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  • SimoFish Level 1 Level 1

    It's BS - we wiped and rebooted our iPhone a couple times. All Apple would say is. - we'll sell you a new phone. That's CRAP !!!  If it's a software issue then give me a new phone for free. Greeedy !!

  • brianclane Level 1 Level 1

    New iPhone 4s just three days old and experiencing the muted calls....they cant hear me...and it keeps happening randomly.    


    When is Apple going to take a hint and see all these complaints...they need to fix these issues before they try to launch a "newer" version that's also crap.



    Since Steve Jobs has died, the Apple quality has died too....Apple is on the way out if they dont start manufacturing quality products again.

  • RogerNihi Level 1 Level 1



    Im having the same problem here....

    I went to the Apple Store Premier Reseller in Brazil, and they told me my Iphone will be replaced in 15 days!!!

    thats BS.

    I wouldnt mind if it were an unknow problem, but thats not the case.. This is an issue happening all over the world, and Apple still doesnt say a word about it.

    When we get a recall, we expect to get it replaced ASAP... not in 15 days!

    The iPhone 4s 32g is my first Apple experience, and it's not looking good..

    If I get the same problem on the replaced one, I'll get a lawyer!

  • kezequielk Level 1 Level 1

    I am a product development manager of medical product. I understand the complexities and pressures of the commercial area to get products to market. I know quality controls requirements for products to comply with prescribed use. Apple is acting in bad faith with these products: quality area are aware that they are not able to hit the market but still sell it to respond to pressure from those who want quick returns on capital. They expect their clients to take over the costs of their failures. It is assumed that Apple sells good quality but I have an iPhone 4S that does not meet the most basic function of a cellphone: microphone does not work. Apple had this problem with the iPhone 4 and continued to sell. Again had the same problem with the 4S and still selling. When are they going to do the recall? How much longer will weaken the image of the brand with these mistakes that are not recognized? Why does Apple tests their products using money from customers? At least they should say it is a Beta version and give you a price according to a product that does not work. What benefit is it for customers by responsibility for performing quality control that Apple does not do?

  • Yehiapc Level 1 Level 1

    Well I just bought my new Iphone 4s 16 GB black ( Unlocked )

    And when i tried to make the first call , i was shocked , the microphone isn't working , i tried voice memos , it doesn't recognize any incoming sound , the indicator doesn't move,  tried to blow air through the microphone, the indicator started to move , and when i recorded, there was nothing but silence :/


    Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't , and also i tried restoring and updating to IOS 5.1.1 and the problem is still there.


    Serisouly if it's a software issue/bug it should be fixed right now , the forums are buffed with topics about that problem

  • nguyenvandau Level 1 Level 1

    SOLUTION SOLUTION...........


    after had my 2nd one replaced by apple I just can't stress how **** off I am to have experienced the same problem again. So, I finally I opened it up


    1) open the back and lift the back off

    2) when you hold your phone from front to back, the microphone is on the right. So turn your phone around you should see a ring shape (soft rubber material) sticking out from the phone speaker wall and the speaker itself. Gently use a shaft knife or needle and ripp it off.

    First I test it by turning the ring, then I was able to do voice recording or siri recognised my voice but not that well. So i eventually took the ring out and woola work


    gl to you all; this work for me


    edit: I think the rubber block the mic somehow, anyhow you could  test by turning the rubber wheel

  • Unconventional Level 1 Level 1

    This must be an iPhone 4S bug.  The microphone in my iPhone 4S 16GB stops working or becomes disabled if I answer a phone call while listening to music/npr/etc. using non-apple headphones.  They work fine for listening to music, but I cannot answer a call while using them without removing the headphone jack from the phone.  Removing the jack seems to disable the microphone, because the caller cannot hear me, even though I can hear them.  If I touch the speaker phone, I can communicate with the caller, but only on speaker phone.  I need to reboot the phone in order to re-enable the microphone. 

  • DOquendo Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem with a new 4s I just bought today.  No one could hear me on a voice call except on speakerphone.  Siri could hear me just fine so I knew the mic wasn't an issue.  Anyway a friend of mine had a similar issue and suggested I plug a set of headphones in and unplug them several times.  I made a test call and after unplugging and replugging about 10 times with someone on the phone it worked.  No problems since.  Sounds dumb but I swear it worked.  This was after I factory restored the phone 3 times.  So def try it out.  Hope this helps!

  • N2youreye Level 1 Level 1

    After pulling my hair out with the same issue (could only use Iphone 4S on speakerphone or no one could hear me or vice versa) I disabled Siri rebooted phone, made a successful call without speakerphone and then re-enabled Siri. So far so good keeping fingers crossed. Shame on you Apple for letting this problem persist!

  • chuckdougherty Level 1 Level 1

    I've had my 4s for 13.5 months.  My microphone has stopped working.  After making my Genius appointment, and waiting 30 minutes to be helped, the genius immediatly plays the page 1 tactic and tells me my phone shows obvious water damage/corrosion.  It has never been in water.  Apparently, the corrosion indicator is showing 'slightly pink', which could happen from having the phone in your pocket on a hot day.  He then deflects to the warrantly being expired by 45 days, and tries to sell me on a $199 replacement phone.  He denied 100% that the issue was common, and explained that with millions sold, there are bound to be lots of issues being reported.  I am furious with Apple and their policy of not standing by a known faulty product.  I own 4 iPod's, 2 iPhones, and a Mac.  If I could ship them all back to apple right now, I would.  My resident genius told me it wouldn't be so bad to have to use a bluetooth for the next year until I'm eligible to pay for an upgrade at a reduced fee.  I love my iPhone, but hate Apple for their cowardly practice of deflecting blame to the consumer.

  • suefromauckland Level 1 Level 1

    Okay Apple, I have a number of your products, please sort out this iPhone mic issue! Callers cannot hear me on my iPhone 4, only works in my car on Bluetooth. I'm over it! Sort it please! Started when I downloaded iOS 6.1, I've reset, checked everything and now I'm losing business thanks to you at Apple! Send me a new phone please before me and all my mates go to Android based systems.

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    I purchase and repair Iphones that are broken on purpose, (broken screens, speakers, wifi, mics, docking ports etc.)


    Just did one now with the mic issue, if when using the voice memo, and by banging the phone or yelling into the mic you can then get a response from it (dial moves, or playing back the recording you can somewhat hear the banging or yelling etc.). Remove the rubber piece that is covering the mic and test again. (This will require you to remove the Iphone's back, battery, dock flex cable, and speaker, the Mic is connected to the dock flex cable, GENTLY remove the rubber gasket using tweezers, it can be broken if you pull on it to hard.)


    You will now get the proper sound, use a needle to expand the hole in the rubber piece and clean anything out in it. Reinstall it.


    Your Mic will now work.

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    I'm getting sick and tired of Apple's total lack of accountability or responsibility to its customers. From this post and many others like it, it's pretty clear to me there's a problem with the iPhone 4/4S. There's a YouTube video showing a guy opening up his iPhone and putting a little L-shaped piece of cardboard in the phone to put a small amount of pressure on a part to make a contact work better. He mentions something about a bad solder point connecting a chip to the motherboard. So that seems to be the problem. Probably Apple using cheap materials as they often do, I've been finding out more and more. That this problem is as common as it is and yet they refuse to take any responsibility for it is reprehensible. I spent an hour on the phone with a nice tech support guy in Austin, completely re-installed as a "new phone" following his directions. It didn't work. It's a hardware problem. My phone is out of warranty and halfway through a three-year contract and I'm f***ed, pardon my French. Apple, if you are listening: many people are extremely dissatisfied with your products and your level of customer support.


    I've been an Apple user and supporter for 15 years. I've had three Apple computers, and now own an iPad 2 and my second iPhone. I've spent hundreds of dollars on apps and music on the iTunes Store. And yet, considering all this, I'm now considering switching completely to a new Android phone. I'm sick of Apple. They've got to improve their game or they're going to be left behind by their competitors. The new iPhone 5S and 5C are jokes, as far as I'm concerned. If they can't make a decent product, they will be replaced by a company that can.

  • JDubuH Level 1 Level 1

    "After pulling my hair out with the same issue (could only use Iphone 4S on speakerphone or no one could hear me or vice versa) I disabled Siri rebooted phone, made a successful call without speakerphone and then re-enabled Siri. So far so good keeping fingers crossed. Shame on you Apple for letting this problem persist!"


    This worked for my iPhone 4s.  Thanks!

  • pestul Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks very much for this.  This worked perfectly.  I had previously tried every other solution I could find online, but I realize now that many people are having completely opposite problems and it confuses the solutions.  One group, the voice/voice memo mic is having trouble, and another group is having issues with the video camera/speaker phone mic.


    Your solution worked perfectly for the in-call / voice memo poor mic issue.  Another suggestion after cutting off that round rubber nozzle (be very careful not to damage the ribbon cable connected to it), is to clean out the outside grill and the mic hole with isoproply alcohol swaps.  I used the end of a paper clip with a swap wipe and cleaned the inside out very carefully.  Works as good as new.  I can't believe Apple was going to charge my co-worker $225 for this repair.. good god.