problem surfacing in a one set of devices may not work for the other sets. In order to come up with the correct (comprehensive) fix, the commonality of the failing devices have to be correctly traced and identified. Only Apple can do that since they have the complete record of all the serial numbers, models, IMEIs, and modem firmwares of all the manufactured iPhones. The second statement however does not make sense to me. A software fix does not have an expiration date. It's either the fix did not work at all (which means that the observations saying that it did temporarily in some phones maybe be inaccurate), or something other undocumented condition in the iPhone is going on that's causing the problem to persist. Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to check if the 9A406 build will work on your phone.


    Step 1. Check your iPhone 4S firmware version. On your phone go to Settings > General > About > Version (see screen shot below). If the version says 5.0.1 (9A405) or earlier and you're experiencing the signal problem described above, then your phone is a candidate to the 9A406 fix.


    The iPhone 4S firmware version found in Settings > General > About.
    Check your iPhone 4S firmware version to see if you can upgrade to the iOS build 9A406 if it isn't already.

    Step 2. Connect your iPhone 4S to iTunes and backup. On the left sidebar in iTunes right-click on your device (name of your iPhone) and select "Back Up" (click screen shot below to zoom in). The backup procedure will create a copy of your phone's contents and settings to your computer. This step is extremely necessary because Step 3 will erase all contents and settings from your device. Once "Back Up" is selected, the top portion of iTunes should show these statuses: "Backing Up" and "Syncing".


    How to back up iPhone 4S contents and settings in iTunes.
    Right click on iTunes Devices and select Back Up to back up your iPhone 4S contents and settings to your computer.

    Step 3. Restore. Click "Restore" in the Version panel in iTunes and this will prompt you to Back Up. You can select "Don't Back Up" because you have already done that in Step 2. A second dialog box will then prompt you if you want to restore your phone to its factory settings. You go ahead and select "Restore". This action will download the latest iOS build from the Apple server and install it to your device. This could take a while, depending on your internet connection speed. Click Accept when the Installation End-User License Agreement appears so the installation will start. 


    How to restore iPhone 4S factory settings in iTunes.
    Click Restore Factory Settings in iTunes to start downloading and installing the latest iOS build on your iPhone 4S.

    Step 4. Restore from Back Up. When the installation completes iTunes will ask you if you want to Restore from Back Up or treat it as a new iPhone. Restore from Back up will put all your previous contents and settings back to your device. If you select treat as new iPhone, you will have to perform iPhone activation from scratch. Select "Restore from Back Up".


    Step 5. Confirm firmware version. When data and settings restore completes, you'll see your iPhone's latest firmware version  when you go to Settings > General > About > Version. Your iPhone 4S signal problem should already be fixed at this point.


    My iPhone 4S has been running smoothly for over 7 days now. Let me know if Apple's 9A406 build worked for your iPhones as well.
  • laxvid Level 1 (0 points)

    Upgraded to Apples 9A406 but I am still getting "Call Failed"! rebooting helped now texting works

  • I am a apple fanboy Level 1 (0 points)

    I performed this fix Saturday night 1/21  it seems to have cleared up my problems. TKS Scott

  • laxvid Level 1 (0 points)

    No, the upgrade did not help. On rebooting, text is undelivered, call failed again. I hope the apple guys are noticing this thread!

  • cooldash87 Level 1 (10 points)

    You can try updating to 5.1 b3, looks like that solves the problem.


    Here's the link to the thread where the same issue is been discussed and a lot of users have reported success after the update !


  • Jaime GM Level 1 (0 points)

    Installing beta versions or disabling features like 3G should never be considered as a solution for anyone.


    By the way my 3 phones are on 9A406 and still I get call failed.


    Every single day that passes by I'm more and more impressed with the worst mobile Os I've ever used in my life. Since my very first mobile phone (a Motorola Startac) none of my devices (and I've had plenty of them) have dropped calls so badly. What's more I wonder if any of them ever did.


    Apple and Tim Cook on it's behalf should be incredibly ashamed of this situation. We are paying ourself their lousy software (and hardware) engineering skills with every phone call we have to put back (and pay) everytime it cuts. Not to mention how ridiculous it is to tell someone for the second or third time in a conversation that you are sorry for the cuts.


    iPhone 4 had antena issues... iPhone 4s directly cuts your calls...I'm eager to see what's next. I lack imagination to wonder how the next iPhone 5 is going to ruin our calls in the future.


    Can anyone imagine buying a TV that resets every 10 minutes? Can anyone imagine millions of people still buying it... and not reading any mayor warnning on the media... for months now?


    This is crazy.

  • laxvid Level 1 (0 points)

    The trouble of installing 9A406 is not worth it for the iphone 4s. It still keeps failing calls. There is something going on at the OS level. 

    One solution is for apple to add a good old "REBOOT" button to iphone 4s


    Frequent powering off and on it quite painful.


    I think I was better off with my 3Gs

  • laxvid Level 1 (0 points)

    Also, is apple paying attention to this thread at all?

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